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Monday, November 3, 2014

Clean Up Holiday Hits Second Life Again - LadyLoveDr Reporting- November 1-November 7th

Welcome to Second Life's traditional clean up holiday!  This tradition was started by Alpha Zaius on the teen grid.  This young guy decided that he had so much junk that he would have to make a holiday out of it.  Every year from November 1st through November 7th, second lifers everywhere are calling in sick to take time out of their busy lives to purge their inventory.  Out with the old and in with the new!

If you're anything like me, you look at your inventory and are completely overwhelmed at the amount of items you've managed to collect over a short period of time.  Then there's the fact that I click on the free items even though I won't use them.  You never know, you might see me on a future episode of "Second Life Hoarders, Buried Alive".  I've collected some tips for doing the dirty work.  Let's get started!

Step 1:  Go to your own land, or a public sandbox if you don't have a place of your own to go.  If your land doesn't allow a large amount of prims you might head on over to the sandbox anyway.  I chose to use the SkyBeam Sandbox because they have 6 levels to choose from and it is easier to find a non crowded level.

Step 2:  Right-click the My Inventory folder and select New Folder.  Name this "TEMP" folder.  Move items's you need to categorize into this folder for sorting.  Do this for clothing, notecards, textures, objects, and so on; one at a time.  Be sure to delete duplicated items along the way.  Drag a bunch of stuff to the ground around you so you can see what it is.  This will make it easier to categorize.  Anything you don't want you can simply throw away.  But remember, any item that is transferable you can yard-sale or visit a place like Auction Wars.  For this I recommend making a folder titled "Yard-Sale" or "Auction Wars".  After finishing right-click on the trash listing and select to "empty trash". 

Step 3:  Archiving is the best way to lower your inventory count, thus making it faster to load.  This is also known as cube-stuffing.  You build a prim (you can use a cube, sphere, anything you want) then edit it, go to the "contents" tab and drag items into it.  I would recommend categorizing your items.  For example, don't put clothes in with the furniture.  This will make it harder to sort through when you need to look for something.  Afterward click on the "general" tab and name your prim something you'll recognize like:  Halloween, Shirts, Furniture, etc.

If you want to go a step further and you own your own land that you know you're not going to lose, you may place those prims on the land itself.  Think of this like a storage unit so you don't have to lug all that stuff around.  Warnings and advisories:  If you put one no copy object in a box it will make the box no copy. No copy items can sometimes fail to rez in world and be lost forever.  Do this at your own risk.  Also, If you have more than 1024 scripts total  inside the box, the system will not allow the item to rez.

You could also make your life easier by grabbing an inventory organizer from the marketplace.  I have placed 6 FREE storage containers on the SL Enquirer Media Grounds  to help.   They have hover text over them, but you can edit the script to make it anything you'd like.  I've included instructions in the script to help you. A great item to pick up at the marketplace is a texture organizer, those really come in handy!  What are you waiting for, get organized!


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