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Monday, October 27, 2014

Lets Get Ready for Halloween-Debby Sharma Reporting...

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Hooooooo! The haunted nights are back. This time of the year when the bats fly low in the night, spiders crawl out of your closet; ghosts show their teeth and the pumpkins glow yellow with scary punched eyes. It’s Halloween. We want to gear up and get ready for the night looking the scariest of all.

Almost every shop has something to offer for Halloween. 2014. However, I will be listing a few seasonal places with exclusive or limited items. Grab them this October, for they may vanish after that.

The Pumpkin Town

This is the 5th year, Pumpkin Town has come to town. It will be open till the last of October. Best place to take pictures for autumn and Halloween theme. There are merchants selling limited Halloween clothing and decor. There are Dj shows and various events conducted. For more information on the latest events look into

Tag! Gacha

This is the first ever Tag! Gacha event with 50 designers are participating. There are many items to loot until 12:00am October 31st, 2014. Grab and wear your Hud at the Gachatopia, refer to the above landmark at the ticket booth of the Redemption Studios. Join the Trade Group for help and trading. Accept the request to teleport and follow the directions and the story then reach the first store. Grab the gacha items, try to collect the rare ones or move on to the next machine. Tag the board next to the machine, so that your hud knows where you visited last. There are 50 stages. Tag every board to get the mystery coupon to the Redemption room. When you get there hold your mystery coupon and click the store vendor that matches your coupon. The Hud is a teleporter system which remembers your teleport history. For more information and help

Krave Inc. official Facebook page

Krave Inc. Haunted Graveyard – Gacha Event

This event is till November 2nd, 2014, hosted by Delirium Style and Sanctuary Inc. There are over 100 gacha items by amazing designers. The sim is beautifully decorated for Halloween. Beware of the spooky graveyard, for it may be give you chill down the spine for your lifetime. It is fully interactive.

There are other Halloween Fairs too. Here is a list of the few with the landmarks.
·         Boudoir Halloween

·         Bloody Horror Fair
The event is from 15th October to 5th November, 2014.

·         Creepy Cuite Carnival
Have a wonderful time this Halloween and share an orange pumpkin candy.


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