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Showing posts with label Milae Abbot. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When Second Life Relationships Become Real - Milae Abbot Reporting…

Relationships are complicated things, in the real world you meet someone you date them a few times, Cinema, Romantic Meal, Clubbing, Bowling and if you’re lucky it all works out and you become a steady item, a couple.

If you play your cards right you fall in love and well the rest as they say is History. Second life Relationships are quite similar except well everything happens much quicker. So what happens when the two worlds collide?

So in January 2013 I created Milae Lionheart, she was my 2nd main AV in the SL world and is now my main AV. I need to explain a little bit of background so you can understand how this unfolded.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Get the Lowdown on our DJ Paradox as he Talks Openly with SLE – Milae Abbot Reporting…

Entertainment on Second Life is something you can find in abundance, from Story Readings to Dancers, Live acts and DJ’s, SL has it all and here on the home sim of the SLE (Lavonia) we have some great DJ’s.

Let me introduce you the talented DJ Paradox…

Being a fellow DJ in SL myself, as well as a Journalist and a list of many other things, I contacted DJ Paradox to get the inside scoop on one of our own members of the team. I was surprised to learn some interesting facts as the Interview will show!

Interview with DJ Paradox

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Love of Second Life Photography- Milae Abbot Reporting...

Since I joined SL in 2009, (my AVI is not as new as the Rez Date might suggest), I have tried my hand at many things to help make my experience better and enjoy every minute I spend in this virtual world... This is what I have discovered. 


From Role Play to being a DJ, as well as trying my hand at clothes designing, being a model and a doctor (helping families to give birth to the new generation of SL Interactive babies), I have indeed tried many things. Of all the employment types I have tried what I found I enjoyed the most was, and still is, photography. It has become my first love. I'll be honest that I am pretty sure I missed my calling in RL in the field of photography; but here in SL, like so many of us, I can be who I want to be. So I have and (so I am told) do produce some amazing pictures. I have had my own photography business, working with well-known creators to create striking images to use in their stores and on the Marketplace, I have been the photographer for quite a number of SL weddings and helped to celebrate, through pictures, many events and special celebrations.