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Monday, May 12, 2014

Get the Lowdown on our DJ Paradox as he Talks Openly with SLE – Milae Abbot Reporting…

Entertainment on Second Life is something you can find in abundance, from Story Readings to Dancers, Live acts and DJ’s, SL has it all and here on the home sim of the SLE (Lavonia) we have some great DJ’s.

Let me introduce you the talented DJ Paradox…

Being a fellow DJ in SL myself, as well as a Journalist and a list of many other things, I contacted DJ Paradox to get the inside scoop on one of our own members of the team. I was surprised to learn some interesting facts as the Interview will show!

Interview with DJ Paradox

Milae Abbot: For those reading this article can you tell them your name and occupation in Second life please?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: Paradoxed Ansar, Dj, Club Manager.

Milae Abbot: Thank you and as a Club Manager, you DJ as well?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: Yes I do.

Milae Abbot: That’s awesome, how long have you been a DJ and a DJ Manager for?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: 3 years in SL as a DJ and 3.5 Years as a DJ Manager.

Milae Abbot: Oh I see, so you were a manager before you were a DJ?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: Yes I learned to DJ to be a better manager and help other DJ's it wasn’t really to start DJ’ing in SL.

Milae Abbot: DJ'ing can be a very rewarding where do you manage?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: I just, as of yesterday (Monday April 28th), stepped down as manager of the Vine but I have lots of experience running a few clubs and owning clubs.

Milae Abbot: Ah I where do you play? I mean I’m sure our listeners will want to come listen to your music.

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: I play at the Vine, Twisted Moon Rock Club, and the SL Enquirer.

Milae Abbot: As you have stepped down as a manager at the Vine will you still be a DJ there?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: yes I’ll still DJ there.

Milae Abbot: Ahhh now back to the you are one of our resident DJ’ are you finding the experience?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: I enjoy it very much I love the way the sim is set up and the people are enjoyable to work with.
Milae Abbot: I see that you have a regular Monday night slot at the SLE Media Centre 6-8pm SLT. What genre do you play?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: I am mainly a hard rock DJ but I have been known to cross the rock genre into RB hip hop and rap and dance music.
Milae Abbot: As a DJ do you have a DJ group people can join to follow you?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: Yes I do. The group is called Brad's Fans and can be found via the in world search.

Milae Abbot: That’s brilliant thank you - as a DJ and DJ Manager what do you believe are the qualities of a good DJ?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: As a DJ it is connecting with the crowd, anyone can stream music the real challenge is to engage your crowd and make them feel a part of your set. As a DJ Manger it is the ability to keep DJ's flowing where it is seamless between sets. Not having back to back DJ's that are from different genres

Milae Abbot: OK if you could give 1 piece of advice to aspiring DJ's reading this what would it be?

ƤƛƦƛƊƠҲ: I think my best advice is be you, don’t try to be some other DJ. Play what you know and love because it comes across better to the crowd and most of all have fun with it

Milae Abbot: Brilliant thank you for that it’s always nice to pass on the advice of others to our readers and more importantly thank you for taking the time out to answer these question the readers the SLE and myself thank you.

See DJ Paradox spinning the tunes and taking your requests at the SLE Media Centre with his hostess Airbeth every Monday 6-8 PM SLT

Or join his group and keep up to date with all the latest opportunities to see him across the grid search for Brad’s Fans (group Key secondlife:///app/group/72ab8799-6b59-6c3d-6222-7d664714428c/about)


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