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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Role Playing in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

According to Wikipedia, (2014) Role playing is refers to as “taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else's role, often involving different genres of practice” 

We have all sometime in our lives, role played, beginning in childhood when our imagination was running wild. For example, boys pretending to be superheroes by jumping off of household furniture and being yelled at by mothers saying, “this is not a playground!” Little girls may have role played being a princess or even acted out scenarios using Barbies with friends. Role play has evolved significantly from those times with the rapid expansion of technology and more adults are participating in creative ways.

Role play in Second Life has a large community. From vampires, fairies, lycans and furries characters to ancient, medieval and combat sims where RP residents can actually play whatever role they would like with their friends from real world history, popular video game, movie or computer game story lines.

If you have always wanted to RP but do not know where to go, here is a list of locations in Second Life to explore. Keep in mind that there are many different genres of role play out there that can be found using the Second Life search engine.

Before you begin role playing in Second Life, you might want to go through some training so you don’t seem like an out of place noob in the middle of the action.

Adeline’s Academy of Role Play offers valuable training for free!

Contact Contact Adeline ⒶⒹⒹⓎ Boudreaux (yvonne.shadowcry) or Tad Rubanis to sign up !

Royal Role Play at Castle Valeria
A remote island with a tall, well-defended castle; at the other end of the island is a small tavern, next to a ship anchored in a cove.

Realm of Estara

Realm of Estara is a fully immersive Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay Sim where the goal is to give role players a friendly, helpful and top quality environment to role play in.  It is set in an imaginary medieval kingdom that is "Europeanesque" in style.
If you are new to the Sim, you can role play for up to one week without filling out a character card as long as you are using an approved race on their list and you must not role play any magic or special abilities until your character card is approved.  You also need to wear the appropriate Sim Group Tag and medieval/fantasy clothing in our In-Character Areas.


Harrowdale - A Forgotten Realms Sim
Harrowdale is a medieval fantasy role-play sim located in the D&D setting of Forgotten Realms (Faerun) post-spell plague. It is set in a wintry theme.
Story line

After the Spell plague, the formerly thriving town and port of Harrowdale suffered great changes. The trade routes were cut off, the ships stopped coming. Only parts of the town remain, the rest sank into the see and when the earth broke open, a river formed and swallowed a good part of the houses. The changes to the landscape itself caused the port to be cut off from the remaining parts of the town, now a place for the worst kinds of people to linger. Former populated roads are now nothing but muddy paths.

Incantre is an original RP fantasy/medieval setting open to a large variety of character types, and players of any experience level.

.::KINGDOM of SAND::. [SGS] MMORPG Action Roleplay Game System
Kingdom of Sand is a Capture Role play Sim based in and around the Fantasy Arabian city of Ireem. It is a - SGS Game System v 3 and is a capture Action Role play in a Middle Eastern medieval desert town.
38780 people in traffic since 2010

City of Lost Angels Created by Suzanna Soyinka
This RP location is the oldest dark role play sim in Second Life. It is open to vampires, lycan, Neko, Demons and Angels. You can also purchase clothing and accessories here.

The Realm of Terra: Novus City – Supernatural Role Play Sim.

 The location is in a steampunk setting and features supernatural beings such as vampires, angels, demons and lycan.
Learn more about this rp community by visiting


The 1920s Berlin Project - Weimar Republic role play sim
 This location is recreation of 1920s Berlin.  You will find a Caberet club, cinema, hotel, shopping and a restaurant and lots of history to explore. There is a strict dress code

The Combat Continent- A City under Siege
This is one of the most impressive combat role play simulators available in Second Life. It includes military style activities, Intelligence, recon, organizations and a network of combat RPers from across the grid.

Whatever kind of role play you are looking for, you will no doubt find it in Second Life.  Most RP Sim owners built realistic landscapes to help create the atmosphere which includes a landing point with instructions, roles and a Hud

Just remember, a fun role play depends more on the story line and appropriote participation. Make sure to learn about RP and how to interact before entering any scenes.


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