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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Second Lifers Open Their Skeleton Closets for a Quick Peek - LadyLoveDr Reporting

Everyone has skeletons in their closets.  The real question is, would you let a stranger take a peek in yours?  I polled 20 Second Life citizens and asked them all the same question, "What secrets are the skeletons in your closet hiding?"  The results were both unbelievable and surprising.  From this project, I noticed that women were more forthcoming with telling a stranger their deepest, darkest secret than men.  Out of everyone polled, there were 5 citizens who not only had skeletons in their closets, these skeletons were dancing!  Here are the five most intense and iniquitous skeletons, names have been concealed to protect their identities. 

Female nurse:  The major secret that I hide, is that I'm a nymphomaniac and I ended up in the middle of a 30 man gang-bang at Eroticon a few years ago.

LadyLoveDr:  Were you left with any gifts that keep on giving?

Female nurse:  Fortunately not!  All of it was protected and safe!

Female bartender:  I've done hard time for possession of narcotics with intent to sell.  It actually wasn't mine, it was just in my car and my passenger refused to admit it was his.

LadyLoveDr:  How long were you locked up?

Female bartender:  I was sentenced to three and a half years but ended up only doing a little under 2 years total.

Male librarian:  If you're talking real life, I'd have to say it's that I weigh over 350 pounds.  If your referring to second life, it would be that I had drunk sex with the stripper at my bachelor party.

LadyLoveDr:  Does your SL wife know about the drunk sex?

Male librarian:  She doesn't get on SL anymore so I guess you can say i'm a widower.  But I don't think she suspected anything.  Since we're on the subject, are you single  and looking?

LadyLoveDr:  Sorry to disappoint you, my SL avatar is A-sexual.

Male librarian:  I have no idea what that means.

LadyLoveDr:  Basically it means I don't attach myself to anyone else.  I'm strictly solo.

Female dog groomer:  I had sex with my boss for a raise in pay.  It was the biggest mistake of my life.

LadyLoveDr:  How much of a raise did you get?

Female dog groomer:  The deal was he would make it worth my while.  As it turned out, he wanted to get more of it than I did.  He wanted to give me 5 cents in raise every time I slept with him.

LadyLoveDr:  What was the final result?

Female dog groomer:  I got a better paying job and didn't have to sleep with anyone to advance my career. 

Male sous chef:  I lied on my job application about graduating from culinary school. Technically, I don't even have my high school diploma.

LadyLoveDr:  Where did you learn to cook?

Male sous chef:  I watched the cooking network like twenty-four seven.  I learned a bunch of great stuff on there!

LadyLoveDr:  Did they ever find out you lied?

Male sous chef:  No, I know so much about cooking, they never even question anything!


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