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Sunday, August 10, 2014

AVIE POLL: If you were President of Second Life, what issues would you address?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In Second Life, we don't have an active or effective government and sitting on virtual Obama's desk for a casual conversation on issues is totally useless and unrealistic.

We all have opinions, pet peeves and things we wish were different about Second Life. At times it feels like the Lindens don’t hear our concerns or address our needs. Many feel like they are left to fend for themselves. If you had a chance to be President of Second life and stand on your soapbox, what issues would you address and what changes would you make?

The SL Enquirer polled some avatars and here is what they had to say…

Cris Nightfire, Studio 777 Manager, MR., President of SL
“As I have been the self appointed President of SL for the last 4 years, I have decided to step down and allow my opponents to have a shot of it.”

Weeblewolf Pinion, Owner of Wolf Howlz Radio
 “wow .. over my head  ... I am just a jukebox”

Harmonia Trefoil, Premier Singer in All of Second Life
“Citizens of Second Life. I come before you today to address the state of singing in the SL nation.  If you have not become aware of the music scene in SL, you are missing the best talent in the world.  Our live singers are entertaining and professional.  The shows are a lot of fun and at some you can even win some Lindens.  Let us not forget the DJ's of SL either.  Most take requests and dedications.  So I hereby decree that every citizen go to a live show starting with the President of SL's show ME!”  Harmonia Trefoil

Numbers Rossini, Commissioner DCWF
“I would address the issue of men playing women on here. I go to a club, I’m chattin with some redhead, blonde or otherwise, finally they get on voice and sound like Barry White. WHAT THE F*Ck!”

Ava Jhamin, CEO Owner L'Amour Model Management L' Amour Nexus University
“If I was President of SL the first thing I would do is fire all the jerks who claim there is so much new and were going in an amazing direction with all the shit that is wrong.  Let's talk about this for a minute what exactly is wrong and what would I do to change it”.
1.  I would make sure the game is running like it should be.  I would bring in some IP people from Korea since they actually know what they’re doing. 
 2.  I would not speak in front of a group of people and say that everything is a bowl of cherries when obviously they are not. 
This includes but not limited to!
    a. Lag issues (solve it) 
    b. Loading inventory issues (solve it)
    c. Issues with Server Side Baking (fix it)
    d. Issues with mesh (fix it)
    e.   FIND OUT WHY PEOPLE CRASH AND NO EXPLANATION NO MESSAGE JUST POOF GONE (FIX IT) dealing with this for over a year and half.....SL blames third party viewer, third party viewer blame SL and both blame individual computer.  I would stop the nonsense as President of SL (FIX IT)

    f. Figure out a way before even think about new platform how to transfer lindens and inventory.  As President of Second Life this is just not an option.  As President if this is not done you will lose all the players and money you make on this game.  Some individuals have millions of lindens invested take it away and they will walk away. 
“As President of Second life the excuses will stop.  There will be many changes made and make this a game for the people not to line the pockets of myself or others within the infrastructure of the game.  As a side note there will also be committees for some of the industries on second life, fashion, designers, photographers where strict guidelines will be adhered to or they will be removed from the game”.

The role of president has to be one of the toughest jobs to handle. It takes thick skin and a strategic mind to handle various public issues and make decisions that the majority of people will be happy with. Second Life is full of issues and concerns, many of which have yet to be addressed or resolved by the Lindens. This has caused frustration in the SL community.  It was interesting to see the various candid responses from avatars and what they would do if they were President of Second Life.

If you were President of Second Life, what would be your first order of business?

We would love to hear from you, use the comment box below.


  1. SL is a business, not a country. It's run by business managers and IT wonks, not a government bureaucracy. Posing useless questions like this is a waste of time and makes the 'editorial' staff of this rag look as moronic as the idiot who self- appointed himself as 'PRESIDENT OF SL'.... LMAO.

    1. If this site is moronic and a rag, why do you even bother commenting and responding? And of course always anonymous! An organization can have a democracy and the gov red tape if they want it. Hence in SL you have covenants, estate rules, rights, group rules and rights and a bunch of other regulations.

  2. *sighs* Thank you for your comment anonymous. I appreciate your opinion and all. I hope you can appreciate mine when I say Second Life means different things to different people. Let them share their personalities without passing judgment on them. As for the direct comment towards me as the moronic editor in chief while trying to down others who simply contributed to this question, you should ask yourself why you are so sour and quick to throw daggers. I've always found it funny when people make comments like yours anonymously. I simply ask questions and try to include community commentary. This is a community news source where anyone can have an opinion. If you don’t like what you read here. Simply, don’t read it. Have a nice day.