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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to be a Stylish Avatar on Second Life- Nena Dreadlow Reporting…

The SL Enquirer interviewed Keely Mistwood on her sense of style and how she became such a stylish avatar. Keely gave us some tips on what stores you should visit to find the right look.

Keely Mistwood has been in Second Life for 4 years and is actively involved. She is a Photographer, shape maker, Gizza Creations assistant and blogger. How does she stay so stylish while being so busy here?

 Let’s find out…

Interview with Keely Mistwood

Nena Dreadlow: Whats your type of style?

Keely Mistwood- I don’t have one type of style, I like to dress up all nice for dancing. My style is mainly stylish and causal.

Nena Dreadlow: Do you usually dress to impress or do you dress more for comfort?

Kelly Mistwood: I don’t think of other when I dress. I wear what I like.

Nena Dreadlow: Do you think people usually respond to you differently by the way you are dressed?

Kelly Mistwood: Yes , of course they do. People think just because your dressed in a certain way you should act in a different way.

Nena Dreadlow:  what change have you seen in fashion since you started in Second Life?

Kelly Mistwood: Of course mesh was the biggest change

Nena Dreadlow: What are your favorite stores?

Kelly Mistwood: I have lots but some are, For fashion it’s Gizza, matreya, cynful, black lace and for skin its Belleza, league,skinny and for hair it’s Magika, Truth,emotion,damselfly.

Kelly Mistwood Shared a few of her outfits with me and where she got them from.

The first outfit she calls “Drivers Seat” The coat is from -“Lg” The stockings are from “Visions” She parried the outfit up with botties from “LG”  Her skin is from redgrave.

The second outfit is from “LG“.
 “It is such a beautiful outfit”, says Kelly.

 The outfit is called Miss Hezabel Blackheart. The hair is from “MILK” and the boots are included with the outfit.

Visit Keely Mistwood's Blog for more about her

I think being stylish in Second Life can be easy. It just depends on what you like to wear and how you accessorize. There are so many different looks that you can do and it is so simple to change styles according to your mood.

“Happy Shopping!”


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