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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Looking for Romantic Places in Second Life?- Tea Couturier Reporting...

When you and your partner wish to go out and spend a little quality time together it can be hard finding that one place where you can be romantic with one another
Well never fear I have a small selection of venues which I feel will enable you to find a quiet spot to have fun and spend some romantic time together.

Stars Romantic Dance Club

Here you can dance under the stars just you and your partner (also with other couples) It is set on a beach but as you walk up the steps to approach the club it cannot be mistaken for a beach venue. The venue is set up lovely with a well-stocked intan full of dances. When I went there it was quiet. That is a good thing for those of you seeking to spend some quality time together in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Oceana Romantic Ballroom

If you’re looking for a bit more of a formal venue this is a great venue to visit. Set near the ocean the Oceana is a perfect getaway for lovers, with its formal ballroom and romantic spots. It has many intans dotted around the dance floor.


This is one of my favorite venues in SL and a place you and your partner should definitely visit. This venue has two places where you and your partner can go. The dance floor when you arrive or to the ballroom. I would advise formal dress once in the ballroom for both you and your partner.

Grind supposed to be the place where couples are king. A more of a modern venue where non formal clothing is needed. It is owned by the AEG Ambrosia Entertainment Management Super group. It is a venue where it is all about the music and having fun.

These are just a few places you can visit for some romantic quality time with your significant other.

If you know of other  romantic places to recommend to our readers, please use the comment box below to suggest a location and slurl!


  1. Bouvier's Romantic Ballroom is set in a garden pavilion and offers an unique experience in SL ballrooms.

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  3. Strawberry Singh's video blog showed Land of looks to have many spots one can cuddle with one's partner/date and lovely areas to simply relax. Great stream to listen to and spots to dance as well.

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