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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spotlight on Seduction Estates: An Adult Themed SIM for the Grown and Sexy- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

Many of us know the SIMS we can go to when we get horny, but do we know where to go when we crave the kind of sexual contact that conveys intimacy and warmth?  If you are still befuddled by this question, then you may need to pay a visit to MrJazz Melody and Mrs.StormLove’s Seduction Estates.

The last time the SL Enquirer paid a visit to the Estates, the SIM was in the process of being renovated to house the Seduction Club, as well as a mall, an Adult Beach with a live stage, and a romantic restaurant.  When asked what prompted the Seduction Estate renovations, Mrs.StormLove says, “[MrJazz Melody and I] wanted more of a Beach appeal and feel to the SIM.  [We desired to create]…a clean yet naughty place for those who enjoy class and style.”  In addition, Storm contends that she and MrJazz also wanted an Adult Beach where people could freely express their sexual desires in an environment that conveys openness and warmth.

This desire to show the connection between sexuality, desire, and warmth is a very rare thing to find on an adult-themed SIM.  This is because often, the commodity sold is solely sex, which excludes the inclusion of all the characteristics intrinsic in creating intimacy.  While many may think this to be appealing, the true romantic who yearns for something more than physical contact may be pleasantly surprised by the warmth and family feel they encounter at Seduction Estates.  Yet all surprises aside, The Seduction Estates reminds a person that they should EXPECT this kind of treatment at an Adult-themed SIM…

When asked about what made the Seduction Estates Adult-themed beach so different from other SL beaches, Mrs.StormLove contends, “[We have created a] beach designed with EVERYONE in mind…[our aim is] to appeal to all cultures…whether you want to stand around and chat in the nude [or] have open sex with your partner by the waterfall and moonlight, [the] Pure Ecstasy Beach is the place for YOU!”

Mrs.StormLove continues: “Escorts are [also] welcome to come and enjoy the beach and bring their fun here!  We have rooms [that can be used for whatever reason desired and] they are not expensive…[we also have] the Best beds and Hot Tubs in SL.”

To elaborate further, Mrs.StormLove points to a pool located on the Seduction Estate grounds.  “This pool…” she explains, “…has over 6000 sex animations….[you can click] the buttons down at the bottom and see the menu for yourself!”

Like there is freedom in discovering over 6000 sex animations at the Seduction Estate pool, Mrs.StormLove contends that there is also freedom in being naked and letting it all hang out.  She explains, “An Avi body is a representation of our inner being coming out of [our own] minds and giving [ourselves] a chance to enjoy [our] most erotic fantasies in SL.”  These erotic fantasies can include BSDM and other kinds of rough and fantasy-based sex. Mrs.StormLove also describes Seduction Estates as a kind of erotic offering to customers. “Seduction Estates…” Mrs.StormLove contends, “…offers our customers the freedom to enjoy whatever fantasy they choose…in a great atmosphere [that is full of] sex appeal.” Thus, for those who are totally looking to get laid BSDM style, or even via a one night stand, the Seduction Estates has a venue that is perfect for you, too.

From the Freaky-Teaky to Shopping Extraordinaire!

In addition to having a fabulous Adult themed Beach, Seduction Estates also has a Mall that houses a Barbershop, a Bridal Store, and an array of other fashionable attire.  Mrs.StormLove continues, “Yes we have a wide variety of Men’s and Women’s shoes….boots, clothes, [you name it]. We [are also] resellers [who sell products by] Wild orchid, Sexy Peach, Class A, and Kinkyo…[as well as] clothes with appliers.” Mrs.StormLove exclaims, “We [also] have a Store that is not ours…it is on the top floor [of the Mall and is called] Sickening Sweet!” Storm explains that Sickening Sweet is a clothing store that specializes in sexy attire, with an emphasis on fetish.

Fine Dining, Entertainment and Living at Seduction Estate
Speaking about an emphasis on fetish, patrons can get the pleasure of experiencing the finest food, wine and entertainment at the Seduction Estate Restaurant.  When the SL Enquirer asked, “Why have a restaurant when there is little need to actually eat in SL?” Mrs.StormLove throws the question back at us with a “Why Not?”  Unabashed, Mrs.StormLove continues, “...the Restaurant has its own flavor…the role play experience there can be as close to RL as we can get it…we have live entertainment weekly, and we are still hiring comedians and live entertainment by the way, too…and we do all of this because we want to bring in the customers who like to date…[customers who want to] plan a special evening for their date, take them to a great meal [then take them out] dancing, [and] get the best customer service treatment [available]…and continue [to come] back and tell others [about their experience, too]….”

When asked to elaborate on whether or not Seduction is hiring, Storm says, “Yes we are hiring employees for the following positions:  DJ'S , WAITERS, WAITRESS, HOSTESS, ESCORTS, BARTENDERS, POLE DANCERS, STRIPPERS, LIVE SINGERS, and POETS.  [But be mindful that] …we are not just looking to hire for jobs…we are looking to build a company, with [an opportunity to cultivate a] career that [can prove to be perfect for] employees.  [Thus,] we are looking for those who are serious about role play and who want [to have] a purpose [in] their SL world…[we are looking for individuals] who want to bring their experiences [to life, as well as] build a great network with lasting friendships.”
However, if you venture to the Seduction Estate Restaurant, all patrons should be warned to bring their own boy toys and side pieces, because the live performances will not only leave you speechless, they will also leave you feeling sexually aroused.  In fact, during one of Subtlety Danglish’s recent performances (performances that happen every Wednesday from 5pm-6pm SLT), America2000 could be heard exclaiming, “Where the hell is Daddy when I need him!!!!” Other females could be heard echoing a similar sentiment, because they were mumbling things like, “I am horny as f---!“ and “Where are the men at when you need them!?”

While Danglish’s performance is one of many Seduction Estate venues that will leave you feeling some kind of way, the entertainment offered at the Seduction Estate restaurant is very telling, because it alludes to the kind of environment Mrs.StormLove and MrJazzyMelody aim to create for all of their patrons.  “We are doing all we can to make it better here,” explains Mrs.StormLove. “In fact…” she continues, “…we have skyboxes available to all of our patrons to rent…and all our homes are rent and show by demand, and we don’t experience lag.” Like the 6000 animation pool available, the parcels available has an extensive array of sex animations available not only in their bathrooms, but on their beds and rugs as well.

And for those that are interested in renting the Seduction Estates location out for a wedding, Rezz Day or other event, the estate offers freedom and flexibility in that area as well.  Mrs.StormLove contends, “We offer patrons an opportunity to hold naked weddings, as well as a wide range of seductive sex play toys on the SIM…”

The Pure VIP Pass Benefits and Awards Program
Besides the stellar live performances, amazing beach and realistic restaurant, Seduction Estate offers a Pure VIP pass for patrons interested in getting even more bang for their lindens.  Mrs.StormLove summarizes the Pure VIP pass as follows:  ”The VIP MEMBERSHIP is an entitlement afforded to all of our patrons who purchase the Pure VIP membership….[in fact] our Entire Second floor sky lounge is designed for the those who want the special treatment…it has a [regal and virtually] royal feel to it…[and is solely allowed to be used by Pure VIP patrons, all for the inexpensive price of $200L.”
Be mindful that with the purchase of the Pure VIP pass, patrons get access to the ~Pure Seduction~ VIP SKYLOUNGE, as well as full access to the Seduction Estate’s GREEDY Game table.  Pure VIP members also are allowed to freely use the Estate’s LAPDANCE CHAIRS, and also have free access to the Estate’s OPEN BAR.  Storm continues, “Of course, all Pure VIP members also have unlimited access to our DINING TABLES, CUDDLE CHAIRS….not to mention AN ENTIRE DANCE FLOOR and a HOT TUB.” 
As if the Seduction Estates offerings are not enough, Mrs.StormLove lets the SL Enquirer know that Seduction Estates is also in the midst of planning other events to encourage patronage of their SIM.  “WE HAVE MANY EVENTS SCHEDULED….” she explains, “…there will be a BIKE RALLY, [complete] with bike racing and Trophies to be WON, and we are looking for leaders of Fashion to sponsor events for our upcoming Fashion Show that will feature the Spring fashions of SL.  Thus, we need participants who are willing to get their products out there via a Party or Event.  Seduction Estate is also looking to recruit various Talk shows who want to broadcast from the Seduction Estate Location.”
Catching her breath before starting anew, Mrs.StormLove continues, “Seduction Estates is also planning a SPRING BREAK EVENT, SO I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO KEEP WATCHING AND WAITING BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO COME!”
We at the SL Enquirer have a feeling that there is so much more to the Seduction Estates than watching and waiting, and we are enamored at what is on the horizon for this SIM.

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