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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Psychological Test: Tell me your ideal “avatar passenger” in the bus named desire? -Bimala Tagore Reporting…

A “psychological test” is a method used to find out many aspects of our personality through questions or images.  The following test is trying to discover the most “ardent desire” determined by the personal preference of the travelers.

Everybody has dreams, even if they're buried deep inside childhood memories and fantasies. Maybe it's time to revive them or make them come true. After all, nothing is more pleasing than to discover a little more about your personal goals. Whether your aspirations are modest or vast, achieving your dreams is the best route to happiness and satisfaction.
So, what’s your ideal passenger in the bus named desire? Each of these passengers embodies an unconscious dream that may be un-achievable. With it, you will get to know yourself a little better and ascertain your creative potential. This test was set up by Mel Springer Publications who tried to create a connection regarding costumes, appearance, proper posture and psychology.

“Passenger “1”

Within each of you there is a person with a creative capacity. You have to express yourself and your feelings. You need to build self-confidence and develop a more positive sense of yourself.

Passenger “2”

You have a strong desire for freedom and change and at the same time, you are searching for a response to your existential and spiritual longings and desires searching for God.

Passenger “3”

You are a “femme fatale”. You like to seduce and be the focus of universal attention. This profound wish of the fame and importance ashamed you; You think about it. You do! But do you talk about it?

Passenger “4”

You have a nonconformist and youthful personality. Who attends a demonstration, supports a referendum, or even dares to criticize the EU system, but you have a fear of what people will say.

Passenger “5”

You are a calm and easy going person. When problems are revealed, you are looking to soak up the sun and laze on the beach. You also arrive in a place not knowing much about it and basically just rush around.

Passenger “6”

You are a dreamer, nomad, natural and romantic woman, such a profound, sublime and magic love that it appears beyond reality and is almost dreamlike. You love books. They are a shelter of fantasy, an escape from reality.

Passenger “7”

You have exceptional vitality and imagination with a great sense of humor and a prodigious artistic imagination. You are a dreamer whose feet are firmly on the ground. You will hold onto your dreams and work towards their realization.

Passenger “8”

First of all, imagine the scene or mystery you have chosen to help you recollect your thoughts and meditate. You like to do guesswork about what is available. You love exploring the unknown.

Passenger “9”

Sometimes you could be cynical and insensitive person, looking out for only his interest and pleasure. You love to see, touch, smell, taste and hear good things, and are constantly looking outside yourself for satisfaction. Also, you have a contagious laugh and love to "tease”.

All of these passengers have one thing in common; aspiration. It is the need for something more to life that makes people feel whole and unique.  Dreams and fantasies can become part of reality with hard work and dedication towards goals. Happiness doesn’t come easy. We all have to work to obtain it. It is the main goal no matter what type of personality you have. You will never know how far your dreams will take you in life if you do not have goals and aspirations to be happy.

 Which one of these passengers’ best describes you? Use the comment box below to share your dreams and aspirations.


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