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Showing posts with label CeciliaRosalie Resident. Show all posts

Thursday, October 4, 2018

FALL FASHION TRENDS 2018 Cecilia Rosalie Reporting

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something, but to make a long story short I am back, refreshed and bringing you tons of (fashionable) goodies, of course.

Summer is almost gone and it’s time to renew our wardrobe. In fact mine needs to be thrown away! Let’s take a look at the current fashion trends in Autumn 1018, the eccentric and surreal style is in fashion this year, and the designs and suggestions I have for you will impress you.


The fire red is one of the must have colors to be worn. The absolute monochrome is not forbidden and the total red look is imposed. Red will not be worn only in clothes but also in shoes and different accessories.


Pieces taken from the athletic clothing industry are embedded with chic pieces and the result is unique. Small details that make the outfit stand out and the athletic-chic style emphasizes its presence.


The crop-top trend came to stay so, the jackets for this year - leather, textile, inflatable - are cut higher and renew the fashion in the jackets, which until last year was long with sharp cut waist design.


The plaid pattern in all its glory. Vintage selection for Autumn 2018 that has truly been loved by most women. You will see it everywhere. In coats, skirts, trousers and shirts. The most dominating shades are gray and brown.


Sexy satin is back in a variety of colors. Satin dresses and tops in a straight line to flatter every shape and to highlight the femininity of every woman. We saw it with many designs such as a ties, a short sleeve,  long sleeve and more.

xoxoxoxo CeciliaRosalie <3   

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Legend of St. Valentine and Valentine's Day - CeciliaRosalie Resident Reporting...

Saint Valentine

Every February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, although it remains a working day in most of them. Candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from?

The Legend

The history of Valentine's Day--and the story of its patron saint--is shrouded in mystery. February has long been celebrated as a month of romance and St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Art for art’s Sake : Top five Virtual Galleries- Ceciliaroslie Reporting...

There is no price on creativity and it can only be estimated according to the difference it makes to those who embrace it. Numerous talented artists have chosen to express themselves through digital art by adding colour to our second life. For those who enjoy some quality time surrounded by masterpieces, the SL Enquirer presents the best galleries on the grid.
First stop to our artistic destination guide is Fractal Insanity, Timamoon  Arts. There you can find the abstract work of Milly Sharple, with a variety of interesting patterns and colours from vivid to dark it is certain that in this gallery you will find something  to hang on your living room wall. Iit is worth the visit.

Next stop is the exhibition of Peter Vos; a real life painting display which is set up by his son. White canvas and black ink can create artistic miracles when in the right hands. The exhibits are not set for sale but for those who can’t enjoy real art from first hand exhibition visits. This is a  a great opportunity to experience it in Second Life.

A visit to  Galleria Mexico is a must. You will love it if you are a collector. It hosts the works of a great number of artist who are very well known. I spent quite some time viewing all the exhibits, so I can assure you there’s a lot to see and it caters to every taste and style.

Moving on to the Windlight Art Gallery. It is said to be one of the biggest in SL with a new exhibition every month, featuring both new and established artists. Be sure to check it out.

Last but not least, the Lost Unicorn Gallery. The place where magical realism is expressed through fine arts. Featuring paintings with magical themes and mystical creatures. Ideal for those who love fairy tale and believe in magic.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, December 11, 2016

INTERVIEW WITH James (acousticenergy.nitely), CeciliaRosalie reporting...

James is one of the most talented artists around the grid. He is passionate, and derives his energy from the crowd. If you accidentally find yourself at one of his live concerts you will be captivated by his voice and his whole stage presence.

CeciliaRosalie: James thank you for agreeing to this interview.

James: Thank you for considering me. It's a pleasure to get familiar with SLE readers :)

CeciliaRosalie:  Tell us a little about yourself so our readers can get a sense of who you are.  Let’s kick off with what brought you to Second Life?

James: I began performing in Second Life during the winter of 2008.   I first joined to chat and to meet people.  But I found it difficult to get my head around the SL viewer and wasn’t able to really connect with other people so I didn't log in again for a few months. A Skype friend suggested that I should try singing in SL.  Now I come to SL to perform and I love it!

I’ve come across many talented musicians in SL and I’m humbled to perform on the same stage as many of them. Moreover, I’ve developed deep friendships with people from around the globe and I’m blessed to be surrounded with such love and support. My fan group subscription is currently over 1,400 including my Subscrib-O-Matic.

CeciliaRosalie: I think most of us are rather daunted by the steep learning curve that is necessary when we first join Second Life.   I remember all the cute little buttons frightened me too! (LOL) It certainly seems as if you have connected with people now!  So what is it about singing in SL that has you so enraptured?

James: I'm not a professional musician.  I write songs and perform in order to connect with others and bring them together through music.  There's healing in a song.
I've been singing since I was a child.  I was always the loudest singer while performing in school and church plays and I always felt happier after singing.  I've never sung or performed professionally but I always feel like a Rock Star in Second Life because the venue audiences are extremely supportive.

CeciliaRosalie: A natural talent then. Please tell us about your first time singing in SL, how was it?

James: My first venue performance was at The Drunken Clam.  My Skype friend got me all set up with a stream and helped create my avatar, then he basically pushed me out onto the stage.

Suddenly I was receiving tips, it was a thrilling moment.  I made enough to buy new clothes and eventually enough for a new skin.

CeciliaRosalie:  What qualities do you think someone needs to be a successful singer? Have you ever had voice classes SL/RL)?

James: I’ve never taken singing lessons.  Singing just came naturally for me.  But, the vocal chords are muscles so if you practice regularly then eventually your performance improves.  I’ve noticed that if I take a break from singing then my voice gets weaker.

CeciliaRosalie:  How would you describe yourself?

James: Well, my listeners always have a blast at my shows.  They say that I'm humorous and flirtatious over the mic, haha.  I always try and engage with my audiences and bring them into the performance. I think it's important to create smiles and get the venue chatting and talking amongst each other to help build community.

CeciliaRosalie: What was the funniest thing that ever happened when you where on stage?

James: We laugh a lot at my performances . . . But there was a time while I was playing and another great SL musician, Suzen Juel sent me an enormous penis and I accidentally attached it to myself while playing.  We all got a kick out of it and I just started singing improvisational lyrics and created a fun song about it during the moment.

CeciliaRosalie:  What kind of songs do you perform?

James: Mostly I sing romantic ballads but always mix in my original songs and several upbeat songs. I sing many radio favorites from Guns n Roses, Nora Jones; John Legend to Radiohead. I try to stay up to date with the most recent pop songs too.

CeciliaRosalie: Do you mix sets or is each performance dedicated to a specific genre? And what about taking requests from your fans?

James: At each venue performance I sing a different set of 10 to 12 songs. I enjoy mixing up genres and being creative. Many people make requests and I always love to sing them if I know the songs. I sing over 150 cover songs and I have about 100 originals that I pull from too.

CeciliaRosalie: Where we can find you to enjoy one of your live concerts? How can club owners reach you and book you if they are interested?

James: I'm fortunate to have standing gigs at the following venues:

Seaside Lounge - every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM

Under The Willows - every other Friday at 6:00 PM

Nashville Music Park - the first Friday of each month at 7:00 PM

The Gallery Rouge - the last Sunday of each month at 12:00 PM

Please contact Meredith Aviatik for booking AcousticEnergy Nitely (James Olmos)

Additional info:

CeciliaRosalie:  Is there anything in particular that would you like to share with our readers James?

James: My audience are a very diverse group. They are more than a group of listeners, more than fans, more than avatars; they are my friends.  Without these friends my songs are empty. I need their ears and hearts to explode life into my music, and to fill the space between the melodies.

I’ve developed deep relationships with them over this past year. Some have left and some have endured with me. Such is life in both worlds. I've laughed with them, shared tears, listened as they spoke about their break-ups and encouraged them while singing at their weddings. My love for them is deep and I'm in continual awe as each attends my performances over and over again.
I love this group of friends and I try and say 'I love you' to them as often as I can, in and out of performances. As I mentioned, my audience is a very diverse group - diversity with one common ground - a beating heart that animates each avatar. And I get that. So I sing to their hearts.

CeciliaRosalie: Thank you for your time James, I wish you all the best with your promising career.

James: The pleasure was all mine. Thank you very much.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wherever you lay your hat - CeceliaRosalie reporting...

As the saying goes, home is wherever you lay your hat.  In Second Life you have a number of options of where to lay your hat, and these options are offered to new residents at the time of creating their account.

When someone creates an account in Second Life they are offered three different account choices.  Premium, Basic and Concierge.  Speaking from experience, I’d say that the vast majority go for “FREE” without knowing what the two other options are.   When I first created my account I didn’t take the time to look at what premium had to offer and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

What follows is a brief description of each account type:

If you want to go Premium you have three different membership plans to choose from:

Annual Membership: USD 72.00
Quarterly Membership: USD 22.50
Monthly Membership 9.50

When you select the Premium option you’re gifted with a sign up bonus of 1000L$.  Premium members are offered a small home in an exclusive neighborhoods with a variety of themes and styles to choose from.   It's not impossible to find the home of your dreams.  Each Linden home has a land capacity of 117 on a 512m2 parcel to which you can add your final touches in the form of furniture and décor.  If you need more space there's also an option to acquire land on popular mainland regions.  Some of which are developed and some of which are undeveloped.

Premium account holders receive a 300L$ weekly allowance along with exclusive bonus items created by SL residents and exclusive areas to hang out with your friends and loved ones.
Last but not least, Premium members are offered expanded support which includes live chat in real time with Linden Lab.

Basic users can't own land on the Mainland or access live chat. However, they can own estates or private regions or rent land anywhere depending on the landowner's preferences.  Let me add to this that skybox rentals or apartment prices start from 60L$ PER WEEK and average land tiers start from about 1000L$ PER WEEK.  As for support, residents can submit support cases for a limited set of problems but this procedure might take a little longer.

The Concierge option is when a resident operates an account that owns an estate, pays for an estate, or pays tier for more than half a region's worth of mainland parcels.
With this account type, residents also have access to a special live chat area and phone number through the support portal.

Basic account holders are able to qualify for the Concierge service.  They can own estates and Private Regions.  The setup and monthly costs for which are billed separately from land on the mainland, which can be owned only by premium and Concierge members.

Remember that you can upgrade or down grade at any time.

The choice is yours.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Top 5 Places to shop for Spring Fashion- CeciliaRosalie Reporting...

Spring is here! It is time to spruce up our wardrobe with new fashion trends and some color. 

Wearing the same pieces you bought last year, especially for women, would be a huge fashion no-no. Designers have been working hard on the latest trends and if you are care about keeping your look updated- It is time to go SHOPPING!

I have to confess. I destroyed my shoes exploring the grid on my quest for the best places to shop for spring. I'm not complaining.  It was really worth it. Here are my top 5 shop list with Slurls and pictures of must have items! A Feast FOR YOUR EYES <3

1. Entice
Entice has launched a new collection that caters to every taste.  it was a tough decision  so I picked two of their designs. The first one is called downtown jumpsuit. You can get it in four different sets  of three different colors each (hud driven).

 The second choice is  Proud Mary in six different colors.

2.  Hilly Haalan mainstore

Hilly Haalan designs have a great variety of clothes to offer spring shoppers with classic avatars and advanced mesh bodies. There's also an outlet store with some fabulous deals.

It was a really tough pick! Here are the [hh] Dune Dress Tropical 20 textures in one dress and [hh] Amerie Glam Outfit, a nice cocktail dress with a stylish spring coat for semi cold nights.

There are no words  to describe Gizza Creations and there's no need as they are the most popular designers on the grid. I picked their new release Jacqueline. Take the time and go see it!I'm sure you might walk out with a bag full of great outfits.

4.      Prism Designs
Prism Designs do what they promise. They add colors to our lives and our wardrobe..
Spring is the season for flowers.  Colorful florals and playful  dot patterns are the best way to embrace it.  I recommend the  Prism Eloise Capris and Top by Journey with Fabric Hud ( four colors), and prims Prism Marisol Silk Romper by Journey with Fabric Hud (4 colours).

5. ~{Zaara} MAINSTORE~
Last but not least, Zaara creations. They were one of the first designers to create clothes and lingerie for Maitreya mesh body. Most of my inventory goodies come from them and I have to confess I couldn't resist. I bought the last  pick I got for you. An etherial dress in 10 colours with patterns and plain.

Happy Spring Shopping

 CeciliaRosalie xoxoxo <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Avie Poll: Words of Wisdom from SL Residents: Advice for a fulfilling Second Life.-CeciliaRosalie Reporting...

Second life is meant to be an extension of RL without the boundaries of the first one. It’s a place to have fun and enjoy every moment. For some it can even be a way to escape from RL’s difficulties.Same as in RL sometimes things tend to be more frustrating. We asked 6 individuals about their very personal piece of advice to enjoy a fulfilling Second life. Here’s what they said:
What’s is your advice to other residents so they can enjoy the very best of SL?

wolfen Bestijl: SL is Like an impromptu play to fulfill your SL fantasy, make sure you are writing your own script don't let someone else write it for you.

Pax Voix MçEиtiяє (Pax Voix): Do everything once. If you like it do it again! (Hehehehe)

Felicia Helendale:
I have had the pleasure of being a member of Second Life now for over a decade. My first avatar was created back in 2004. I have since dabbled my hands in many different aspects that this world has to offer from exploring to role-playing to eventually becoming a designer. Along the way, I have met some wonderful people, and others who turned out to not be as wonderful as they first seemed to be. I have experienced joy, friendship, heartbreak and more, and all of them very real emotions no matter what role I was in at the time.
The fact is, no one can define what Second Life means to you. For some, it may be the only social interaction they have, for any number of reasons from social anxiety to agoraphobia, etc. For them, the relationships and interactions they experience here can be more powerful, and this world is an extension of their own. Then there are others, like myself, who Second Life is a source of inspiration or creation, and another form of social connection. From creating intricate character stories and interactions, to designing a new outfit or accessory, and Second Life allows us the freedom to pick and choose how we want to experience it.
So my advice to anyone who is looking for a more fulfilling Second Life, be true to yourself because, while we all may be pixels on a screen to one another, there is still a live human being on the other end controlling those pixels. Never pretend to be something you’re not, strive to treat other as you wish to be treated, and just own who you are. If you are a shy, quiet and reserved individual who thrives more socially behind the anonymity of the computer, so be it. If you are a role-player, out to find the next great character story, go for it. If you are a designer looking to broaden their creative minds to create something amazing, do it. Just leave the drama, games and deceptions out of it.

You'll find you'll make a lot more friends, and enjoy yourself a lot more, and you can turn off the machine at the end of the night and be able to say, "Wow, I have a great Second Life."

 ДиĜěickWăίίz ДЯıεƨ Hυηт (Jae Somerset): "Don't let the people who aren't worth it get to you. Focus on those who love and accept you for who you are, and shower them with the love and kindness they deserve."

Anonymous: "Remember that behind every avatar is a human being that might have different expectations from SL than you have. Thus be honest about your expectations and way to play. And first and foremost:( don't be a jerk.) NEEDS TO BE REPHRASED."

Tapika Tomsen: Fill your SL life with friends who have faults you can live with, everyone has their great points, and those are easy to love, but someone who will stay your constant friend is someone who's worse points you can embrace. We all need that kind of acceptance in our lives.

All of these SL residents have something in common. Being yourself and accepting others as they are will lead to a fulfilling Second Life. In a virtual world where you control your own happiness, make decisions to shape how your virtual world will be and create the life you want to lead; It is a good idea to embrace everything that Second Life has to offer and open your mind to new and exciting adventures.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Best Beaches for Summer in Second Life- CeciliaRosalieReporting…

Summer is here! So what is missing?

Some nice places where you can get a tan and enjoy your summer, hang out with your friends and have some fun. I have highlighted the best virtual beaches  where you can enjoy a variety of summer activities from reading a book while sunbathing to surfing.
Let’s start with Baja Cove. If I was to describe this place with just one word, it would be fabulous.  This beach has a beautiful landscape with realistic sand and water colors. Free available towels for you to sunbath or enjoy a soft snack when you getting dry.  For those who are more active you can try taming the rolling waves on your surfboard.  If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend time with your friends or significant other Baja Cove also offers  nice beach houses rentals  

Next Beach to check out is Busty's Beach Island – It is a British Tropical Paradise.  It is set on a huge sim you definitely have to visit. There are a lot of attractions for you to see. You can take a tour around using a boat to find one of the hundreds spots to recline alone or with your lover. Choose to cuddle around a campfire or swim in the calm sea or in one of their luxury swimming pools. For those who like exploring, there are some hidden spots for you out there to find while you horse-riding if you prefer.

Have you ever considered going on vocation to Hawaii? Well if not, now you can! ALOHA HAWAII - TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE offers the most realistic and fulfilling experience, the lush landscape is covered with palm trees and crystal clear  blue waters that will make you feel like you really are swimming and feeling the water on your skin.
After you enjoy your sunbath under the golden velvet sun you can enjoy a dance to some authentic Hawaiian music while sipping a nice cocktail at the Tiki bar or just a quiet time swinging on a hammock. For those who are keen on water sports, there is also jet-skiing available among other things like playing games or riding some land vehicles.

Lastly on your beach tour is Clear Lake Family Campground, which is a very realistic camping experience that the whole family will enjoy. Activities include 7 Seas Fishing, an Outdoor Movie Theater, Volleyball, Canoes, Swimming, Hiking, and much More! This summer destination is a must for those who love nature.  It has everything you might need for some fun in the sun.

What remains is you! Put your swimsuits on, pack your beach bag with snacks and don’t forget your floaters… It is time to go!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spotlight on DJ Sofie Knoller-Exonar (sofie.knoller) – CeciliaRosalie Reporting..

Sofie Knoller – Exonar first joined SL in 2007 by chance while she was researching for alternative networking methods. Since then she has tried different career moves as she is very energetic and full of innovative ideas. She has been a successful model in the past, however, as she states being a DJ was always her ambition. She has a wide range of genre including Arabic and Egyptian tunes. Let’s see what Sofie has to share with us.

Interview with Sofie Knoller Exonar
Cecilia: Hello Sofie thank you for your time. Let’s start by answering a few questions about yourself so we know who you are.
SOFIE: You are very welcome! I am doing great. I hope you do too!
Cecilia: When did you first join Second Life?
SOFIE: I started SL late 2007. I stumbled upon it while doing some research on online networking methods.

Cecilia: What careers did you follow before you discovered your passion for music?
SOFIE: I was a hostess and then I did some modeling at Calamity haute and Arai agencies.

Cecilia: That is Great! When did you started feeling that is time for a change and why did you pick a DJ career?
SOFIE: I started DJing early 2008 at an Arabic venue that no longer is around. It was quite an accomplishment for me. It opened a whole new world of opportunities. I always admired DJs and their work and to be one has been a dream come true! I didn't really replace modeling with DJing I do all sorts of things on SL as much as my time allows. In fact I recently joined MVW modeling academy to brush up on my skills and increase my opportunities and I'm still a model for Solo Evane agency.
I first started to DJ to provide Arabic entertainment mainly in a world where the Arab culture hardly existed and I wanted to introduce it to Second life in the form of music but it has opened a whole new world for me introduced me to new music from all over the world.  Can't deny it also provides nicely for my shopping addiction :)
Cecilia: When was your first time DJING? How did you felt at that moment tell us about your experience at that time.
SOFIE: I was too excited and nervous at the same time! but after a few songs I totally got in the mood and got really calm and started to really have fun.

Cecilia: Sofie, how would you describe yourself?
SOFIE: I'm a very dedicated person who strives to perfect anything I do and this applies to all my jobs including Djing I'm also a very friendly and outgoing person and I get along easily with people.
Cecilia:  What do you think it takes to be a good DJ?
SOFIE: I think DJs need a good ear and a sense of rhythm also a DJ needs to be very perceptive to what his audience like and I find a good memory an essential perk to a DJ who has regulars. Being a good performer with good audience rapport is definitely a bonus :)
Cecilia: Do you have wide range of genres and what do you prefer most, mixed sets or each set to be represented by one specific genre?
SOFIE: Yes, I have a wide range of genres that I play, ranging from Techno and Trance to Jazz and romantic ballads!  I love being international with my sets and I play songs in several different languages.
I usually use mixed sets to accommodate all kinds of listeners but it really depends on the venue where I'm playing and the general attitude of the audience

Cecilia: Tell our readers where you DJ at the moment so they can come enjoy your sets.
SOFIE: I currently play weekly sets at Habibi Arabic club also at Frank's Elite jazz and BPM club.
Cecilia: How can club owners contact and book you if they are interested? Do you have a manager who makes the arrangements or you are by yourself?
SOFIE: No, they can just drop a note card to Sofie Knoller. I usually answer in less than 24 hrs.

Cecilia: Is there anything else you would like to share with SLE readers?
SOFIE: “Music is the universal language of mankind” I absolutely believe in this and it's very prominent especially here on SL where all boundaries have been crossed and borders don't exist.

Additional Information
Group: secondlife:///app/group/3a82803c-2947-df2f-7bd1-37beda9fe1dd/about

Contact:  Sofie Knoller for bookings