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Monday, January 13, 2014

Technology and Communication Techniques within SL – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

There are a few different types of communication methods one can use within Second Life including  Text Chat, Video Chat and Audio Chat.

 Let‘s take a closer look at some of the utilities used for each communication method.

Text Chat – This is one of the earliest forms of computer communication – text based messaging where by one person enters what they want to say while another person responds with their answer.

This is supported in within SL viewer however there are a number of utilities outside of SL that you can use to communicate if so desired.

I will include some information about programs you can use for those wanting a more intimate / personal communication or for groups wanting a more unified way to communicate with group members as well as creating group content.

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a very popular tool. One freeware utility is called HydraIRC

Many residents know how to use it and what this one is so I will not go in to details with this social network but it is called Facebook.

There is one very important utility for any one wishing to communicate with people from all over the globe and that is The Universal Translator

You can purchase the MH Translator  for $395L  or get the Demo version  for $1L

Metanomics Translator – FREE  / Universal Translator

Audio Chat – With the use of a microphone or a webcamera with a built in microphone one can make good use of audio chat – this can be extremely helpful for verification of the avatar you are talking with to ensure they are in fact male or female :)

Video Chat and related
A couple of external programs worth a mention for those wishing to hold a video conference in RL or to take your relationship to the next level.

Skype is a great way to communicate outside of Second Life.

The next is a very handy video relay chat program called camfrog.
Camfrog allows you to talk to the person in a IRC – Internet Relay Chat type program structure but the difference is you can see the webcam of the person you are talking with!

 SL does not really support direct video to video chat just yet – however with the use of external video service of youtube – one can use a TV / Video projector within SL to project a video of ones self or other videos of interest. If someone really needs the use  video – then Skype is the preferred connection method of choice for one on one communication.

Technology has come a very long way – but it sure beats using two cans and a piece of string.


  1. Pretty basic stuff in this article....A waste of paper lol !

  2. It's good thing websites are paperless huh? No trees were harmed in the making of this or any other article on

    1. It is a nice article. It gets the public thinking about the communication process within Second Life and allows readers to explore the topic. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. The most important form of communication is the personal, meaning the way to talk and your body language.


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