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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spotlight on Carrie Rainforest and the RUSH Management Talent Company -Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

The prospect of real talent comes a dime a dozen, and when that talent emerges, there are auditions to be had, deals to be made, contracts to be signed and the rise of star to inevitably happen. However, all of these steps within this process must be executed in a timely fashion and by the right people with the know-how and the heart of gold. 

RUSH management is just the talent management agency to provide the aiding hand in crafting not just any star, but a bright star that will continue to burn brilliantly when other acts have taken a bow. Carrie, the endearing CEO and helping hand at RUSH will make sure that the path to stardom is one lest veered from. She has a heart of pure intention, a laugh that is warming, and knowledge of the SL entertainment industry that will leave our head swimming for air. And, so now, I present to you the wonderful and fiercely passionate entertainment management organization, RUSH Management.

Interview with Carrie Rainforest

Mikile Vinciolo: What is your role? What is it that you do in this role for RUSH?

Carrie Rainforest: I do a variety of things at [RUSH]. I help with posting and do a variety of small things like helping Seamack with whatever he needs me to do. I manage a musician through RUSH management, I have a lot of other small jobs that I take care of, as well. I am really a helper more than anything, I think. I do what needs doing. I also assist with band needs, for example fixing scheduling problems. I define my role as a top-tier helper.

MV: How did you get into the business of music/musician management?

CF: That is a long story. (Laughs) When I came to SL I had little to do and was bored. I nearly left. One of the venue owners sent me a note card telling me she was having a lot of trouble and needed help. I went and volunteered to help her. She hired me and I worked for her for over 2 years. I helped her with many chores and tasks.  The sim was a charity sim. I would IM the musicians and told them who had donated so they could thank the person for the donation. I would talk with the musicians and help them with scheduling shows, I would post them to events and post notices to music groups. I learned a lot about the musicians and I helped teach some the hosts for the club. It was a very interesting and fun road trip. Simultaneously, I began to work with Rocky Toocool as his manager for about three years, I would schedule his shows and work with the host venues.

MV: I see that you manage RL talent, but does RUSH also manage off-grid talent that holds stake in the SL entertainment industry?

CF: Yes! We promoted and produced the Mary J. Blige show. This was a very big production with the band, the dancers and the choir.  It involved many rehearsals in order to get the animations and all the music right. It was hard work but wonderfully interesting, too, as it was not a live music show. The music was recorded and the avatars had the animations and the instruments to use and all had to be coordinated.

MV: Are there any other RL talents that RUSH manages?

CF: We are working with MiMi Singer right now. She is a live musician in SL. We also has shows with Saty from time to time, Susie Darling, Lifearose sings for Ruth Chris Steakhouse, too. So, we have wonderful talent on board.

MV: What is the future for RUSH management?

CF: MiMi Singer. New Talent. Beautiful singer with a powerhouse voice. I went to her first show at the Palladium and she did a beautiful job. Wonderful voice. She does all of her singing live. She is just now getting started with us.

Group: RUSH Management- secondlife:///app/group/c4b3fe1d-9da9-d9a5-f1d7-601fa0b5f18a/about (join by invite only)

Preferred contact: Email or IM Carrie Rainforest 


  1. This is Lola...I've known Carrie for years...and she is probably one of the nicest most charitable people I have ever met in SL. Congratulations Carrie for being recognized :)


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