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Thursday, October 16, 2014

“Spotlight on DCWF’s Commissioner Rossini, Second Life’s true Proximus”- Mony Markova Reporting

As I was going through some stormed days –I wasn’t looking for who did it, but for someone to pay for it... Nah not really, let’s try again… let’s say that I needed to find a way to cleanse my karma off really bad vibes out of my last secondlifean adventure. That’s better, but it has to be special because the SL Enquirer has set the bar high in readership numbers, comments and well, land shaking in-you–know-what adventure.

And the perfect assignment jumped right at me, an amazing, fun thing to do. So let’s get down to it, because there is only one good reason to check wrestling in SL, and it is the same good reason to do it in any life. To have a blast of a day.

Be wild, meet wrestlers, see the action and maybe we can chat with the very own, DCWF’s Commissioner Numbers Rossini, a cool guy in all his right.
By now, I already have found out that the DCWF or Digital Championship Wrestling Federation, does not use pose balls to play out the matches. In other words, the outcomes can be determined by skill and cunning of the amazing wrestlers. Just as an example, the ring ropes are flexible people, yes physics all around!

They have achieved these feats because the DCWF is not new, it’s the longest running professional wrestling organization in SL and yes, it uses a secret sauce –all I am saying is- that the NexGen Wrestling System, requires practice to master it. Just like RL they have a head trainer. I tried one part of the HUD, and I still don’t know how they do it. I couldn’t wait to see my first show, for me it was on Wednesday at 3:00 SLT. They also have matches on Saturdays 12:00 SLT and Sundays but it’s better to follow the schedules through their Facebook page, or group.
But enough with unveilings.

First we need to get to Slam City, the home to the DCWF Arena, grab the free gestures since you –the fan- are welcome to be a loud part of the show. Outside the arena there is a marina, a park and a hot dog stand. Slam City it’s also home of Hellkatz Angels Wrestling Extreme and HAWX, all-women's professional wrestling organization in SL, the finest, I hear.

I really don’t know what to expect, because we all know this is Second Life with all its limitations and circumstances. I will say this, if you like detailed things, you can come to appreciate the Arena. Take time to explore it, in the corridors to your seats you can see the a ring of honor with pendants of some of the gladiators, you can see Katherine Blackadder, Ace Nightfire, Misaki, Jerico Scarbridge, Victoria Vain, Jeffery Fireguard, Ms. A. Rae, Voodoo, Phara Akula, Mythil, Heidih Himmel, The General, Sir Quinworth, Bazza Windlow, Rosalind and more.

There is an executive suit, that –it’s not locked— you can see why the reporters are always drunk, smoked, and are basically spoiled people.  Cooton McKnight, Pepper Brooks and Blade Burner are commentators, it’s live! The wrestlers enter the match with special effects and in average 20 people are present in one clash.
After a violent outcome the wrestler -Andrea Dalca- was furious, she kicked the commentator’s table and just took a championship belt and she just didn’t care! Thanks God they have a referee –a constant boo target. Dalca left in a blaze as the winner laid on the mat. Crazy how they do this! But it was only the beginning!

Then was a hot Marcus Raimond versus Mister Mafioso, who is a cheater! -There I said it! But I found myself cracking when Mr. Mafioso had to crawl out of the ring after a bad hit he took. The announcers explain the moves, they are allowed to say Fuc** at this sim…. Quite refreshing from where I come from in SL. But if you have SL families and avatarian kids, please do bring them, they can get autographs, t-shirts and learn how to grow big and hot like Marcus or way scary like Jack O’Lantern.

-Look! There is the commissioner Numbers Rossini lets catch him. He has been difficult to get.
Mony: Mister Commissioner, a couple of questions. What does Success mean for you and all the people associated with the Federation?

Commissioner Rossini: Success is putting on a product that is true to wrestling tradition and its ideals.  It’s important to the DCWF to give a pure honest Professional Wrestling product. Success also means simply entertaining the fans in a way that they can walk away from the show and know that even though they were only in the audience, the show was for, about, and involved them.

Mony: Bad blood- between the wrestlers?

Commissioner Rossini: Professional Wrestling is a very competitive sport, and it takes all kinds. Some people like to cheat, others like to play within the rules. Often times rivalries heat up and people get mixed up with each other, that’s the nature of the business. We are fortunate that quite often the fallout from those rivalries and disputes happens in our arena, in our ring, and in front of our fans.

Mony: Commissioner, what do you see as the future of your loved sport?

Commissioner Rossini: Man, there are so many dynamics to SL Wrestling as a whole, that’s a hard question to answer. It’s been around for 7 years now and at the very least I'd love to see it hit the 10 year mark. It has changed, evolved and grown so much, it’s hard to tell what it will look like a few years from now but I look forward to seeing how it shapes, even if I’m no longer a part of it.

Mon: And I ran out of space, but I cannot go without mentioned that the Commissioner was especially thankful and to all the people that makes this sport possible and named them in length, unfortunately we are on tight space here.
If you are looking to see something awesome in SL, go check them! And please add on the comments which is appreciated and helps make the article more visible around the metaverse.
Over and out!
Follow the DCWF on its facebook page


  1. Oh thanks a lot for thinking that I am hot. It was really not my intention to get over like that.

  2. "SL Enquirer has set the bar high in readership numbers, comments" that is a pretty laughable statement, considering its what an old publication and hasnt even racked up over 1 million in views yet?? Of course you wont public my comment because its the truth

    1. We just broke, 140+ comments on the last article I wrote. An all time high I believe. Our current pace could make it become one of the tops on single page views. I could not be happier! And you should wait for the things we are working on! - Hope to make a believer of you! -Happy Friday!

  3. Marcus, was that Mister Mafioso bullying you? - Why can't he play nice? He seems to be very good and fast and then that! :)

  4. Awww anonymous why must you hate on The SL Enquirer when you clearly add to the readership and participate in the comments. As the owner of this wonderful creation I am standing up to defend my baby (SLE). If you have been a follower for nearly a decade you would know that we have changed our hosting sites a few times over the years.With that came sacrifices which included a loss of the over 200,000 views to just one of those transitions plus thousands of posts since our original site Not to mention that if you did your research and went to my Google plus, you will see that SLE has well over 10 million views. If you are ever planning on going into a wit fight the owner of SLE, please do some research or ask me. Be nice and comment on the relevant topic :) Thank you- Lanai Jarrico aka RG

  5. Here's the link just in case you needed it.

  6. If these are the type of comments you want bring it, I can fill your blog with some really hateful shit and point out the facts love it also how it took you and your staff to you also count your own comments or do you just have 139 different accounts plus yourself to contribute to the 140 comments to the article mentioned? Google plus inflates numbers it is a combined amount of how many views you have on all google connected sites, so it isnt really reflective of the views on this site alone, but cant really expect arrogant jerks like those of you at The SL Dumbquirer to know this. So keep selling ads on false pretenses. 10 million views my ass.

  7. I'm sorry that you seem to be so agitated with the SL Enquirer that you felt the need to come back once again adding to our views as well as our comments. I find it sad that there are people like you who spend their times acting this way anonymously and threatening us with " some really hateful shit". *Sighs* Rather than venting on what we do for the Second Life community why don't you do something positive and contribute to it too instead of being such a rain parade. It might help your mood situation. I can't even understand why you are so mad at us. What did we do to you besides give you something to read? Stop being so ridiculous and find another news source that better suits your needs.
    -Lanai Jarrico

  8. DCWF should drop an elbow on that rude person. I have been a reader for as long as I have been on second life and they do a great job. I have meet a lot of new friends because of the venues mentioned here. I also met my girlfriend by going to a charity event that was posted. What is that person's problem? don't worry about this rotten apple I appreciate your news and Im sure not the only one.

    Peter K.

  9. I just want to say, that I had a major blast doing this article. It was so much fun, I forgot to say that the hits have special sounds, that the videos are awesome, that the commentators are so funny... I was chatting with a few wrestlers -they are easy going and fun loving.

    And also to friends who even after being in SL for many years did not know about Professional Wrestling in SL.

    Totally recommend it.

    P.S. Mister Mafioso I was lying you didn't cheat! Are you angry at me?

  10. Nice article! I love teh way you wrote it. I also hope we go on for 10 years and beyond!:)


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