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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Humor: Safehub Personalities- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

The SL Enquirer loves to share stories about the culture. Many of these articles are spotlight features, events and avie polls. On occasion, some slapstick humor is needed to lighten things up. For that reason, I decided to visit a safe hub because I knew something worth laughing about would be found there. While visiting one I did just that and had a interesting time with some strangers…

Everyone has a unique personality. Second Life isn’t only about shopping, hooking up and nightclubs. Your experiences are created by the type of people you meet and interact with.  Avies would be surprised if they just randomly approached another avatar who might have an interesting name.  You never know what could happen. It is possible you may meet a new friend, get a good laugh or just move on scratching your head.

Meet Red Rocket
When I first landed at the safehub, I came across a peculiar character named Red Rocket. His group tag said Green Lanterns so I was instantly curious and had to message him.

Lanai Jarrico: Hi are you here as a monitor?

(Autoresponse) Red Rocket : The Resident you messaged has blocked you from sending them any messages.
 Red Rocket : ? no i'm a resident

 Lanai Jarrico: oh ok just asking since you have the Green Lanterns tag

 Red Rocket: The only monitors in game are Lindens I am not one of them

 Lanai Jarrico: oh ok then.

 Red Rocket : Wait you have been here 9 years, muted you for trolling, you already know this.

 Lanai Jarrico: muted me for trolling? Im not a troll lol. I run a media source here in SL and just observing the Safehub.

 Red Rocket: I unmuted you I just found that emotionally upsetting

 Lanai Jarrico: Im sorry if I upset you, wasn't my intention

Red Rocket: Don't worry I upset easily

I found Red Rocket to be quite interesting and rather sentimental. I think he suffers from a sense of humor that requires an acquired taste because while he was telling me that, he was also on voice chat bantering away and making odd comments to whoever was in earshot.
After laughing at his attempt to send me off to go report on a shoe store, I decided to stick around anyway and go back to that link I was given when I first IMed him.

 Now I know what inspired his name.  *shakes my head*… Gotta love Second Life.


To my right sitting on the banister was an interesting looking avatar dressed in barbaric armor and holding a bloody spiked club. His profile claimed he hated the human race with a warning to not (BLEEPING) talk to him.  If this was real life I would have probably run in the other direction and not looked back.  Since this is Second Life, I felt a little brave and decided to poke him on the shoulder and say Hi. I also ask him if he knew of any great shoe stores on the grid.  

After about a 5 minute wait, I figured he was serious…. Moving along.

Meet Echoo
Here is the perfect way to handle a naked avie in full salute who is looking for sex…..
When I landed at the safehub for my second visit, I was immediately approached by a shiny butt-naked male avatar with all his business hanging out. He immediately caught my attention but before I could say a word, he was already up in my IM Box. Here is how that went down…

 [06:53] Echoo: hiii mmhh

[06:53] Echoo: how r you sexy lady?

[06:53] Lanai Jarrico: Hello Echoo.

[06:54] Echoo: you r so hot

[06:54] Lanai Jarrico: Thank you.  So what brings you to Second Life today? It appears you have your twig and berries exposed.

[06:54] Echoo: omg baby i m so horny in rl thats the reason

[06:54] Lanai Jarrico: Interesting.

[06:55] Echoo: mmhh let me tp you

[06:55] Lanai Jarrico: Maybe you should handle that with an SL escort. No thank you I’m actually here on media business. Can I make you a star?

2 minute pause

[06:57] Lanai Jarrico: Why the sudden shyness?

Apparently his (bleeps) weren’t big enough for a follow through…. *shrugs* moving along….

Safehubs don’t only have male avatars hanging all their business out. I notice there are also quite a few scantily clad females who seem to stand around silently, perhaps preoccupied in IM by some other safe-hubber.

 I looked around at the crowd of approximately 24 avies all huddled like penguins in the center of the safe hub. Curious as to what they were all doing, I decided to approach the crowd as a whole. I said hello and asked what brought them all there. I found it interesting that no one volunteered to answer my question.

I am curious about safe hubs because they always seem to be packed at any time of day or night. There aren’t activities that are hosted there. It is basically a concentration of newbies, sexually charged avies and the griefer types. It appears that this group of avatars just enjoys random conversation and even insulting each other for cheap laughs. It is almost like a comedy club full of drunks who hardly make sense but they stick  around for the liquor and possible sloppy drunken stupor hookups. Either way, to each their own.  I know will be back for a visit to this safe hub for some cheap amusement and to see who else I will come across lucky enough to become an SLE comedy star.


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