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Monday, September 8, 2014

In search of History: “Mexico in three times” Bimala Tagore Reporting

       Let me introduce you to “Mexico in three times”, an important documentary dedicated to the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. Intelligent film reported by prominent Mexican voices, it enhances animated maps and artistic paintings. This film develops an enriching critical vision of crucial moment in history of Mexico in general charge of Enrique Krauze, writer for the International New York Times and Clio editorial director.

  Krauze was responsible for the writing vision and mission of this documentary it tries to explain the gradual process of decline of powerful Spanish monarchies and how Mexico claimed his independence. The sudden “power vacuum” in 1808, caused by Napoleon's invasion of Spain, would be the opportunity of autonomy of Mexico. This situation opened the door for Mexicans to reach their independence The first rebellions were severely repressed and this documentary reflects this troubled historical moment with an impeccable script movie in charge of Greco Sotelo and directed by Juan Prieto.

   Is relevant to this libertarian cause the Miguel Hidalgo’s conspiracy”, important figure who left the debate of freedom and summoned the people into rebellion. The scrip movie, wrote by Laura Emilia Pacheco and David Macareño, show how this leader defended a territory in hunger and poverty, dependency being the main reason for this and the valuable legacy that has ever been left to man: respect of the sovereign rights of countries. 

   This film - through a deep historical analysis – develops the most concerned ages of Mexico emancipation. Also the sim where the film will be screened is perfectly set in a traditional fair of Mexico. Even if you don’t understand Spanish you would feel absolutely astonished by the quality of this presentation. It includes gastronomical details such as exquisite variety of “mole” to guest, a detour dance dedicated to the moon, paving stone and colonial paintings of renowned Mexican artists.

    This documentary is a significant opportunity to know other culture in Second Life.  The land, called “Pabellon de la Cultura”, is deeply tied to Mexican national identity and regional culture this time.  This is other way to experience Mexican past without having to take a long plane flight. I felt in Mexico few seconds and almost saw the spirit of Octavio Paz whispering in my ear ancient secrets.  You can travel via teleport, without ever leaving your comfortable seat.

I really recommend this place and opportunity to face century old reality. This is a supranational perspective from the historian and you could understand how Mexico played an important role in the Latin American independence.  These documentaries provide a synopsis of one hundred years liberation efforts and also includes of several visual arts that developed over the geographical area and Mexican war of independence. 

    Arts and culture are an integral part of society in Mexico. You will although watch early and late murals in hands of Rivera, Orozco among others. The paints work reveals this rebellious character and the art of storytelling trough images. They are stunning Mexican print art work. These arts crudely follow the history of Mexico. Become a part of this cultural event. For those of us who really love this “game” called Second Life, the realization of any event like this depends on the community. 

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