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Showing posts with label activities. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Disc Golf+ in SL! Welcome to YOUR new GEEKSPOT! - Tabitha Mercury, reporting

Mythra and Jaq ℛøṡε showed up this Sunday morning to meet me for a feature and interview on something new and exciting. We met and sat down on a bench, in one of their many lovely visiting areas to discuss their new addition to the world of SL.

Tabitha Mercury: This sim, features quite a bit and is quite lovely aesthetically, I have noticed. Who did all the work to make this look so amazing?

Jaq ℛøṡε: Raven ℛøṡε did most of the actual course design, the layout and such, since she has a long history with RL disc golf.. so the planning for that was mostly her…the three of us did the landscaping together and all the golf stuff is custom mesh we made for the game packs. 

Tabitha Mercury: So you guys created this Disc Golf+ system or just the mesh items to use for it? (not discounting making the items, that’s hard as heck, I have tried Blender and it won.)

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: *laughs at the Blender winning comment*

Jaq ℛøṡε:  (The) whole thing. It's a ground up build all stemming from a simple course refresh idea that we had.. then we kinda ripped up a whole sim and made an LOTR themed course next door.. which we'll have to take you on a tour of some time, we're really proud of it.. and then we were like.. we need a better game…so we made one.

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: Pretty much.

Jaq ℛøṡε: so the game system itself, the hud, the discs, all the course building stuff, tees, baskets, etc.. all new and unique

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: It's all Jaq's fault, really. It all began with a "You know what would be cool..." comment.

Jaq ℛøṡε: yeah, that's accurate lol. But given how good that sim turned out, I'll claim it lol

Tabitha Mercury: hehe, that’s how it starts.

Jaq ℛøṡε: this sim came about to be essentially a demo area, for other course builders who might want to add our game to existing golf courses, or make new, specialized ones. This is your more traditional kinda course.. 9 holes.. 3 tee options per hole.. can hold short form tournaments here and such, but it's also a really fun course.. we have people coming here and testing the new tees we put down.. we have 2 per hole that are fixed and the third we move around with the seasons to keep people guessing

Tabitha Mercury: Honestly, y'all have done something pretty amazing here. You've created a game for SL based on RL, the system, the props, all of it...Can you walk me through a "game" of it for those who don't understand what Disc Golf is still, please?

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: It's a lot like golf, really. Just played with frisbees or 'discs'. Rules are quite similar and scoring is done the same way.

Jaq ℛøṡε: sure .. so disc golf is similar to golf in that it uses a similar set of rules. Obvious differences being balls and clubs are swapped for discs for different lengths and styles of shot.. and the holes are replaced with baskets…you have driver discs, approach discs, and putting discs, depending on how you need to throw.. you have to aim, account for wind.. either curve your short or throw straight.. avoid obstacles.. all that fun stuff

Tabitha Mercury: Ok, thank you very much for that, I think that will help those who might be new to this! Oh wow, so it’s more intricate than I realized!

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: Actually (we) have a fairly large update in the works right the testing phase of things.

Jaq ℛøṡε: it's as close as RL as possible.. and we're constantly revising it and trying to improve it. (It) runs on sim wind, so it's constantly variable.. although for tournaments, you can fix the wind so everyone is dealing with the same conditions

Tabitha Mercury: Whoa! Wait! What’s that? This is actually based upon the winds on SL as well?

Jaq ℛøṡε: oh yes.. Every sim has its own wind system. Our game reads that wind signal from the sim and will affect the discs accordingly, so the wind will vary every time you play but also as you go around.

Tabitha Mercury: Let's say one reads this article, then they want to try it out...What do they need to do when they arrive to use your system?

Jaq ℛøṡε: first thing to do here is to join the group. That will be the same with any golf game, because you'll need certain permissions to be able to use it. Group enables that. We have the game huds for sale in the building behind us.. they are 299, but discounted for members. They'll also be available in partner courses as and when. We already have the game in one well established golf course, Eagle Creek Golf Club.

(Jaq points to the roof of a nearby building.)

Jaq ℛøṡε: if you have a look on top of the building, there's a weather vane that shows the wind strength and direction.. that's actually the thing that talks to the game hud all around the sim, so everyone is playing under the same conditions, (so) you don't have to watch the weather vane when you're playing though, you get a little flag that follows you around when you take your shot, so you can see what the wind is doing when you need to

Tabitha Mercury: Y'all have done an amazing job here. I can't wait to see this take off! A totally new game, developed by some really creative minds. I really do thank you for your time and explanations to show me what you have created for others enjoyment! Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to say?

Jaq ℛøṡε: We really just hope everyone has a bunch of fun with it like we do. All the time and effort that's gone into it is as much for our own enjoyment as it is for creating a product. We made it to enjoy it ourselves, so hopefully that will translate into others enjoying it too. We're trying to get it spread across as many quality golf courses as we can to give people plenty of variety.. and with the new update that will hopefully be released in the coming week or two, I guess.. There are some really exciting changes being made.

In closing, there is so much to do on this sim…from shopping to playing Tron or discgolf+ or dancing to some great tunes, this sim appeals to any fellow “geeks” out there. Check out the photos below for more info!

Additional Information:


Group: secondlife:///app/group/f7a4c471-f62b-7b9c-2083-2e00691015c6/about

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


The Grinch here…. That pain in the ass reporter Lanai offered me some community service by putting together this extremely irritating collection of sh*t to do in Second Life.  Instead of going around the grid and doing something nice to a bunch of random avatars, why not kill all the birds with one big fat stone!

  I know all you virtual knuckleheads are littering the grid with your presence and spending countless hours standing around trying to figure out what to do next. Well I’m here to help only because I don’t have anything worse to do…I have a court order to find my holiday spirit. I’d rather be racking up  at a wine & spirits whilst wasting this season away in a drunken stupor.  *grumbles* HOWEVER, here goes my contributions to the Second Life community.  You’re welcome…


Visit Seasons Change at Blissful Dreams and flex that good throwing arm and bash in a few skulls with a snowball fight. (I’d pack a rock in it personally but a reindeer pellet is just as effective… If you aren’t in the mood for that, there’s always a good ol’ fashioned sleigh ride tour for exploring this embarrassing beautiful sim! The best part is your view is a horse's ass….You’re welcome.

Description: Winter, Christmas,  dancing, ice skating, snow, snowball fights, sleigh rides, Santa Claus, Tree Farm, church, photos, photography, exploring.

Please change WL / Day Cycle to Shared Environment, /*Sky: "Phototools Moon Light


FFS, Why on Linden's pixelated grid would anybody want to strap a set of sticks on and plunge headfirst down a mountain… OHHHH wait, that could be entertaining if there were lots of trees. I’d pay for tickets to see a bunch of avies bounce around like pinballs. 

Description: The summit ski lift station is your drop off point for skiing adventures! Walk or ski down the ramps to the ski lodge. From there, use the western slope for Slalom timed runs. The eastern slope is for freestyle skiing for 1 to 8 skiers. Snowmobiles too!


What an oxymoron this is…Ice skating seaside. Why not attempt ice surfing? 

Ice Skating can be a serious sport in real life if you suck at keeping your balance like a runway model wearing 8 inch high stilettos but have no fear in Second Life, you can’t break an ankle or two!  Better yet break a leg and check out Seaside Ice, strap on those ice skates and get your swan dance going across this frozen pond! Don’t tell em’ I sent you.

Broke for the holidays and don’t have ice skates? DSL got that covered with HUDS and Rezzers on the cheap.


I can’t stand Lanai, she always has to be in the middle of pictures like she's some sort of superstar or something…. Anyway, Check out Spectators Section- Cleary Arena! There’s all kinds of sh*t to do at this winter sports community. Go play some hockey and get a bunch of teeth knocked out.

Description: Welcome, friends! Enjoy FREE ICE SKATING, SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, SKI JUMP,  ICE HOCKEY! Play or watch GOHA ice hockey and other winter activities. New residents, freebies, sports, and a myriad of winter fun awaits you. Home of Winterfest 2010.


It’s all fun and games until someone loses a toe or an eye or both! Check it out but don’t say I didn’t threaten you with a good time. If you see me at Whoville, don’t ask for a selfie with me. I don’t know you or like you! 


Ok you little wastes of cyberspace, I did a lot of the footwork for winter activities in Second Life. If you still haven’t found something fun to do this winter, reevaluate your SL situation and get back to basics with an Atari!

-The Grinch

Monday, September 25, 2023

Corn Maze! Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

I grew up in a suburban part of New England, and a major rite of Autumn was to go to a corn maze. 

Autumn is unique in that there is no major participatory holiday like the 4th of July or Christmas between Labor Day and Halloween. Many people therefore use Autumn as a sort of minor, extended celebration that ranges from pumpkin patches to apple cider donuts to hay rides. This gets them through the end of October, where they can hang ghouls off the house and dress like a Scary Nurse.

The town I grew up in was not immune to this, so every year would see a bunch of us- sometimes drunk- head out into the farm country to wander through a corn maze. I only say "sometimes drunk" because I was both doing mazes as a child (not drinking) or taking the kids to it (drinking after), which balances out my teens, early twenties and going-with-friends part of my life where one would have to be drunk to go to one.

About half the time, we never finished the maze, backtracking our way out and vowing to whip the maze next year. This happened every time we went after drinking, and a lot of the times where the children wore out easily. I can't actually remember beating the maze, to be honest, although I suppose we probably beat it a few times as children and I just can't remember. 

There are corn mazes in every county where I live, and where I live is only semi-rural. I can't imagine how many there must be in somewhere like Iowa. I recall reading that driving through there was basically "corn corn corn Walmart corn corn corn Gas Station corn corn corn Burger King corn corn corn..." They must have mazes everywhere there, and it would be cool to connect them all into an Iowa-sized maze and trap like 3% of America's population there during Tourist Season.

Corn mazes came into vogue in the 1990s, although no one knows who the first genius to try this out was. The idea sprung from the fact that you have to grow acres and acres of corn to make a profit, and the stalks have to be cut down after. Some great human figured out how to make a maze from this, people showed their interest with their pocketbooks and a new tradition emerged. Many farms rely on this part of the year to stay in the black.

With the bleedover into Halloween season, many mazes are also "haunted," and feature various goblins and serial killers. At least one horror movie- Chlidren Of The Corn- is set in a cornfield, and I am probably forgetting others. A corn maze is closely related to a hedge maze, and even an amateurish corn maze somehow looks creepier than the hedge maze at the end of The Shining. That's not easy to do.

They are best as a rural thing, however. Not many people farm these days, and a corn maze is often the only time a lot of people get close to a way of life that almost everyone practiced at one time.

I went to French Farm on SL to check out a SL corn maze. I was not disappointed. The sim is wholly decked out for fall, and I plan to get several articles out of my visit there. I must have took 100 pictures. They did a really nice job with the season, and I advise you to check it out for yourself. I don't know if they are French or just named French.

Their maze is easy to navigate, and has lots of surprises. There are enough dead ends (each with something cool in it) to make it so you have to at least concentrate a bit. I only took pictures of a few things in the maze, leaving the rest for our readers to discover on their own. It doesn't take long to go through, but you can stretch that out by looking everything over real slow. There are other activities on the im to keep you busy if you make it out of the maze. 

French Farm must be running this through Halloween, because they have a haunted maze, featuring various spooks and haunts and He Who Walks Behind The Rows. It's more cutesy than terrifying, and is a lot of fun either way. If they are smart, they will run it through Thanksgiving. Harvest Season sort of runs, at least in American imaginations, from the day after Labor Day until the end of November.... even late December, if you throw in Christmas tree farms

Please note that I included a picture of me finishing the maze, just in case you think I cheated my way out or anything.

French Farm:

Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 Ever find yourself wandering the grid looking for something to do? Has club hopping and pop, lock and droppin' it got  you bored? Try something different!  There are a couple of Cinemas in Second Life that offer a variety of movies and screenings you can watch with your group of friends or that special someone. Check them out!

Sunday, December 19, 2021


Synergy Island has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland! It has a SIM-wide ice skating area with an automated ice skating tour! A Santa that gives free gifts when you touch his bag! You can also take a ride on Santa's sleigh for a tour from the sky! On the top of the highest hill, there is a sled riding tour you can take and lots of other fun things to do so come and explore!


Monday, July 19, 2021

Paradise Of Fun Zoo- Stacey Cardalines reporting...


Most people never see exotic wild animals in person. I live pretty far in the country, and my animal sighting list goes pretty much dog, cat, raccoon, squirrel, mouse, skunk, turkey, various birds, and fish... nothing that the Discovery Channel is going to send a film crew out to document. I've seen sharks and whales, but I live at a beach and those are not unusual things there. 

What would be unusual is for me to stroll around suburban Massachusetts and run into a Rhino. Rhinos, who are much feared in Africa, are bad things to run into. They are very aggressive and territorial, and would most likely kill me rather than tolerate me moving through his realm. It would care very little if I told it, "No no, you have the wrong country, doctors in America don't think that your powdered horn cures impotence." I don't even think it would eat me, just kill me, mostly to let me know how things get done in Rhino Town.

I'd rather not be smashed into pudding by a livid horned monster who weighs 3400 pounds. My car, which would end your life if I drove it over you, weighs 2300 pounds.

So, a rhino isn't what I want to see walking around suburban Massachusetts. To spare you from other tales of animal violence, I am also not disappointed by the lack of lions, cobras, leopards, cheetahs, hippopotami (?), komodo dragons, alligators, polar bears, wolverines, anacondas, chupacabra, and Godzillas living in the moors behind my house. Giraffes don't have a reputation for violence, but I'd still rather not have one walking around by my rhododendrons. Africa, Japan, Indonesia... you can keep that stuff, guys.

That doesn't mean that, in a controlled environment, I wouldn't enjoy looking at a rhino. It's an amazing, even beautiful creature. I'd pay good money to go somewhere safe and stare at rhinos and lions and other things I don't see in American suburbia. That's why people make zoos.

SL, which reflects real life even when the tigers walk on two legs and talk, is naturally going to have a Zoo go up somewhere at some point. I found one while playing in water parks. You'll get a water park article later when the photographer and I return and I am wearing a more flattering swimsuit. But we did find a zoo.

Paradise Of Fun is a sprawling entertainment complex. It features a water park, a zoo, a mall, and a food court. I went through all of them, but... c'mon guy, there's a Zoo!

It's not a long walk, but it's full of cool animals! Sorry about the exclamation point, but everyone is a kid when they go to the zoo. Unless the adult likes to go on safari a lot, an adult and a toddler have about the same amount of in-person elephant watching time. They're both children, in that sense. I shall therefore conduct myself as one, which my boss here at the SL Enquirer will tell you isn't actually all that unusual. There are very few fully self-actualized adults in the field of sportswriting, and when you throw in the virtual world part... you're lucky that I can even write at all.

POF Zoo is a large circular area where you can move from exhibit to exhibit. You first run into some flamingos, and they are across from the elephants. They have three elephants in a cage that looks about the size of the one that they have UFC fights in, but it is tough to be cruel to virtual animals. You can't jump into the cage with them, even if you are a well-trained cheerleader with pretty impressive hang time for a white chick.

Never fear, because the next exhibit is the Lion and Tiger one. This one has a very short fence, but if you hop over it for a selfie, you sort of hover above the animals. Do note from my picture in the article of this exhibit that at least one mother had no problem at all bringing an infant to a lion den with only a 3-foot fence (which a journalist was able to hop over) between her and both the Ghost and the Darkness. She lived, by the way... I saw her at the Food Court later.

If you survive the Tiger exhibit, your next stop involves tropical birds. Unfortunately, the one that looked like Toucan Sam had no breakfast cereal to offer, so f*ck him and his exhibit.

Across the lane, we have giraffes. Three giraffes also occupy a Hell In The Cell-sized pen similar to the one housing the elephants. You'll notice that the giraffes were the only creatures who we didn't have to zoom the camera into their cage to get a good picture of them, one of the few benefits of being taller than your cage.

There's a river after the giraffe exhibit. As a true investigative journalist, I dove into the river to see if it had sharks or whales or Nemos in it and was an exhibit in itself. No such luck.

My next stop was Zebras and the previously mentioned Rhino. They were in cages, there's no way to jump in, I tried. I have a Slap animation I was going to try out on the rhino, but the zoo designers were one step ahead of me. I'd recommend not putting a striped animal like a zebra behind bars, which in a two dimensional game appear as big stripes. I could barely see the fellow.

They had a gross exhibit with spiders and snakes, but I only hung around long enough for one picture. I don't like spiders and snakes, even virtual ones.

Monkeys were next, I got a pretty good shot of one through the bars. He was funky like a monkey. You really can look at him in his cage and understand why the monkeys hate humans so much in those Planet Of The Apes movies. There were antelopes after that, they were boring, and that was all she wrote for the Zoo.

We'll be back for the rest of the park later, but for now... life's a Zoo.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Copacabana Country Campground Haunted Cave

Are you ready to discover the secret of Copacabana Country? Legend says the campground was built on a Native American place of power. Centuries ago there was a battle between the living and the dead with the Copacabana tribe and their shaman successfully locking the demons and skinwalkers away in a mystical cave. The spell cast to keep the evil contained would last for 500 years. That was in 1518, 500 years ago.

Now the veil is lifting and the entities are trying to return to the Earthly plane. Only the mystical stone left by the shaman of the Copacabana tribe can stop them. Do you have what it takes to explore the cave, face the nightmare creatures and find the stone? Come to Copacabana Country Campgrounds and find out! Enter the cave in the corner of the campground and if you’re brave enough, step through the trap door and find the mystical stone!!!

If that’s too much excitement, check out our Maize Maze for a spooky, but decidedly less terrifying, good time!!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018


We bring retired people to Inspiration Island so they can benefit from the comprehensive brain-training activities we provide here. 

Many of these are newcomers to virtual worlds who are guided in by Buddies we train to introduce them to our research-based program.

We also offer professional development courses for teachers and other professionals. 

And, of course, our island is open to all residents of SL who accept the limits of a Moderate-rated sim. We are actually a region in the Rockcliffe University Consortium Estate.

**Because we want to be as welcoming to mature newcomers, students, and professionals as we are to established SL residents, we ask everyone to READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY:

Although Inspiration Island is a Moderate sim, and we do allow some latitude in clothing requirements, we prefer that you wear clothes while on our island – especially because of the possible presence of newcomers and professionals.

We understand that - for some avatars - clothing choices are a matter of principle. We also appreciate that many of you are thoughtful and valuable contributors to our activities. 

***However, the hosts of programs on Inspiration Island have the final say about clothing policies for their parcels and programs.

They do try to let visitors know in their Notices if they have a clothing code. However, nobody can be perfect about doing that beforehand. So we also ask nude avatars to understand that program hosts may IM you on site to explain that their kind of program does require G-rated clothing. 

We hope you can make an exception and use an alt then, in order to attend the program. If not, please leave quietly and graciously. Our goal is to respect everyone who visits us, and we ask for respect in return.

Another way we try to respect the sensibilities of everyone is to offer visitors ways to take care of themselves by following a few simple steps:
If you feel uncomfortable seeing a nude avatar, you can de-render or block it (make it invisible to you in your viewer) temporarily or permanently. Everyone but you will still see that avatar. 


in Firestorm, right click directly on the avatar you want to de-render, then click on More, then click on De-render and choose Temporary or Blacklist;
in the SL Viewer, right click on the avatar you want to make disappear and click on Block. You can later choose to Unblock them if you wish by going to your Blocked list.

If an avatar is speaking in voice in a way that disturbs you, you can mute their voice by going to Nearby Voice and lowering their active mic.

And you can, of course, IM a program host to ask for advice and help. 

We want you to enjoy the time you spend with us. Your brain will thank you.   :-)

                 MORE ABOUT THE ISLAND
We are the home of Whole Brain Health. Our parent nonprofit (501c3) organization is Ageless Mind Project. We are also a Collective of over 30 SL residents who collaborate to offer programs and activities designed to improve the well-being of our visitors.  

Inspiration Island has 4+ levels of exciting discoveries. You can explore them by using the globe teleporters to visit over 30 locations here.
You can contact us and send us feedback using any of the dropboxes around the island.

The Welcome Boards give you a Navigation Hud to the whole island, access to our google calendar for hosted programs, a Group Joiner and Subscriber button for the Whole Brain Health group, links to our Facebook page, website, and more.

If you need help, look for our Buddy Boards. If you see an avatar’s picture there, click on it to submit a message through the Board.

We also have a self-guided Newcomers Orientation Center that can be reached from here:    

Come back often and bring friend. Tell retired people outworld about us. 

AND if you would like to become trained to become a Buddy too, contact Lissena (aka Wisdomseeker).
Lissena (Wisdomseeker)  owner of Inspiration Island, Executive Director of Whole Brain Health
Thuja Hynes (Tooyaa) – WBH Associate Director 
Francisco Koolhoven (Fran) – WBH Media Director
Katsii Tennen (Catseye) – WBH Recruitment Manager