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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spotlight on Partners FG: Estate Sales & Rentals Services – Glossom Resident Reporting...

“Set Home to Here” is the motto used by Partners FG, a team of specialists in serving SL residents with the best deals in the Real Estate market. Their offer:  SL living at its best, in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere where one can start a virtual life project and raise a family. To facilitate one’s choice, Partners FG added three new full regions to their existing portfolio, Super Paradise, Yakynthos and Ios Island, now providing diverse housing solutions on beautifully designed Islands.

It is with the knowledge of all this responsibility that Partners FG team has put their creativity and know-how, anticipating SL residents’ needs, in designing unique residential parcels that combine charm and sophistication, integrating them in amazing and vast landscapes where one breathes tranquility and harmony and enjoys the blue ocean view, the smell of salt air and the relaxing sounds of nature.

The options are varied. Each region has its own peculiarities. Ios Island, for example, a stone throw away from Myconos Island,  is an island embedded in rich green grass full of fertile soil offering one breath of fresh air, where beautiful and rustic cottages are available for a weekly fee of L$800 per week for 250 prims. It is also a great place for recreational activities, like hiking under the stars on the island’s round track or a romantic midnight walk along the Oceanside easily reachable from any spot. One will find the perfect setting on this gem of an island to do what you most feel like doing.

Super Paradise does not differ in beauty and in opportunities from Ios Island. One can choose from eight cottages set on flat private green grass parcels available for a weekly fee of L$800 for 250 prims. One can escape the day-to-day complications and soak in pure nature while exploring the Island, and engage in outdoor activities in the Island’s common grounds.

Yakynthos offers empty and beautiful designed plots that range from green grass for residents that prefer a countryside and rustic touch in their living environment, to beach sand parcels that appeal to a more tropical atmosphere. The great advantage here is that you can use your own house, so if you have that dream house resting in your inventory, it is about time to show it off to your friends and family on your very own private parcel at Yakynthos. 

And because Partners FG is fully dedicated to providing you with the best living experience, it has committed in keeping an active community through regular events and by building various facilities for its residents, like taverns, bars, bakery, among others. Take some time to explore Myconos Island, attend the regular parties, have a drink with friends and take advantage of what this multiregional venue has to offer.

For further information please contact ArtemisGreece, Edemon Gausman or any staff member on duty.

The comfort and well-being await you!



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