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Monday, June 23, 2014

Spotlight on SL’s top model Sylphia Constantine - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Fashion too many can be viewed differently. However, being a model or  super model whether in SL or RL is the same. Dedication, drive, ambition and the love of fashion is what makes them successful.

In Second Life the fashion industry has changed. We have seen fashion icons come and then go as well as fashion houses. However, one thing that always remains the same are models and the demand for top models. I was lucky enough to bump into  Sylphia Constantine and talk about her modelling experiences and her rise to becoming one of SL’s top models.

Interview with Sylphia Constantine

Tea.   Slyphia, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came about joining SL?

Sylphia Constantine: I am a Fashion Lover. Like my Idol Diana Vreeland use to say "We can see revolution in Cloths". I believe they speak for us, how we want to be seen, how we live and what’s is our beliefs. I work with Fashion in my Real Life but never thought about do something connect with Fashion here in SL.
I just wanted meet people, as many as I could. I meet Indians, Japanese, Philippians, and many other cultures that I never fancy could exist. I joined SL with this purpose and I got it.

Tea.  How did you get into modeling?

Sylphia Constantine: I was not a regular player until I meet Fashion here. I decided to became a model the day I set foot in Azul Store. I saw a big banner with Miss Azul advertising. I felt enchanted with that idea to become Miss Azul and model here.  Like a child, I enter in the Miss Virtual World Auditorium, when nobody was watching. I put my best dress, hair, jewelry and imagined the Feeling.  Some months after that, I got a job as a model in a store without any portfolio. After that I stop dreaming and started an academy.

Tea. Can you give advice to those wishing to enter the modeling world and what is required for becoming a SL model and eventually  a Top SL model?

 Sylphia Constantine: Being a model in Second Life is something really fun. It is different than real life. In rl, you are seen like a mannequin, here in SL you can have your own personality. You show this using poses, accessories and a mix and match of style.  To be a model here you can join an Academy, do what they ask and just graduate. But to be an amazing Model or to reach the top you need need to dare to do what no one else has tried the risk. That is the hard part.

Tea. Has the modeling world in SL changed throughout the years that you have been in the industry?  If so, how?

Sylphia Constantine:   A lot has changed. When I started modeling, there was no Mesh for example. We did not have many Stores, agencies, academy’s and etc. Then Second Life Expanded and the Technology here too, so this premises has more shows, more concurrence, more fairs, new magazines and new users. So, absolutely is becoming something bigger, we would never fancy that in 2008.

Tea. Apart from modeling you are also the official blogger for a lot of top stores in SL, how did you get into blogging?

 Sylphia Constantine: My Blog is the space I have to breathe and open my heart to people. Is the place I want to share my thoughts with them, things that I trust and things that happen on the GRID.  I love receiving  feedback like, “Yes, I think that too" or " I love your pictures!" This really makes me happy. I am proud and honoured to say I work with stores that I really love. There aren’t any store in that sponsor list that I don’t trust or dislike the creations. This makes my blog work a pleasurable job.

Tea. You are CEO of SL Top Model which I feel brings back the excitement the fashion world in SL needs. How did this idea come about?

Sylphia Constantine: Reign Congrejo is the owner of SL Top Model.  The idea was actually born from the original owner,Frolic Mills in 2013 to find some of the best stylist(s) on the grid.

Tea. What do you like to do when you are not working in SL?
Sylphia Constantine: I play Playstation 3. I love Assassins Creed series, GTA and The Journey.  And as a personal Hobby, I LOVE to read. I have a full bookcase with books likes "Fight Club" or "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and "1984".

So as we can see, top models aren’t just beauties without personalities or interests like others have. It takes style and inspiration to make it in Second Life’s fashion and model industry. A determination to make it to the top of your game is all it takes to be where you want to be in your Second Life.


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