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Showing posts with label Carrie Rainforest. Show all posts

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spotlight on Carrie Rainforest and the RUSH Management Talent Company -Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

The prospect of real talent comes a dime a dozen, and when that talent emerges, there are auditions to be had, deals to be made, contracts to be signed and the rise of star to inevitably happen. However, all of these steps within this process must be executed in a timely fashion and by the right people with the know-how and the heart of gold. 

RUSH management is just the talent management agency to provide the aiding hand in crafting not just any star, but a bright star that will continue to burn brilliantly when other acts have taken a bow. Carrie, the endearing CEO and helping hand at RUSH will make sure that the path to stardom is one lest veered from. She has a heart of pure intention, a laugh that is warming, and knowledge of the SL entertainment industry that will leave our head swimming for air. And, so now, I present to you the wonderful and fiercely passionate entertainment management organization, RUSH Management.

Interview with Carrie Rainforest