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Friday, March 14, 2014

Take a Trip to SL Jamaica; a Virtual Beauty to almost rival that of "true" Jamaica- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

I grew bored of my mundane Second life, living a virtual life in an average family community sim with a slowly diminishing population can cause an avie to want to break free.

I needed an immediate break from the ordinary, so I packed a bag, or two, or three, and I took to the nearest airport and SL Jamaica was on my travel itinerary.
I knew that this paradise had to exist somewhere on this virtual platform, and I had finally found it, or should I say, it had finally found me.

Looking in the destination guide for this rustic paradise and finding it was an exciting and anticipated moment. My plane had arrived and was immediately boarding, what joy I had.

I landed on the island, and was immediately robbed of dey breat' as I was slapped in the face by the vivid ambience, the vibrant flora and fauna, and the laid back vibez ya kno.
The description states, “Jamaica was made in a spirit of friendship and freedom, opening arms to all nations. You can come and enjoy our beach, hang out with friends, or bring that special one, or maybe find one here. Be welcome, enjoy and have fun respecting those around”
With a description like that, I felt welcomed and relaxed.  Once all rezzed in, I took a good look around.

There was a dancehall beatin's fah dey jammin' playing in the surrounding area of the landing point. I was drawn to it. But, before I was lured by the jamz, I fiddled with the destination hub also located at the landing point, as a giraffe looked down upon like Zeus would his mortal creations in the myths,  as four legged inhabitants scurried about the ground near me feet.

The island was sparsely populated with visitors that were periodically landing on the island to participate in the luxuriating aura of SL Jamaica.

 The feeling, for me, was definitely reminiscent of the Terry Macmillan, novel turned film, How Stella got her groove back.  I could not help but feel that this place was definitely meant for me to find and fall in love with. 

It encompassed all that I wanted in an island destination spot: a view worthy of a voyeur, vegetation and life, quiet and full of meditative music, and a few other perks. But, that was only the “main” island. There was more to explore per the aforementioned destination hub.

This destination hub provides teleportation to other sub-areas of the Jamaican Island destination, i.e. a sandbox to open up your purchases, or to rez other items. The music has  laid back vibez with international jazz. 

The paradisiacal magic was starting to really set in at the point, inspiring me to sink into a relaxed mentality. However, I knew that I was not done exploring, so I snapped out of this voodoo spell, and moved on.

Net, the Mossy Cavern. A cute, little encirclement of roaring rapids comes to life with jumping fish and a enchanting scenery that has seemingly taken inspiration from Roman/Greco myths of ancient times inhabited by gods and the fae-folk.

 This sub-destination was created with lovers in mind, and it is absolutely a polar from its island parent destination.

The Forest was incomparable in beauty. This romantic destination is a beautiful, zen area for lovers to rekindle a dwindling flame, or inspire a new love.

 A piano, a table set for two, and campfire to warm the heart, playful animals that speaks to the kid in you...mon t'ing fah deh rampant heart, not to mention a dance poser for lovers.

Last, but surely not least, the Piano bar that was ripped right out of a 1920s noir film set is a definitely a sub-destination that one sure put on their priority list to finish with their lover.

The overall theme after having visiting all of the sub-destination is revolved around love, surprisingly. Making SL Jamaica a destination for all the lovers, and those of us that are definitely single and looking as well.

I am doubtless enchanted, entrapped and under the spell of this warm, welcoming small island destination. There is definitely something here for everyone on the SL Jamaica island sim.

But, before this relaxing paradise, I wanted to learn of the stimulus for creating SL Jamaica from the owner, but I was met with opposition, in the sense that he was not interested in providing information on what drove him to create this paradise.

He insisted that I simply enjoy the island, and the environment…your wish is my demand.

With the essence of Jamaica’s limin’ lifestyle, who would dare go against such wishes…

 Visit SL Jamaica and the feel the vibez!


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