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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Music: Goin' Country in Second Life- Ccoursey Reporting...

                Stepping outside the rock to the other side of music I explore Country and Western.  I love all variety  of music and had a great time stepping out in my cowboy boots.  It isn't hard to find the atmosphere appealing, because I've found in the best clubs everyone is friendly, it is only the music that changes.  My first stop, you guessed it: Black Horse Country.  

Black Horse Country
   Every time I have been to Black Horse Country, there has been a handful of people there.  It features a variety of Southern rock, western, and country, with honky tonk line dancing pads in the front, and an open space for couples or hud dancing in the back.  It's a wooden lodge set among the beautiful outdoors with even a place to cuddle with your significant other outside.  Black Horse Country has something for the cowboy or Cowgirl in us all.

WildCat Country
    At first I thought there wasn't much difference than the place I had just been.  It was a case of looks are deceiving. Aside from that,  my graphics suck. Wildcat Country is also a lodge set among the great outdoors, but I found more to catch a person's interest here.  Inside you have a host and dj on stage, windows looking out over the water, line dancing pads, couples dancing, and a game room upstairs.   After rezzing you'll find a front porch swing, more games, a gas station, road, and a bull.  Now the bull and I had a long talk and I rode him for 37 seconds, but I let him know I'd be back. 
Lastly, there is also a stage set up outside for singers and performances, a pool with inner tubes to float around and listen to the tunes, more line dancing, and even a bear cave.  I have personal weakness for bears, so I will be back just to take pics.  Definitely a must see.  \

Heartland Country

    Teleporting in I noticed a huge difference from the other country clubs quick.  The club is a huge barn and is very cool.  It's a smaller area outside to wander around and shop.  Heartland Country also has several pretty unique spots to snap pictures.  The club is awesome set up inside with dance pads, couples dancing, and a bar.  How about remaking the scene from Coyote Ugly? The bar here, you can dance on!  The host and dj were welcoming and so was the crowd.   Kudos to management, this place was very well put together.  Another great thing to mention that I've not seen in a lot of country clubs.... HeartLand is BloodLines friendly.  

BAMA's Country

    Bama Country is proclaimed a place where family and friends come together... Just walking in I can see this.  I knew a few people there and I'm not one to frequent the country side of SL.  Bama has a completely different look than the other country clubs I've been, set out among a old fashioned town, it takes a bit more to rez, but walking in even the inside is set up in its own unique fashion.  There is country line dancing pads with couples or single dancing to the side, the game area is downstairs set in the corners, and the shopping is upstairs as well as outside.  At any time you walk in there is a word guesser and scrambler going so you can participate in the action and win some lindens while you enjoy the scenery. 

Country isn’t for everyone, but those that appreciate it, they sure have a great time! If you have never been to a country venue in Second Life, try something new. You might just find yourself riding a bull, throwing back some beers, tipping your hat and enjoying the Western  atmosphere.


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