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Saturday, May 17, 2014

AVIE POLL: Why Does One Log In to Second Life?- Ccoursey Reporting...

What is it you can't live without in Second Life? What makes it worth logging in day after day ?  Hmm, ever thought about it? 

 Everyone has their own reasons for logging in, whether it be to have some fun, make some extra cash on the side, or just have a bit of social interaction.  To actually enjoy and reap the benefits of Second Life I've seen time and again someone has to have a reason to log in and make the best of their Second Life, otherwise what is the point?

 I've seen too many new people log in and get bored, leaving the game and missing great experiences and opportunities Second Life has to offer.  When I first started Second Life it was my friends and photography that kept me coming back.  I may have had my hand in a few different things, but it wasn't what I was logging in for.  Times have changed things a bit, but there is still pictures and true friends with me for my journey in this virtual world.

 What do others log in for?  It isn't like we are all here for the same thing...

Savannah Goulding is almost a year old in Second Life.  I knew her when she started.  She was mainly into the Bloodlines and exploring what it had to offer.  Time has changed things for her too as it does for all of us.  Savannah now runs her own blog  and is more into shopping and learning to mix her own music than chasing down her next minion.

Cris:  Hi Savannah, what is the one thing in Second Life you wouldn't do without?

Savannah: Mesh XD
Leave it to Savannah to sum it up in one word.  She has an awesome blog now, so after looking at it that would be the best word to use.  That is where she has her fun.

Cris: What about the new fitted mesh?  Have you tried it yet or is it just mesh in general you crave?

Savannah:  I've tried it and I'm not a huge fan.  It's better than most prim, but normal mesh works for me : ) 

 I approached a regular at one of the clubs I work at and thought maybe I'd get a different reason people can’t live without Second Life.  

Appy is four years old in Second Life, a heavy metal fan, and I don't think she's ever met a stranger.

Cris: Appy, what is one thing you can’t do without in Second Life?
Appy: I'd have to say friends...  Cuz without them what good is SL... Just wandering around alone...

Before I could even get another word out, she adds, “plus I'm a shopping whore”, lol.

Cris:  *Facepalms*

Appy: Lol, Everyone knows.  It isn't like I can or try to hide it.
Priorities that is all I can say. LoL. 

Shopping seems to be a popular past time for avatars across the grid, but what about the men in Second Life? We can't just hit up the women, we must find out what the other gender thinks.  

Venour is three months old, new to Second Life, and we've ran into each other more than once in various places.  I couldn't resist his perspective.

Cris: Hi Venour,  what can’t you live without in Second Life?

Venour:  Good company.

Cris:  If no one is on to talk with, do you just log back out? Wait around for a bit?  Look for someone else?

Venour: Depends on the time and my mood. 

I guess the right time and mood plays a role in what keep people in Second life. Something has to spark an interest and make people happy. Why log in and be in a bad mood or at a time when most of your friends aren’t on? That truly kills the fun and atmosphere.

OutlawKing Nirvana is another male avatar with four going on five years old in Second Life. He is usually tearing up boxes passing out the noogies and spray painting.

Cris:  What can you not live without on Second Life?
OutlawKing:  Hmm before Ari I would have to say music, but now it's her.

Cris:  So y'all talk every day?

OutlawKing: Almost, but with work, travel, all these time zones suck. 

Oh yes, time zones can definitely put a damper on many things in Second Life. I’m sure we all can agree that we can do without time zones. (Only if that was possible)

Moving on to Blossom Mojo JoJo, (Mandy),  She is many things in Second Life.  She dj's at the Soundgarden  on Fridays, dj's and helps with The Joint nearly any other time, runs a photography studio, makes clothing for her store Moolala - &  -, and even has her own blog  -   -.   She has got to be one of the busiest people I know. (Besides Lanai Jarrico of course)

Cris:   Hi Blossom, what is the one thing you can't live without in Second Life?

Blossom Mojo Jojo: The one thing I have to have is actually a person.  Aquarius Viper has been my friend for over 4 years now, almost 5.  She is the reason I log in and if it weren't for her I wouldn't log in anymore.  Something that isn't a person would be an artistic release.  If it weren't for my clothing store, dj'ing, or blogging I wouldn't want to remain in SL!

Cris: Do you and Aqua talk every day?

Blossom Mojo Jojo: Yes we talk every day, there have been some days we have missed each other, and it's very noticeable.  So without her, it's just not the same!

Cris:  Do you ever get fed up with dj'ing, blogging, and your store and say, "Hey, I just gotta have a break?"

Blossom Mojo Jojo: Blogging I just started doing, so not yet.  My store sometimes I get cross-eyed when creating and have to walk away, but I still love creating and making new things.  The best part is seeing someone wearing something I designed.  Dj'ing can become very tiresome also.  Especially when your djing to a large crowd and no one seems interested or involved in local chat with you.  Nothing I do here I do for profit but to interact and have fun with other sl'ers.  

Overall, it is all about being creative and having a good circle of friends that keeps people logging in. Without a good friends or companion to share SL experiences with what’s the point of being here?

Thank you everyone that participated.  I know it is hard to take something as big as Second Life and pretty much sum it down to a paragraph or word to explain.  Everyone is different and we all log in for different reasons, but mainly remember to always have fun.  Second Life is there for us to enjoy ourselves and have a good time, don't forget that and everything else should just fall into place.

What can’t you live without in Second Life? Use the comment box below and share with our readers.


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