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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are you Ready for some Baseball? - Piers Diesel Reporting...

Sports of all kinds in Second Life have been around for some time like hockey, football, soccer, racing, golf, sailing, wrestling as well as the all American Pastime Baseball!

Major League Baseball Season begins on March 22 and runs until the end of September.  If you love Baseball in real life and would like to take part in some within Second Life then there are ways to show your love of the game or even be part of a virtual sports team.

Here are a few locations and groups which will enable you to explore baseball in SL as well as dress the part and get actively involved.

Wrigley Field in Chicago 1920’s
For die-hard baseball fans, there is a replica of Wrigley Field where you can stand on the outfield and get a virtual view of what it might be like to be in the major leagues while throwing the first pitch of the season.

Baseball Jerseys and Stuff

Lidz Mainstore
What’s a baseball fan without a cap sporting a favourite team? Lidz mainstore has a large variety of logo caps featuring all  MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams. College & fashion added weekly with over 160 styles to choose from.

Freestyle Designs - Urban Wear
Here you will find a wall to wall sportswear for your chosen team and baseball shirts can be found here also. Priced at 350L

This store caters for all sportswear but for baseball if you check the 2nd floor you will find a row of baseball shirts priced at 85L. The names on the shirts are not present players but legends of the sports so still worth a purchase.

If you wanted to make your own baseball team shirts. Here is a template you can use.

F.A.D. // Full Perm Men's 3/4 Baseball Tee Template
 This is a fully rigged mesh Men's 3/4 Baseball Tee Template, easy to use and in my opinion the best quality around.
The full pack includes:
Alpha textures
Pre-made Men's 3/4 Baseball Tee Template texture
PSD with UV, AO map, and the premade textures
5 standard sized rigged mesh Men's 3/4 Baseball Tees
1 Download link to the PSD

Baseball Equipment & Animation
You can’t play baseball without a bat and some sporty poses. Here are some cool ones we found on the SL Marketplace

FLECHA sculpted and mesh baseball bat fullperm


14 Full Permissions Animations SPORTS Value Pack 75% Off Limited Time!

Only 25L

Embody 25 Sports Pose MegaPack M SPORTSMAN

This action pack animation Megapack has some for baseball as well as football, soccer and karate but you will be paying more to look like a pro athlete.

Now that you have your baseball attire, equipment, and poses, you are  ready to start up your own baseball team (if you have the land space). Let’s get started on what you need to create a playing field.

Baseball Field
The field is low in prims and can be rezzed easily. It comes with:
Scripted Baseball
Adjustable Power
Custom Animations
Scripted Bat
Sculpted For Low Prims & A Realistic Look

SL Baseball Groups you could join

There are a large number of Baseball groups in Second Life. Here are a couple of the most popular ones you can join.
SL-Baseball owned by Ikune Rosse
A Community group for exclusive use of the SL-Baseball players.

Baseball Central owned by Hudson Lorefield
For all SL's baseball fans. Members receive notices when new material is added to Baseball Central, and the group will serve as a great way to keep in touch with others for whom -- like you -- life begins on Opening Day.

MLBF Major League Baseball Fans owned by American Diesel
We love Baseball. That is major league baseball. Free to join. GRAND SLAMS!!! PERFECT GAMES!!! MLB
Have Fun and Enjoy meeting people we can talk some baseball about! and the games!!  It's what season? BASEBALL SEASON!!

In the early days of Second Life, a lot of sports came into the virtual world. Some have flourished and some have not.  The reason for this is it takes teamwork to make sports in Second Life successful. So, if you are a true fan of Baseball or whatever the game is, Second Life offers you the chance to enjoy these popular past times with your friends from around the globe. 

Now let’s play some baseball!


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