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Monday, September 8, 2014

Zero Hour Arrives in Second Life!!! The Space Time Continuum Fluctuates…

A cry for help is heard in the distance, as a griefer hits a sim, a city plunged into chaos, a planetary grid on the verge of destruction.  

These are just a few of the scenarios that can play out within Second Life (SL).

Second Life citizens are seeing many hero groups phase in an out.  Which groups are real?

Well…The ***Justice League of America*** (JLA) has become a “premiere group” of veteran heroes; formed for the express purpose of bringing together Peace keepers & DC Comic enthusiasts under a collective identity.

The group coordinates its activities out of an Orbital Space Station (location granted to members); but is found frequently at the Aftermath Sim – Hall of Justice:

Many other DC multi-verse “iconic” locations are visited as well – Metropolis, Gotham City, Stately Wayne Manor,  The Joker's Carnival of Chaos, Hall of Justice, the Justice Society of America HQ, Oa - Sector Station& even The Tower of Dr. Fate.  These locations promote the classic genre-based locales, within DC Comics context, and allows our members to immerse themselves within their parts.
The ***Justice League of America*** will assist in promoting “free” safety advice & security  for all SL Residents & raise charity contributions through volunteer events within Second Life.  We house a strong social calendar & even RP events.  “Member Content” is always being developed & launched by talented writers & builders; within the Second Life community.  A detailed Member Charter was created to ensure fairness and creativity.  This establishes a strong sense of ownership amongst its members.

We believe in SL & RL balance; we're looking for creative & organized people; heroes who can make a supportive difference & understands the Second Life (SL) Terms of Service (TOS) created by Linden Lab.
Think this is another average group?  Better think again!

This group has a strong catalog of “Veteran Players”, who have finally come together to form a premiere group of exciting and extremely fun content for a meaningful Second Life experience. 

if you're looking for a mature and well-rounded group of heroes to help make a difference, within Second Life.....Apply & interview at our website to learn more. 

Your search has ended; your adventure is about to begin!

This group is not affiliated with or endorsed by Linden Lab / Second Life,  DC Comics, Inc. or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and is intended for entertainment and information purposes only.


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