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Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Hot in the Breedables Trade for Spring- CeciliaRosalie Reporting…

Since I discovered my passion for writing, SLE has been my home. Most of the subjects I usually cover are about fashion and styling but this time I’ll grab the opportunity to write about something different. Breedable animals in SL have made a breakthrough. They have become  a spare time activity and a fun way to earn a living. The first kind of breedable I remember is the amaretto horses but since then there have been several new kinds of breedable animals discoveries in Second Life.

As I firstly mentioned horses, let me present you the ABC horses. There are several things that make these horses a bit different than any other breedable in Second Life. They look and act a lot like real life horses do. When you first start breeding you get a FREE starter pack, after you have registered to their database. Each horse will live until it reaches 140 days, after that period of time they can be kept as a pet, sent to heaven ranch for points or it can be shot.

Keep in mind that these pets do not need food. Starter horses are more like tools, despite the fact that the look like a horse, walk like a horse etc, they are just tools. Starter Horses will be used to get information from the gene pool. The most amazing for me is that there are no bundles, what you get is alive newborn foals, which they have to stay near to their mother for a short period of time. Apart from the usual traits (coats, manes, eyes or tails) there are others also, which can be passed on too, such as speed. If you are not fancy of the breeding process don’t worry, you can train your horse and teach different skills like pull, speed or vitality and take part in racing competitions.

As for their food, coastal hay is to be used for the horse’s basic needs, alfalfa is to be used for breeding, to sustain a pregnant or a nursing mother and for training the pull skill. Feed is to be used for training any other racing skill except pull.

 There are also several consumables which will give a boost to their stats.
ABC horses have built a really strong market, they organize daily auctions in their own auction houses and last but not least there are many places where you can buy or sell horses. More info and pricing can be found here:

Next I will cover zooby breedable lemurs. Zooby takes the lead once again with this unique breedables. Start off with buying your starter pack with everything you need to breed your lemurs. Starters and newborns come in a den and they’ll stay like that until you wake them up through their menu. They will start breeding once their hover text is yellow and in full heat.
You can choose pet food or breedable food. A lemur can be turned into a pet at any time except if they are pregnant and again they can breed again with a simple click. Keep in mind that it takes seven days until a pet lemur can breed again. Additional consumables to boost stats can be purchased at zooby main store too.

When lemurs are rezzed on land they randomly dig and they might discover glowing white stones which you can click on in order to  reveal what they are. Glowing stones can be either gems or junk. Gems come in primary colors and white, you can mix and match gems to play the lemur gem game.

The diamond gem is the most valuable as it contains a special trait. Once assigned, this trait can be passed on. Lemurs like any other breedable animal have a variety of traits in their genetics. What fascinating about  these animals is that they can be fully customized to your taste as there's a huge variety of accessories to choose from.

At any point you can send a lemur or a den to the Sanctuary to receive Sanctuary points which can be redeemed for lemur items at the store. It is a growing market and good investment as it is the first of its kind. There are also many advertising groups and auctions! Details can be found here:

I chose to conclude this article with an animal that isn’t of this world for the fantasy lovers. Mossms are little funny space creatures that have come to Earth in order to gather certain resources that are in short supply on their planet. In order to mate they’ll need to return in space but mossms have to work to pay their own expenses. Each newborn mossm possesses general genetics from its parents and the planet they were born on,  but keep in mind space exploration may cause genetic anomalies, which may result in a different and unique breed. These animals are alive, they can recognize you and other avatars, you are visible to them and they can interact with both avies and other mossms.

Mossms can’t mate with family members, feature that I found to be very realistic. When born, mossms are given scientific names are closely associated with their appearance. They work in different environments earn resources, where they can earn resources. These can be exchanged either for babies or used to buy additional environments. Starter pack comes with a nursery environment and one or two adult environments. The best aspect of this breeding game is that thanks to mossms advance technology, what they can do inworld can be done on the web too. Forget land restrictions!

Feeding your mossms is piece of cake. The food is stored in your online account at Just rez the food and that's it, the moment you rez the food your account will be credited for the amount of food you bought. All of your Mossms share the food supply. Your first two mossms don’t require any food at all.

Any additional mossms, including those kept in inventory, will eat ten portions of food per day. If they are not fed beware that they will abandon you and return to space.
As it is said before, the more different a breedable animal is the most buying power it has. You can trade your mossms online on their website or in different inworld locations.

If you are new to breedables in Second Life, take your time and browse the variety . Find what will best suit your time, budget and rp needs.


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