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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Create a Checklist for Planning an SL Wedding Part 1- Nena Dreadlow Reporting…

Having a Fairy Tale wedding is every girls dream. But, Planning it is not. Although it is a bit easier here on Second Life, it still can be very overwhelming.

I’m here to give you some tips on what to do and also give you a list of some things you will need to make your dream wedding come true!

The first thing you should do is make a check list of things you need or want

1. Wedding Venus
2. Attire
3. Rings
4. Flowers & Cakes
5. Decorations
6. Dj
7. photographer/videographer
8. Extras-Wedding album, guest book etc…

Next you need to decide if you want to elope or have a grand celebration with friends in attendance. There are some places in second life that offer the options you want.

 Here are a few of those places:
Sunrise Weddings

Sunrise Weddings- They have a automatic Minister here and it is on beach setting.

Chapel of Dreams

Chapel of Dreams- Here they have a very nice church that you can elope in.

Carnal Weddings

Carnal Weddings- They also offer automatic minister here

Sunshine Weddings

If you don’t want to elope and have a date set then you can go to one of these places and see if they have availability to have your wedding. Most places like these offer packages and that includes not only you’re the choice of your venue but your cake, flowers, and everything else you will need. Here are my top choices of venues.

Blue Ice Wedding & Event Center

For SL’s best kept secret
 The Royal Secret Society’s Blue Ice Wedding & Event Center is an exclusive venue that is only available for private booking and not open to the general public. It is a magnificent Royal Ice Castle complete with a private ceremony area and open space reception.  BYOB(Bring your own Band) 

*Additional ceremony/ entertainment services not included in booking fee.

Blue Ice Wedding & Event Center
Contact Lanai Jarrico for a special tour
Simply Bliss
Simply Bliss

Special Moments

Special Moments

Moonlight Serenades

Moonlight Serenade

Now on to the rings…

 They have lots of places for that here are three that I thought had some nice ones in
Earthstone- they have non- traditional type of rings here

JCNY- if you haven’t been here before this is a most to find your perfect rings here

Chop Zuey

Chop Zuey- This store is a favorite of mine they offer a variety of rings here.

The most important part of the wedding is of course the attire! From the Brides dress to the grooms and the bridesmaid and groomsmen here are some stores that I found for that-


!Dashwood Beautiful Glamour’s Gowns here. They also have elegant ones for your reception.

Nicky Reed
Nicky Reed- She not only has a main store that has a lot of gowns but a special store just for wedding gowns.

Sparkle Skye

Sparkle Skye- This store is filled with gowns with all types of colors.
69 Park Ave

69 Park Avenue- Has some very nice suits for the groom and groomsmen.

Now if you don’t want to pick a package deal for your wedding and want to find things on your own here is some places I have found

If you don’t want a package deal and want to find the other things for your wedding then I have found some places that you might like.

For the cakes and flowers you can visit:
Angel's Confections Bakery
Angel's Confections Bakery- This is a small store but the cakes are just lovely here

Pink and Zains Wedding Shop

Pink and Zains Wedding shop- They have a array of cakes & flowers here
Mercy Amore Bridal Shop
Mercy Amore Bridal shop- They have a variety of different things here

Don’t forget to find the perfect photographer/videographer to capture your special day. There are all kinds of people on second life you can hire.

If your want extra at your wedding, like photos albums, guest book and that sort of thing then it’s always best to shop in wedding based stores.

I know planning a wedding in general can be very stressful time. From picking the venue to finding that perfect gown, not to mention budget!

From someone who use to help plan weddings it can be a lot of work but we’ll worth it.

Another helpful tip I could give you is to hire a wedding planner and have him/her do all that work for you!

 Remember the most important thing is why you are having the wedding in the first place and sharing that special day with the person you love. 


  1. A friend of mine is getting married soon, so this article is timely!

  2. Wonderful! Im glad I can help and congrats to your friend on there wedding :))

  3. I was looking for a venue that was modern with neutral colors & background and thus chose this place for my wedding reception this past summer.

    Chapel at the venue to any resident who would like to use it...minister can be requested...donations welcome...