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Showing posts with label membership. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Avatar Social Network (ASN) is Continuously Growing and Expanding.

Last week they released three new features that serves it's thousands of members providing more fun and useful tools.

Members now can upload music, their songs, creating their own playlists, share their favorites. It's a great feature for live singers to promote themselves in a more effective way as well.
Classifieds- where members can find or offer their services, sell goods, find a partner and all together an additional way to connect.
Polls-  members can run short surveys practically about anything.

ASN is the most popular and highest ranked (Alexa rating) virtual worlds related community website that is being built and developed continuously based on its members' feedback since September, 2013.

If you are not a member yet, check it out, find your friends and make new ones on Avatar Social Network.

Join Today!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Zero Hour Arrives in Second Life!!! The Space Time Continuum Fluctuates…

A cry for help is heard in the distance, as a griefer hits a sim, a city plunged into chaos, a planetary grid on the verge of destruction.  

These are just a few of the scenarios that can play out within Second Life (SL).

Second Life citizens are seeing many hero groups phase in an out.  Which groups are real?

Well…The ***Justice League of America*** (JLA) has become a “premiere group” of veteran heroes; formed for the express purpose of bringing together Peace keepers & DC Comic enthusiasts under a collective identity.

The group coordinates its activities out of an Orbital Space Station (location granted to members); but is found frequently at the Aftermath Sim – Hall of Justice:

Many other DC multi-verse “iconic” locations are visited as well – Metropolis, Gotham City, Stately Wayne Manor,  The Joker's Carnival of Chaos, Hall of Justice, the Justice Society of America HQ, Oa - Sector Station& even The Tower of Dr. Fate.  These locations promote the classic genre-based locales, within DC Comics context, and allows our members to immerse themselves within their parts.
The ***Justice League of America*** will assist in promoting “free” safety advice & security  for all SL Residents & raise charity contributions through volunteer events within Second Life.  We house a strong social calendar & even RP events.  “Member Content” is always being developed & launched by talented writers & builders; within the Second Life community.  A detailed Member Charter was created to ensure fairness and creativity.  This establishes a strong sense of ownership amongst its members.

We believe in SL & RL balance; we're looking for creative & organized people; heroes who can make a supportive difference & understands the Second Life (SL) Terms of Service (TOS) created by Linden Lab.
Think this is another average group?  Better think again!

This group has a strong catalog of “Veteran Players”, who have finally come together to form a premiere group of exciting and extremely fun content for a meaningful Second Life experience. 

if you're looking for a mature and well-rounded group of heroes to help make a difference, within Second Life.....Apply & interview at our website to learn more. 

Your search has ended; your adventure is about to begin!

This group is not affiliated with or endorsed by Linden Lab / Second Life,  DC Comics, Inc. or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and is intended for entertainment and information purposes only.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A- List Service to the Grid- Interview with Xavier Theibaud- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Knowing what is happening in Second Life and keeping up with the trends can take a lot of time joining so many groups just so that you do not miss a thing.

However, if you could just join one group, one group which kept you informed on the top parties, the best stores and what is hot and trending in SL, this would allow you to cut down on your group numbers. Is this possible?
 Yes, it is once you join the A List group. The A List is a well-known group which has been around in SL for many years. However, not much is known about the founder Xavier Theibaud. After attending a concert in SL I bumped into Xavier and as we got to talking I asked him if he would be interested in informing the SLE readers about the group and also about himself, which he was happy to do.