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Monday, May 5, 2014

This Week’s Entertainment Lineup for the ISLE DE CASANOVA and ISLE DE PARADISE – May 5-May 9th


THIS WEEK on the Isle de Casanova & Isle de Paradise... 

we have some wonderful entertainment for you! We also have several *NEW* and VERY POPULAR Shops to explore.

We would like to thank the SL Enquirer for the fantastic article about us that is featured in their May 2014 issue! Check it out!

  DJ Talon takes over at The Rio ~ Las Vegas Style Showplace every Monday night, with a variety of themes, and always a fantastic selection of theme fitting tunes, along with his own educational interjections about the music he has selected! 

Contests Sponsored by Bootgasm and Bikers, BrAAtz and Bastards

TUESDAY, May 6th at 6P - 8P SLT   *LIVE* GAME SHOWS at The Rio ~ Las Vegas Showplace

Tonight's Game:    B*I*N*G*O*

Grab your dobbers! Want to win some great prizes? Then head over to the ONLY venue where LIVE GAME SHOWS are the norm! Yes, The Rio ~ Las Vegas Style Showplace is now featuring *LIVE GAME SHOWS* such as Hollywood Squares, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, BINGO, The New Newlywed Game and More!  The games are easy, and fun! Compete against family and friends!

Prizes provided by our Sponsors... Bootgasm, Bikers Braatz and Bastards, sf Designs!

WEDNESDAY, May 7th at   6P - 8P SLT   *LIVE* GAME SHOWS at The Rio ~ Las Vegas Showplace

*shouts*... "WHEEL...... OF...... FORTUNE!"  Come meet SL's version of Pat Zajack and see if Vanna White shows up to turn the letters as The Rio features the ever popular game show where buying a vowel doesn't sound like such a bad idea! *snickers*

Prizes include PlantPets Warehouse ~ Breedable Plants   and a  L$500 Gift Card for 

THURSDAY, May 8th at 6P - 8P SLT       *LIVE* GAME SHOWS at The Rio ~ Las Vegas Showplace

You've seen the popular GAME SHOW.... Let's Make a Deal! Bring your inventory, because you never know what your host will ask for! Come in Costume to win the attention of the host... then Let's Make a Deal!  You never know what you might walk away with!

Prizes courtesy of our Sponsors... PlantPet Warehouse ~ Breedable Plants, Luna Animations and The Grand Prize of the show.. A Certificate redeemable for a Spotlight Feature in the famous SL Enquirer!


Everyone loves it! Go ahead! Admit it! Sometimes you just HAVE to go WACKY and participate, not just watch this silly B-class movie and.. toss toast and question.. why in the WORLD would Tim Curry dress in fishnets? *shrugs*

Cinematographer Devlin will start the party at Noon so don't be late! Come in costume and bring your stuff to toss! hehe

FRIDAY, May 9th at 6P - 8P   SLT     DJ Diamond spins at The Rio!   Theme:  Hairbands
   Grab your tour t-shirt and your favorite blue jeans! DJ Diamond is spinning' at The Rio and she really knows how to Rock the Rio!!

DJ Diamond takes over at The Rio ~ Las Vegas Style Showplace every Friday night, with a variety of themes, and she pushes the grid to the limits! Her naughty nature and fun loving way of expressing her passion for music will have you wishing the night would never end!

Contests Sponsored by Bikers, BrAAtz and Bastards  


Red crushed velvet meets leather and lace.. Spotlights drench the flesh of those on stage... as Minsky's Burlesque takes us back to the days of Vaudeville and Burlesque! These ladies seductively fuse together dance, humor, elaborate costumes and stage sets to tease you and create burning lust in your soul! Their show will tease tantalize and tickle your inner most desires. These sexy creatures don’t just make your imagination run wild; they will take you to a place where you won't ever want to leave. Oh yes, these ladies are that good. So arrive at 7:45 because that's when the ticket window opens! *Admission is free, as long as you promise to tip well! These gals bust their asses and if you don't tip, management cannot guarantee how naughty they will get... Hell, I have even seen them lift wallets before! 

This is the only place where it is GOOD to COME EARLY!

The Minsky's Girls are a sexy, LIVE Burlesque troupe that performs a Retro / Vintage Strip 
Show that is reminiscent of the good olde days of Vaudeville! Each star of the stage puts a great amount of love and effort into not only picking their costumes, and choreographing their dances, but also building their own stage sets, so stop by the bank on your way to the show, so you can tip the ladies! If you would like to join the troupe, just ask one of the gals after the show!

WEEKLY EVENTS- Mark your calendar!


        Winner of Avi Choice Award "Favorite Male Musician" 2012
     Joaquin, a Guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina will ignite your romantic side
     as he seduces the air surrounding Almost Heaven! Even the Angels are quiet 
             when he starts to play sultry Tangos, Smooth Jazz, and Rhumbas!
              Joaquin Gustav is nothing short of Amazing!!  Bring a dance partner
                                       and enjoy one of SL's Best Kept Secrets! 
        (Oh..and Gentlemen! We make it easy for you to dance like a professional!
        We do something no one else in SL does! We include notes on the tempo
        of each dance in our couples dance ball! Come show off your moves.. and 
        match the speed of your moves to the tempo of the live music! 

       Your date will be so impressed, you're sure to win her heart!   

Prepare to be AMAZED as The Great Obero presents a huge variety of Grand Illusions for us. An expert in Levitation and Illusions The Great Obero will be Appearing  (and disappearing) at Noon SLT at The Rio! The audience members might be pulled onstage to participate! Don't miss this show!


SUNDAY AFTERNOONS starting MAY 11th....

  Almost Heaven ~ Romantic Ballroom in the Clouds is proud to feature
 Latin vocalist sensation   *CECI DOVER* at Noon slt followed by Spanish Guitarist *JOAQUIN GUSTAV* at 1pm slt
The dances at SL's Best Kept Secret make it one of the best places
for romantic Latin dances!

If you are looking for a little slice of Heaven, Visit the Beautiful.... Almost Heaven!
Romantic Ballroom in the Clouds Dance, Relax and Enjoy in a Quiet Calm Atmosphere SL's Best Kept Secret.... 

Do you sing? Play an instrument? Write or recite poetry? 
We need talented performers at Isle de Casanova! Many venues to choose from!
$ $ $   Pay is 100% tips!  $ $ $ 
Contact BetinaValentin Biler to book a show!

Who doesn't love the Trans~Siberian Orchestra?!?!  Their music bridges the generations so fluidly, that even the coldest of hearts melt each holiday season! Mavendorf Entertainment just so happens to perform the Award Winning Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tribute Show here in SL! Book YOUR spot on the 2014 Tour NOW!

Are you a fan of BREEDABLES?

Do YOU have a GREEN THUMB?   ... or WISH you did?
          Would you like a LOW COST & LOW MAINTENANCE BREEDABLE?
What if there was a breedable out there that required nothing more than your original investment?

Maybe it is time you check out.....   PLANT   PETS!

 Come see what they look like, Meet some breeders and fellow plant lovers,
              at the PlantPets Warehouse!

CASANOVA'S THEATER & LOUNGE ~ Movies 24/7 with over 50 to choose from!

On the Northwest corner of Casanova Blvd. and Minsky's Street, Casanova's Theater
proudly sits, waiting to entertain you! From the moment you arrive, you are greeted
warmly by the Ticket Booth Attendant... Then inside, the Usher hands you your ticket
stub, and the next stop?  The Concession Stand, because the smell of fresh popcorn
has grasped your nose from the moment you walked in! Comfortable seating both
on the main floor, and in the balcony... with over 50 of Hollywood's Hits to choose
from, and special events such as Minsky's Burlesque Shows every other Friday night,
 one is bound to find a good time!

 We are also joining with other theaters on the grid, as members of the group "Now Playing at a Theater by You..."  Please join so you can find out what movies are playing on the grid!  



        ... "Get in here!"   You feel someone yanking on the sleeve of your jacket... pulling you into a dark... fog filled alley! 

A warm breath across the back of your neck carries a message to you as your assailant whispers... "You lookin' for forbidden fun?"  Your eyes open wide as you gasp and blurt out... "Hell yeah!" before you even realize what the question was!  He continues his informative attack... "Go to this address... knock on the door... and when they ask for the password, say 'Naughty' and they'll let you in"   ** JOIN BEFORE THE MEMBERSHIP GOES UP **

The Red Light Lounge & Players Club is a Members Only Speakeasy where the liquor flows free and the lust is plentiful!  The vintage flare and spicy dancers that turn the stage into an erotic form of entertainment!  Come try your hand at Poker, Roulette and other Casino games! Showgirls, Cabaret, Burlesque, and Male Revue dancers make this one Sexy Place to hang out!

              GRAB YOUR BALL!
                           WHAT?!?!   GUTTER BALL!?
Come check our Isle de Casanova's newest entertainment venue!
We'll be updating the lanes any day now! New lanes just came in!!

Located just east of The Rio! and West of Burrito Bell Restaurant


On the Northeast corner of Reasonable Route and Austie-Martini Street, you will find the *NEW* hot spot for ladies fashions, lingerie and costumes of all types! Need a little something sexy for under that little black dress? Look no further! Looking for something your lover will enjoy watching you take off? *Smiles* We have it! Ladies who work hard for a living... needing uniforms or costumes... now have a NEW STORE! Great Prices and a wide selection including, Pirates, Nurses, Cabaret, Burlesque clothing, CanCan, Maids, Scrubs, Event costumes, Lingerie and Fun wear. Mesh when available!
Stop by and have a seat in one of their Lucky Chairs and walk away with some FREE
LINGERIE and find some awesome bargains that just cannot be beat!

Oh... I almost forgot... Ladies! They also have sexy strippable fashions for MEN!

*NEW* to the Isles... a DRIVE-IN Theater!

Grab a snack at the Concession Stand, and have a seat in one of our vehicles as we take you on a journey as we present some of the best movies Hollywood has to offer! On the corner of Minsky's Street and Casanova Blvd, you'll find a Classic Style Drive-in where we show more up to date features that everyone will enjoy!

Speaking of VINTAGE things....   
Copy and Paste this URL into local chat to join the Vintage Style Advertising group!

Eternal Bliss Photography & Formal Wear

If style is your passion, and passion is your style, then Eternal Bliss is for you!
Formal Attire with Classic Style and Professional Photography together in one shoppe!

Contact Bliss Snowfall for details

Grid Friendly Builds ~ Homes that you can LIVE in!  By Delwood Designs

Looking for your first home... something low prim, but still feels like home?
Sick of sacrificing style and comfort because your parcel is small?

Welcoming to The Isles... DRAGONESS DESIGNS!

Clydar Sittingbull, owner of Dragoness Designs is back in SL! Her first task... to reopen her shop which boasts her creative works, including hats and jewelry! If your tastes are somewhat whimsical, gothic... maybe a bit 'darker' than others... If the smell of leather gets your motor running... if loud pipes make you moan... then you will love Dragoness Designs! Stop on by and check out her wares! And, yes, being this is her return... her shop will be expanding rapidly! When you visit, be sure to grab some FREE SAMPLES of her work! Yes! Gifts for everyone!
See you there!            

The *NEW* Home of Maddy's Golden Chisel ~ Club Supplies ~ Authorized Intans Loader

Do you own a club or just like to party? Stop by Maddy's Golden Chisel and check out her Sculpties, Intans, Loading, Dances and more!!!  One stop Shop!! 

 * * Now available: Projector Search lights for your club / Show * *

* * * NEWS FLASH! * * * Honolulu, HI, USA

The VOLCANO on Isle de Casanova ERUPTS!
 Villagers are not worried, as they flee the island. All Luau's are being postponed... AND REPEATED!   Yes! Nickki Romano, owner of Island Style Designs has teamed up with friends from The Original Chippendales Tribute and Minsky's Burlesque, to put on
 REALISTIC LUAU’s at least once a month! Stay tuned for further developments!
The *NEW* Home of Island Style Designs ~ Authentic Hawaiian Attire and Accessories

Mark our Online Calendar on your browser and keep up with all of our events!

See you on the Isles!


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