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Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Swept Away at Sweethearts by Ccoursey….

            Sweethearts Jazz Club lives up to its name.  Shannon Bramlington and Blake Hambleton run Sweethearts as a business, but with heads in the clouds.  Inspired by her real life dreams Shannon is a true romantic, every column, every perfectly textured table cloth, ever rose placed among the scenery are inspirations of romance.  She and Blake together in SL and RL, set out to make dreams happen.  From budding romances to renewing sparks, Sweethearts Jazz is a stirring environment for romance.  

            With over five years on the grid and the word of mouth, Sweethearts Jazz is a well-known formal venue.  2013, they swept the avi choice awards with seven nominations they carried home four titles:  Favorite Group, Favorite Jazz Club, Favorite DJ, and Favorite Host.  You may question how one club made such an impression, then you need to visit.  The hosts are friendly, welcoming, and able to keep a comfortable conversation flowing in local chat.  They don’t do this alone, although they are wonderful, I’ve found even at the oddest hours that guests are just as laid back and chatty.  I’ve witnessed avi’s of all ages, new and old, some time and again visiting Sweethearts Jazz.  According to Blake Hambleton this is exactly what Sweethearts Jazz is.

            “Sweethearts is the most fun you can have without leaving your chair and the actual room you're in, in the house.  The folks here are down to earth, friendly, ACCEPTING above all and tolerant of others differences and if you're looking for a place to call home....we've always got room for you.”

            There is a dress code within Sweethearts: Formal.  However, if you come unprepared there are plenty of options on the sim. From the famous Azul to the enticing Naughty & Nice, shops are as well put together as the club itself.  The shops are elegant with a variety of designs and options.  Shannon Bramlington decorated and built everything with a careful eye on details.

            Looking for a place to watch the action, maybe role play with your own sweetheart?  She offers that as well.  On the balcony patio you can find elegant tables set out so you can cam around or conduct your date with a touch of privacy.  Looking for an elegant background for a picture of yourself or a classic couple shot?  She has many hidden angles.  It is amazing what camming around will find you, the moon in the roof was completely unexpected, yet cute surprise. 

            Another surprise I found was the ability to find the romance everywhere you looked. Red Patton, the dj manager, brings that point to life in her profile.  She found the man of her life, even challenges one to come find their own.  She spared a moment to talk to me and share the secret of finding the awesome dj’s. 

“We look for a good voice, great music and a awesome personality that can get along with our guests, and most of all likes to have fun!!”

            I asked how she would introduce someone who had never been to Sweethearts.
            “I recommend it to them and let them know that it is a very friendly place to be,  the people that come here are very nice, and the staff is awesome always ready to  lend a hand if they can.”
            I couldn’t possibly write an article or go to Sweethearts Jazz without meeting another of their most famous personalities, Auntie Lockjaw.  Radiating a fun personality, she was a pleasure to talk with.  As General Manager, she is considered “in the know”, so I asked her as well how one would introduce Sweethearts Jazz.

            “Sweethearts is more than a club. It is a home away from home for many of our guests. Here they can relax and listen to music, Chat with friends, or dance.”
            I do believe the level of comfort here is equal to that some would feel at their own homes with the way conversation eases from the harsh work week into the discussion of easy music.  Talking to Ty Reeee, that exact sentiment was expressed.

            “We are a romantic venue… with a very helpful staff.  We are a PG sim so that the atmosphere is very normal and well controlled… As far as being a new person here if there is any questions they would have, they are more than welcome to ask.  (We) would try very hard to make them feel comfortable and help introduce them so they feel at home.”  

            Sweethearts is not just a club, nor just a place for romance, it is a place that makes girl’s dreams of winning a pageant, being crowned, being recognized as a Sweetheart among the population happen.  Well known is their Ms. Sweethearts competition.  With over thirty rules, up to a hundred contestants, and plenty of spectators the girls of Sweethearts compete to carry the crown and become the next Ms. Sweetheart.  The Ms. Sweetheart is expected to be a woman of grace, class, poise, and elegance, showing only her best among Second Life during her three month reign.  For over a month women have signed up, displaying their pictures and biographies to be voted on among the guests of Sweethearts Jazz, with Sweetheart days allowing them to compete for small prizes throughout, the amount of general public votes will narrow down to only five. 

Voting is expected to wrap up this month, narrowing it down to the final five.  These five will then compete in the final pageant, answering questions before judges and audience of why they would make the best choice to be the next Ms. Sweethearts.  Kennedy Fairlane stepped up to be the current Ms. Sweetheart.  Kennedy was wonderful to talk to when I had the opportunity before; I can understand why she carries the title.  To all the current contestants I wish luck. 

            Sweethearts Jazz has its many facets, including charity work.  Each year Sweethearts Jazz is involved with at least three charities: The American Alzheimers Association Charity Fundraiser, Relay For Life, and their Parkinson’s Fundraiser.  They also have a competition every year among their hosts and hostesses called Hosting Heroes.  They compete against each other in various hosting activities and the winner/s donate their linden prize to the charity of their choice in Second Life.   This month with a tentative date of January 27th, is the ALZ event which is Creations for Parkinson’s.  With their yearly charity events Sweethearts is looking to make a difference in the lives of the people of Second Life as well as those less fortunate outside of Second Life.

            I recommend visiting Sweethearts for the romantic atmosphere, plus at the moment you could make a difference in so many ways to someone.  Voting is open, the Ms. Sweetheart Final Five is close at hand and you could help decide who makes it.  The ALZ should be fun and exciting and it is always a good feeling to do something charitable. 

            Elita Wardell Parx, 2013 Avi Choice award winning hostess, invites you.
            “Welcome to Sweethearts.  I really hope you enjoy your stay with us and please make yourself at home.....if you need anything at all just ask.”


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