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Friday, September 5, 2014

This goes out to the Haters of Second Life who just love to say things about me. Would you like a little Hateraid to help you swallow this jagged pill? – Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

How to Poke fun at the Nonsense:

As I sit back and write this all I can do is laugh at the middle school antics that occurs on a daily basis between people who like to talk about me and others in Second Life. Things always get back to me so I am fully aware of what is being said. Let me entertain you all with a few of the things that got back to me in recent days.

 Let’s begin with my favorite. Apparently I am a whore who sleeps around to get to where I am at in Second Life. The only thing I can say about that is thank goodness that SL sex is 100% birth control or I would have a united nation of prim babies running around with no baby daddy listed as my partner or helping me run The SL Enquirer.  Aside from that, It took me 9 long years and I am just exhausted already having to do work laying on my back or up on my hands and knees. Someone get me an ice pack and some knee pads pleeeease!

What I am wondering is, how exactly does prim sex help me in anyway unless I am in desperate need of reporting news inside my own SL bedroom? I guess to each his own right?  If all the guys, furries, trannies, women, bots, animals and plants out there that bedded me decide to speak out, go right ahead!  I forgot to get your number. I might want to call you again. Just remember, you can’t stay for breakfast.

The next piece of shittalk I’ve heard was, I’m too busy and I bail on projects. The “being too busy” part is absolutely true. I’m a pretty busy person working with people who want to work with me unless I’m off sleeping around like some insist I am doing lol….

Bailing on projects. Hmmm, sure I have done that a few times. It wasn’t because I was being lazy.  Some of it had to do with the person or people I had to work with who expect too much of me or overstepped what I was willing to do.

The other reason for having to bail is because I had real life things to attend to.  Either way, in Second Life, ideas happen and sometimes they never take off. If that was all my fault then I apologize for that.

Having a real life may be a surprise to some people who forget to clean their house or feed their family because they are too hooked on Second Life. Crucify me for being a no- show due to real life.

Another rumor that strikes me as odd is that I use people. Use them for what? Prims or content to put in my paper, that more than likely benefits them?  Anything else I need I can get on my own.  Come on Hater, you’re killing. What else ya got?

 In Second Life, you cannot take from anyone that is not willing to give you their time, lindens, objects or whatever else. So, this one seems to be a failed attempt at reaching for BS to pin on me.

The next one truly makes me laugh. According to a source close to me with “Lanai gossip meeting” connections let me know that there are a couple media sources in Second Life who are a bit ass hurt that The SL Enquirer received the Avi Choice award for favorite media source in 2013. They are complaining that SLE didn’t deserve it.  

Well, let me stand up on my soap box in all my glory with my award and say this, I didn’t vote for myself and I wasn’t even at the ceremony due to real life. That award could have been handed to them if they worked hard enough and their readers weren’t voting for me.

 Good luck this year to all media sources! If I don’t receive it, then I am happy for the media source that does. I understand the hard work put into media and the commitment needed so more power to them if they get to place that award in their media center for all to see.  

Crowns and titles are not my motivation to do what I do, the fans are and well…they voted so I suggest the haters should go complain to all of them.

Last but not least… rumor has it that I’m a bitch. Well I sure as hell can be when I need to go ice cold on someone.  I’m not going to sit back and not speak my mind when I have something to say or dislike how I’m being treated.  Why should I have to deal with people who love to dish out their BS and expect someone to kiss their ass?  Got a problem with me? Email me or show up at the media center. Otherwise look like an e-punk and run to someone else.

 I make no apologies for having to cut someone off or go off on who deserves it. Otherwise the only opinions that matters to me are from the people who know me best and have worked alongside me through the years.  I have to admit, it has been an amazing journey with the right people and they know who they are.

With that said, the next time one of those haters of Second Life decides to place my name in their conversations, they should make sure they are making an accurate statement and most importantly be aware of  whom they are sharing it with.  The worst backfire is that person just relaying the message back to me, while making fun of the hater.

 Not everyone is going to like what I do.  Big deal, all I can do is move forward and keep company that is worth having.  I know I can’t please everyone. Some people are just disgruntled unhappy folks that need a swift kick in the ass to get any kind of emotion out of them.

 Just remember if you are a hater,. unless you are a perfect saint with no faults, you have no business judging or hating on others. Do yourself a favor.  Shut up and worry about your own life and what you do. One day you may find yourself on the other end of the stick without a voice as loud as mine.  So to the haters, if you approach me and need something and your name is on my list of haters, you will know exactly where it will get you.

I understand as long as there is a need for conversation, there will be a need for gossip. For as long as I could remember Second Life has been the perfect forum for anonymous haters talking about others. Some get away with the things that they say and others receive the same foul tongued display that they shoveled out.

One of the things I realized being on the foul end of the stick by people who think they know me or pretend to be my friend is, as long as people mention my name ,good or bad, I am creating some kind of stir rather than being forgotten and unheard of.  So keep spreading my name across the grid, it is free advertising for me.

Even people who I have considered friends have plunged a knife in my back and still gracefully greet me with a smile. That’s ok fake hater. The way I see it is, when I log out at night I can lay back against my soft pillow and fall fast asleep knowing that I have poured hard work and dedication into what I have built in Second Life. I do what I love. Plain and simple and my true friends are a part of my SL experience.

The fake ones who stand on the sidelines squandering their time making me the topic of conversation are wasting away opportunity to do something that they can be proud of.  Instead, they focusing on what the next person is doing and trying to belittle them.  I call this the crab in the bucket syndrome. All they do is climb on top of everyone else to try to get ahead. The one thing I cannot stand is fake people or half assed friends. If you can’t keep it real, than keep it moving.

For the most part I do what I do and if people don’t like it, then they can put in their own efforts to find a better solution that doesn’t include SLE. Either way, hating on me because of the position I’m in, only shows jealousy and envy.

To the haters that smirk on that comment and try to deny their motives. Take a chill pill and ask yourself, what is the purpose for your foul comments? Do you think it will make me crumble like a house of cards or only make me stronger?

 You choose your poison.

 Just remember the minute you need me or SLE, I won’t be there to help you. I’ll be too busy working on projects and being involved with people who contribute something positive to the SL community.

Lanai Jarrico


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