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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Update Report on Second Life 2.0: Anything new happening with that?-Ceciliarosalie Reporting...

Recently I went back in time visiting SL’s historical locations in Second Life and marveled at our past. This time I researched what the future of Second Life might be with Second Life 2.0 on the minds of residents who wonder what will become of our current virtual world.
Early in 2014 we heard the first rumors about a “new second life” that LL was working on, since then residents started talking more about this new project. I have to admit that my overall impression was that most residents have mixed feelings about this undertaking.
 The dates are set with beta starting late this summer and the final release in 2016. My personal opinion is that this new platform will resemble the already existing open sim ones. We have no information on avatar’s architecture but if you ask me, I don’t think it will be much different from current SL’s starter avatar.
I think LL’s personal goal is to bring back those who have tried SL before and they didn’t stay. The next generation platform, and not SL 2.0, as they prefer to call it will first be revealed to alpha users who know maya and later more and more people will be invited as it will become easier to use.
This new platform is supposed to offer greater possibilities to builders and creators and it will also support tools like blender and more. It will  be mobile compatible from the beginning and more powerful which literally means less lag and the ability to host events for thousands.
According to official claims, the next generation platform is not an ancestor of our virtual world and will not be exactly one, but there will be the ability to build  within the new environment and additionally it will be targeted at age 13+.

FAQ about SL 2.0

Will SL close down?
Definitely not. Linden Labs will continue to improve and support second life even when the new platform is out. The two projects will run in parallel and users should be able to go back and forth.
What about the compatibility with Secondlife contents?
Complete backward compatibility is not LL’s absolute outset, but certain things, such as our identities, friends list, several objects (most likely mesh) and our balances will be transportable. Keep in mind that transportation will be possible from the “old world” to the “new” one and not backwards.
In conclusion, it is obvious that we won’t need a migration plan in the near future, in fact, It could be years before we take the next step and to use this new thing instead of SL.
Dear readers don’t hold your breath, let’s see what happens and cross that bridge when we get there.  

What do you think will happen when Second Life 2.0 launches? Share your thoughts in the comment box below


  1. Thank you so much for writing this story. I and many of my friends and colleagues often discuss this very subject. It will be good to offer some positive news on this matter. Many feared that LL was going to force everyone into the new platform and thus wed loose so much of our inventory, homes, other items that we paid our good hard earned money for. Thanks again. Please do write more on this its important that the information is shared accross tbe grid. :-)


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