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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Most Embarrassing Moments of Second Life - LadyLoveDr Reporting

We've all had them, that moment when it becomes too late to take something back or reverse time to stop something that had happened.  The timing seems to be perfect but not in your favor.  No matter what the episode is, in one way or another we've all stood at the front of the firing line.  Our faces turn red, we feel our ears get hot, our stomach does flips and we get a little nervous.  I'm talking about that embarrassing event that never happens when we're alone or no one is online that we know.  I roamed Second Life polling crowds of people to see what their most embarrassing moments were.  I enjoyed hearing them so I figured why not share with the readers of the SL Enquirer.

Elsie W:

My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I went to buy a house with friends. I happened to see one off in the distance.  After contemplating all the houses around me, I went to check out the one in the distance I had seen.  I proceeded to teleport my friends in, upon which I noticed it was furnished and some other people inside. I then explained out loud what I was intending to do, what I would change, what was wrong with the colour scheme. After I had chatted endlessly and without limits for a while I found out it was a private house and the other people who I thought were potential buyers were in fact the owners.  Oops!

Kaijah C:

I had just bought a new skin.  I was super excited to put it on and flaunt around in my new look!   After the skin was on, I put on my cool zipper open jeans and went shopping for another hour.    So there I was, painting the town in my new-found skin and favorite outfit, feeling like I was on top of the world!  Then I cammed to look around at some stuff and happen to catch a glimpse of the front of my avatar, i was like what is that? To my surprise, my privates had been hanging out for all to see!  Talk about busting my bubble.

Black W:

My most embarrassing moment in Second Life is when I was talking with someone and they seemed really familiar.  I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Maybe I had spoken with them at another period in our SL lives.  We chatted for quite a while, getting to know each other better.  All of a sudden, my phone rings.  That was my friend on the phone.  As it turns out, I did in fact know him the friend was calling to inform me that I was talking to her husband in SL.  It wasn't my fault but I couldn't help but apologize to her.

Mr R:

I was in the middle of a group event that I couldn't leave and my girlfriend popped on.  She started chatting me up.  Things got a little hot and heavy.  I was going back and forth between the group chat and the private IM with my girlfriend.  I typed in this really hot comment about what I wanted her to do with her mouth and the moment I pressed the ENTER key I realized that I had just send that comment to the group I was in, instead of as a private IM to my girlfriend.

Lady L: 

I was spamming groups and land chat, trying to sell some parcels I had.  I teleported to a sandbox to work on a prim that would help me announce my posts.  A few minutes after I landed, an IM popped up and a guy asked how much.  I said "For you, only $1536!"  He asked for how long?  I said "$1536 and you own."  I quickly realized I had teleported to a BDSM sandbox and he was not at all interested in my land, he wanted to buy me to be his slave.  That's what I call sending someone an IM at the perfect time.

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  1. This one time I was bashing out a sweaty SL sesh when all of a sudden it hit me... I hadn't been outside for going on 7 months. I swung the curtains open and my skin frazzled from the sunlight I felt like a crisp packet on a BBQ. Not got the courage to go outside yet but me and my SL GF are talking through the pros and cons of the outside world. Wish me luck - Duncan Himphly McGraw


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