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Showing posts with label LadyLoveDr. Show all posts

Thursday, February 5, 2015

AVIE POLL: Top Places To Have Fun in Second Life- LadyLoveDr Reporting

Looking for someplace to go and have fun while in-game?  I set out and hit the roads of Second Life looking for citizens to poll with the famous question, "Where in SL do you love to go when you're looking to have fun?".  The number one response was "Depends on what your idea of fun is".  This survey really opened my eyes to how much content Second Life really has in it!  There were a few places that got mentioned multiple times so I went on a few road trips to experience them for myself.  They are listed below:


            Black Horse Country

If you're looking to shake your honky-tonk badonkadonk in Second Life, pull on your dancin' boots and head to Black Horse Country. Set in nice log building, the club houses an enormous dance floor where line dancers strut their stuff in between trips to the bar for amazing drinks. No matter what time you're looking for some boot-skootin-boogie you can count on Black Horse Country to have a Live DJ 24/7.  While you're there, be sure to pick up a free cowboy hat and some shirts!

Gaming Regions:

            International Fantasy Games

Experience the outstanding atmosphere of a gaming region featuring more than 200 slot machines, $1 L machines, and a $2000 L weekly raffle. Their grand amenities, superior guest service and winning experiences will sweep you off your feet. This is what makes International Fantasy Games an unbeatable value for your next outing! Getaway from the every day and MAKE SECOND LIFE GRAND!

            PNI Gaming

Exhilaration is a perfectly acceptable emotion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. PNI Gaming is Second Life's premier Gaming Region with 48,880 meters of the newest and most exciting slot machines. Plus with exciting new Greed tournaments, you can see why people from all parts of Second Life choose PNI Gaming  every time. Their hosts greet you with a smile, and cocktails are served with an extra splash of charm. They've got the variety, they’ve got the energy, and they’ve got the action: you bring the skill and love of Second Life gaming.


            Virtual State Fair

The Virtual State Fair is a premier year-round gathering place that maximizes its resources to host a wide range of diverse activities.  Some citizens have reported it as the best State Fair in Second Life, showcasing agriculture & youth in an educational, entertaining and safe environment.  People show up for the games, rides, social interaction, and educational concepts. 

The Arts:

            Multi Media Arts Center

The Multi Media Arts Center is a great place to find all your media needs.  Relax  in the Jazz Club, Underground, or Cabaret Carolotta.  Once you get your fill of these head on upstairs to have a laugh in the Comedy Link Laugh Club.  While your up there stop in and check out their cinema and World Stage!  There's plenty to do here when it comes to entertainment.  Invite a few of your friends and enjoy the  word scramble with a $2 L reward.

Where are your favorite places to go? 

Use the comment box below and give your favorite venues and activities a shout out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Most Embarrassing Moments of Second Life - LadyLoveDr Reporting

We've all had them, that moment when it becomes too late to take something back or reverse time to stop something that had happened.  The timing seems to be perfect but not in your favor.  No matter what the episode is, in one way or another we've all stood at the front of the firing line.  Our faces turn red, we feel our ears get hot, our stomach does flips and we get a little nervous.  I'm talking about that embarrassing event that never happens when we're alone or no one is online that we know.  I roamed Second Life polling crowds of people to see what their most embarrassing moments were.  I enjoyed hearing them so I figured why not share with the readers of the SL Enquirer.

Elsie W:

My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I went to buy a house with friends. I happened to see one off in the distance.  After contemplating all the houses around me, I went to check out the one in the distance I had seen.  I proceeded to teleport my friends in, upon which I noticed it was furnished and some other people inside. I then explained out loud what I was intending to do, what I would change, what was wrong with the colour scheme. After I had chatted endlessly and without limits for a while I found out it was a private house and the other people who I thought were potential buyers were in fact the owners.  Oops!

Kaijah C:

I had just bought a new skin.  I was super excited to put it on and flaunt around in my new look!   After the skin was on, I put on my cool zipper open jeans and went shopping for another hour.    So there I was, painting the town in my new-found skin and favorite outfit, feeling like I was on top of the world!  Then I cammed to look around at some stuff and happen to catch a glimpse of the front of my avatar, i was like what is that? To my surprise, my privates had been hanging out for all to see!  Talk about busting my bubble.

Black W:

My most embarrassing moment in Second Life is when I was talking with someone and they seemed really familiar.  I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Maybe I had spoken with them at another period in our SL lives.  We chatted for quite a while, getting to know each other better.  All of a sudden, my phone rings.  That was my friend on the phone.  As it turns out, I did in fact know him the friend was calling to inform me that I was talking to her husband in SL.  It wasn't my fault but I couldn't help but apologize to her.

Mr R:

I was in the middle of a group event that I couldn't leave and my girlfriend popped on.  She started chatting me up.  Things got a little hot and heavy.  I was going back and forth between the group chat and the private IM with my girlfriend.  I typed in this really hot comment about what I wanted her to do with her mouth and the moment I pressed the ENTER key I realized that I had just send that comment to the group I was in, instead of as a private IM to my girlfriend.

Lady L: 

I was spamming groups and land chat, trying to sell some parcels I had.  I teleported to a sandbox to work on a prim that would help me announce my posts.  A few minutes after I landed, an IM popped up and a guy asked how much.  I said "For you, only $1536!"  He asked for how long?  I said "$1536 and you own."  I quickly realized I had teleported to a BDSM sandbox and he was not at all interested in my land, he wanted to buy me to be his slave.  That's what I call sending someone an IM at the perfect time.

Got a funny or embarrassing story to share? Use the comment box below

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New To Second Life? - LadyLoveDr reporting

It's a big world out there!  Especially, for newcomers that are just setting foot on their first adventure in Second Life.  A place so big can really be overwhelming when you’re starting out.  I have spent the last week scavenging the SL world for some awesome and helpful places that would benefit all the new players joining us.  One place I ended up was down right scary!  It's that "wrong turn, oh no, do I have cell reception" kind of panic you feel when a stranger asks if you'll be a good submissive little girl.  Luckily all of our Second Lives come with a 911 panic button in the form of CTRL + Shift+ H.  After the horrible experience I did manage to land in some pretty interesting and helpful places.  Listed below are the ones I thought newcomers would benefit from the most.  They are in no particular order.

Help Island was kind of small when I landed there but I quickly learned that big things come in small packages.  They have money chairs which are a fantastic way for newcomers to earn some Lindens!  Two of the chairs are high value but they are only available to avatars who are less than 30 days old.  The island has a ton of free items to offer inside their shop.  Not only do they have loads of stuff for women but they also have a whole top floor dedicated to men shoppers.  As a bonus, if whatever you grab in the shop happens to need unpacking, right outside is a rez (sandbox) area. 

New Citizens Incorporated (NCI) is a huge place to visit with lots to offer everybody!  They host numerous classes and events like Show N Tell, Photography, Making Money, and Q&A’s.
There's something for everyone to learn on this sim.  They cover lots of need to knows, like building things, looking good, cool places to visit, sl etiquette, land information, textures, scripting, and even a bit of SL history.  They also host a free photo booth so you can take your first photo for your SL profile.  They offer lots of extras also like sandbox areas, freebies, and a very helpful group.

Virtual Ability -  This is a great spot for any new player but it focuses mainly on those with disabilities.  The landing point starts with the most basic tutorial of how to navigate your avatar through SL.  From there it will lead you on a path full of knowledgeable information from tips and keyboard shortcuts to assistive devices such as voice recognition and adaptive keyboards.

Noobia - This is a fantastic place to relax for free!  They give brand new avatars free apartment rentals as long as the person is less than 30 days old!  They also provide their own version of classes including but not limited to hosting, gestures, land ownership, building, de-scripting, and groups.  There are some small shops and areas noobies can hang out and get to know each other. 

We were all newbies at the beginning of our Second Life journey. It can be hard trying to figure out what to do and where to go.
 One of the best things you can do for a newcomer is welcome them with a kind gesture and share some positive advice.

On behalf of The SL Enquirer, welcome to Second Life.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Surprise Critiques for Five Men's Clothing Stores – LadyLoveDr Reporting...

LadyLoveDr is off again on a mission!  This time, it is to surprise five random men's clothing stores and critique them one by one.  There's no holding back, and she has her own 5 star scoring system.  The more stars they got, the better they did.  The categories up for critique were fashion design, graphic design, price, store layout, and customer service.  Keep reading to find out where LadyLoveDr turned up, and how those stores scored on her 5 star scale. 

ZED: Designz for Men
Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  21 out of 25
Pros: Groupies get 25% off at their in-game store. They have 964 FREE items on their marketplace.  You can get a HUD teleporter in their port landing location.
Cons:  I found there was way too much lag to shop.  I even tested it on a different computer and had a friend test it as well.  Every time we were hit with a wall of lag. 
Suggestions: Take out the Bot Customer Service rep, it seems too impersonal.  Replace with online/offline employee boards.  Try to cut down on the lag so people can shop in-game.

Polo Paul 
Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout         
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS: 20 out of 25
Pros: They have 4 lucky chairs and 2 midnight mania boards. Almost everything costs $55.

Cons: Their only freebie is on the marketplace. Everything is hung on the walls which makes it collage like and overwhelming to look at.

Suggestions: Offer a few free items at the in-world store.

Anarchy Store

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS: 20 out of 25

Pros: They have a huge inventory with fair prices and are equipped with lucky chairs and gift cards for customers.  They have a special on sale section called the Bargain Basement and offer an affiliates package at their marketplace.

Cons:  They have no freebies and only 2 dollarbies.  The store was under construction at the time of my visit.

Suggestions:  Implement a teleport system that not only makes things easier to find but not such a long walk (Example:  Elevator with Options of Bargain Basement, 1st Floor Women's, 2nd Floor Men's, 3rd Floor New items, etc). Put prices on item posters.

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  19 out of 25
Pros: They have information boards that provide URL's to places like their marketplace and Facebook. They have a large variety of clothing and a customer discount program for their frequent shoppers.
Cons: They only offer 1 freebie.
Suggestions:  Put prices on item posters.  Signage above the three accessible areas from the TP landing (example: Women's, Men's, Customer Service Desk).

Kal Rau 

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  19 out of 25

Pros: Two free items for groupies and demos to try first before buying.

Cons: They have an in-game store only, no marketplace.  Their cheapest item is $290.

Suggestions: Put prices on item posters.  Join the marketplace.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Auction Wars is opening a new store at Club4!!!!  To celebrate this grand opening, they are giving away FREE listings in their Auction Kiosks!  If you mention this ad on your application, your $10 Linden listing fee is on the house!  *Good for one item only, one time*

Auction Wars is an auction company that deals with more than the typical breedables and slaves.  They auction everyday items such as clothing and furniture as well.  Anything that is transferable, may be auctioned.

Auction Wars specializes in their custom made auction kiosks.  This allows people to stop by a kiosk during the time an auction is going on and check the status of the auction or place a bid.  If that person is outbid by another bidder, their money get's returned automatically.  There will also be special events in the form of live auctions at sponsored locations.

Second Lifers can keep up to date on all the Auction Wars news by joining their group or stopping by their place.  They are also on the lookout for bidders, sellers, and affiliates.  While they are currently not hiring any staff for their auction house locations, they will be hiring in the future for their live auction events.

You can find out more by visiting the new auction house at:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Clean Up Holiday Hits Second Life Again - LadyLoveDr Reporting- November 1-November 7th

Welcome to Second Life's traditional clean up holiday!  This tradition was started by Alpha Zaius on the teen grid.  This young guy decided that he had so much junk that he would have to make a holiday out of it.  Every year from November 1st through November 7th, second lifers everywhere are calling in sick to take time out of their busy lives to purge their inventory.  Out with the old and in with the new!

If you're anything like me, you look at your inventory and are completely overwhelmed at the amount of items you've managed to collect over a short period of time.  Then there's the fact that I click on the free items even though I won't use them.  You never know, you might see me on a future episode of "Second Life Hoarders, Buried Alive".  I've collected some tips for doing the dirty work.  Let's get started!

Step 1:  Go to your own land, or a public sandbox if you don't have a place of your own to go.  If your land doesn't allow a large amount of prims you might head on over to the sandbox anyway.  I chose to use the SkyBeam Sandbox because they have 6 levels to choose from and it is easier to find a non crowded level.

Step 2:  Right-click the My Inventory folder and select New Folder.  Name this "TEMP" folder.  Move items's you need to categorize into this folder for sorting.  Do this for clothing, notecards, textures, objects, and so on; one at a time.  Be sure to delete duplicated items along the way.  Drag a bunch of stuff to the ground around you so you can see what it is.  This will make it easier to categorize.  Anything you don't want you can simply throw away.  But remember, any item that is transferable you can yard-sale or visit a place like Auction Wars.  For this I recommend making a folder titled "Yard-Sale" or "Auction Wars".  After finishing right-click on the trash listing and select to "empty trash". 

Step 3:  Archiving is the best way to lower your inventory count, thus making it faster to load.  This is also known as cube-stuffing.  You build a prim (you can use a cube, sphere, anything you want) then edit it, go to the "contents" tab and drag items into it.  I would recommend categorizing your items.  For example, don't put clothes in with the furniture.  This will make it harder to sort through when you need to look for something.  Afterward click on the "general" tab and name your prim something you'll recognize like:  Halloween, Shirts, Furniture, etc.

If you want to go a step further and you own your own land that you know you're not going to lose, you may place those prims on the land itself.  Think of this like a storage unit so you don't have to lug all that stuff around.  Warnings and advisories:  If you put one no copy object in a box it will make the box no copy. No copy items can sometimes fail to rez in world and be lost forever.  Do this at your own risk.  Also, If you have more than 1024 scripts total  inside the box, the system will not allow the item to rez.

You could also make your life easier by grabbing an inventory organizer from the marketplace.  I have placed 6 FREE storage containers on the SL Enquirer Media Grounds  to help.   They have hover text over them, but you can edit the script to make it anything you'd like.  I've included instructions in the script to help you. A great item to pick up at the marketplace is a texture organizer, those really come in handy!  What are you waiting for, get organized!