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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take Part in Combat; Show Your Brutal Side- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Real life is rarely on the verge of mortal combat. Even when war takes place, most just watch it on television. No one joins the army. This leaves a void in many. The desire for all-out fights never gets fulfilled. The monotony of life takes over us and the pent-up aggression begins to show up as defects in our personalities. This may explain some weird behavior in real life.
But thanks to Second Life, we have a few places where we can release our pent-up emotions. These places let you indulge in your brutal fantasies at no cost to real life.

Here is a list:

The Combat Continent
It is one of the most popular places. It is the central hub for military activity, with four regions. This means a lot of room to fight. The Continent allows damage to take place. There is no need for any special equipment to participate.

Bloodbath & Beyond
The place is full of people itching to kill each other. So far, 19,567 have visited the place since it opened in 2011. Here, you can blast hordes of zombies with guns. To play, you need equipment and a gun. These are available for free at the entrance. Also, there is an assistant to guide you.

MCM Combat Operations // Mech Combat
It is a science fiction place inspired by games like BattleTech and MechWarrior. Everyone is a robot fighter here. The robot can be upgraded with new weapons.

Obersalzberg 1940’s WW2 Roleplay and Combat
It is a World War II combat place and historical role-play zone. The place resembles Obersalzberg, a mountainside retreat in Bavaria, Germany. The zone is set in the winter of 1945, just before British aerial bombs damaged the Berghof, Germany’s former dictator Adolf Hitler's home.

GCS Zombie Killing
GCS Zombie Killing - Dead on Arrival has some of the most savage and bloodthirsty Zombie Killers on the grid. It invites you to come and get your dead on. Only the strong may survive here. You will find treasure hunts, free equipment, weapons and war zones.

 It launched in March and has seen a steady stream of visitors.

If you are looking to move from combat games on PlayStation or Wii, these will work for you.

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