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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

AVIE POLL: How are Avies Observing St. Patrick's Day? Bimala Tagore Reporting

The color green seems to be taking over Second Life. Sims, venues, parks and stores are decorated with the traditional colors of St. Patrick’s Day.  A failure to wear green to an Irish venue on this holiday might be punished with a playful pinch from brave Irish hostess committed to this day.

 “ST. Patrick´s day” is a special time. It isn’t just a one day celebration in SL; here, it’s turned it into weeks of carnivals,  sales, parties, Irish music and Celtic environments that envelope venues across the grid with a mystical aura.

This is an important cultural and religious holiday named in honor of Patron saint of Ireland called by the name of San Patricio. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, particularly by Irish communities. People usually dressed in green or wear iconic decorations such as the “shamrock”; it is the leaf of the clover plant and a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Other people carry the flag of the Republic of Ireland, other use snakes and serpents around their necks, as well as the Celtic cross.

We are confident that you will enjoy flying this wing and that you will soon discover the meaning of this green day.  Patrick´s day is a festive event, where the children enjoy sweets and adults can lose themselves in a cold “pint”.
Many venues on the grid share in the festivities with restaurants and pubs. They offer virtual Irish food which include: “Irish brown bread”, “cabbage”, “Irish coffee”, “Irish stew”, “Irish potato soup”, “among other traditional foods”. It is apparent Second Life is living up to this day.
The SL Enquirer wondered how residents celebrate St Patrick’s Day.
Here are their valuable testimonials.

 Teer Latzo shares stories about running around with his granddad when he was a kid
"I have only once really celebrated St. Patrick's Day, and that was with a friend in Chicago. We were just in the right place at the right time and the festivities were huge, we did our best Irish jig for a bowl of soup. That was the only time I have been in actual celebration mode, my grandfather is Irish/Scottish and he used to celebrate every year with a wonderful Irish hang over, green and everything. Now our big day is sitting back with a green beer and eating corn beef and cabbage, it’s a simple pleasure and it works for us."

No matter if it is not part of our own culture.  This holiday it is an opportunity to share with the international community.
Here is Soffy´s (Soffly Ponyluver) and Mr. Lyle views:
Soffly: “I’m not religious and don’t hold to the traditional church stories about St Patrick and I’m not Irish so it doesn't have a cultural background for me.  For me St Patrick's Day is a friendly focus point where people can get together and forget their day to day problems and worries.   I'm just not crazy about green beer - I'll stay with red wine”
Lyle Lindman: “This celebration is a symbol and a way to connect and to cherish those values together and an uplifting way to cherish our tender humanity together.”

I was lucky enough to come across Ophelia Willful a learn how she observes St. Patrick’s Day.
“On these days I love that I can party with my friends. I dry “stouts” accompaniment for corned beef. These days are moments for the memories with my Irish friends. When we usually went to my grandparent's house. It was the point of convergence for all the senses. They were times to remember that time in our lives does not pass for nothing”.

Coffee (Moani Namori) supports “Patrick’s day” events at “Pointe Fusion” and it gets better brand exposure from important festival in SL that go for several days.  She notes,
We fully understand how important is conserve the actual spirit of unit on these days doing special Irish pubs background on SL”

Valeria Ansia, Kissing Boot tell us:
“When i was kid i used to get into town to the Parade with my sister fighting for the best good view.  We loved the whole day all the big floats and bands from America. Here in SL I love Irish hunt Patrick shamrock outfit and enjoying traditional Irish dance with my best Irish dj Aragain. Easterwood. She is an “Irish Women”, resolute and strong!

DJ Aragain. Easterwood is a DJ in Second Life, a professional fiddle player and also Saint Patrick´s devotee.  Here are her special words:
St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do, and may his loving protection be a blessing to you”, tell us inspiring.

If you are in SL on St. Patrick’s Day you can't miss this time. Fun events will take place around the grid and you can’t miss this cheerful atmosphere. You can ride on flying gold coin, dance the jig with your friends, drink green beer and listen to Irish music.

The most colorful party is waiting for you this month, so follow the rainbow to St. Patrick's Day Town.

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