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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Windows on The World with Wallace Locke- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Windows on the World was the most lavish restaurant at the 106th and 107th floor of the North Tower of World Trade Centre which was destroyed by the 9/11 attack in 2001. It was built in the year 1976. At the time of the attack, it is documented that 76 employees were working under the head chef, Michael Lomonaco. Windows on the World, built by Wallace Locke in Second Life is a tribute to the victims in the attack and a pointer to the rest of the world about the lives and memories lost in such a pointless tragedy.

Debby Sharma: “Windows on The World” is pretty close to real life. Why did you choose to make it?

Wallace Locke: We researched it pretty thoroughly. We wanted to open a club, a ballroom venue and something unique. Also we were copying real life venues. We wanted to make a tribute to those that died at 9/11. I was appalled and very sad that the world had come to that state. Hence, this is the replica of the restaurant on the top of the World Trade Center. All of the events are performances of live singers.

Debby Sharma: Which were the other real life venues, that you had shortlisted for this project? Have you ever thought of making a venue out of your own imagination?

Wallace Locke: We actually have 5 clubs on this sim. All were based on real life venues. There is the “White Horse Tavern” that is a tribute to a restaurant that my grandfather owned here in San Antonio. We also have a “Filmore” and a “Marquee club”. These are not active at present. Then, there is the “Landing” which is based on a jazz club that used to be located in San Antonio on the river. We have had events at all of the venues. The two that are active currently are Windows on the World and The White Horse Tavern. None other were short listed.  We have made several venues before just from our own imagination. There was “Pump it Up”, a rock venue in a fire station. There was “Sunset Lounge”, a romantic venue on the beach. There was “Margaritaville”, a Mexican cantina on the beach. That’s all i can think of at the moment.

Debby Sharma: Please tell us something about your journey in Second Life and about your journey as a DJ?

Wallace Locke: I saw an episode of CSI that included a version of SL. I joined and started exploring. I met some people and had fun. Then my wife joined me and we enjoyed things together. We bought some land and outgrew that in short order. We kept expanding until we had a full sim. Now we own 5 sims. We also were a 1/3 partner on a sim with one club and several shops. We learned a lot about doing things there. It ran quite well for a couple of years. Only 3 of our sims are full. The other two are homesteads. When Whispers magic closed, we decided we wanted to continue with the clubs. So, we started building them and kept going until we had 5. As I am a retired electrical engineer so the technical parts come easy to me. This is the short version of my journey.  I do five shows a week at Black Horse Country and One show every other week at the RMS Titanic. I like to play country, romantic dance music, classic rock, blues and jazz. I like country and really don't have a favorite song. I play what the folks want to hear.

Debby Sharma: Would you like to tell us something about your team and about your wife?

Wallace Locke: There is just the two of us, me and my real life wife. We have recently hired a manager for the two active clubs as we were getting a little overloaded.
My wife loves to decorate and has done all the decorating of the clubs and our sims for that matter. She does weddings either here at our wedding venue and at the Titanic. She is a genius when it comes to decorating.

Debby Sharma: Among all the venues that you both have built till date, which one is the most favorite? Are there any future projects that you are planning on?

Wallace Locke: Hers is this one right here, Windows on the World. I really like the White Horse Tavern.
Not at the moment. But who knows what the future may bring. We do have a couple of things we are working on but they are secret; another club perhaps, redo of an old one.

Debby Sharma: What would you like to say to your visitors through this podium?
Wallace Locke: Welcome to Windows on the World. We have great talent singing here. You will certainly have a great time when you come.

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