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Showing posts with label super intelligent. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Intelligence or Super Rich?- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Being super intelligent is something which we cannot buy. You can gain an education to become knowledgeable but this will not make you super intelligent. Being Super Rich does not promise happiness and with more money can bring more problems But it can reduce some stresses associated with paying bills and helping others.

We are lead to believe that if we are intelligent we can on this alone make ourselves rich. Which can be the case with CEO and founders of many companies in Real Life such as Bill Gates who was educated at Lakeside school (1968-1973) and Harvard University (1973-1975) and with this knowledge created Microsoft. However, you do not need to be super intelligent to become rich or even super rich, for example Sir Richard Branson owner of Virgin Airlines never went to university. However, he made his money and built his company from the ground up and would be classified as being super rich.

So I ask this question to residents of Second Life to see which one they would choose if they had the options to pick