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Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of the Premium Member SL12B Tiki Party- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

12 Years ago Second Life launched in all its blazing glory and became home to virtual world enthusiasts from around the globe who were excited to explore a brand new world. It was bliss, pure addiction from the start as the pioneers brought new ideas and creativity to the grid. Members spend countless hours and lots of money building our environment and making it a better place for everyone.
 As time passed more businesses and venues popped up and the community was booming with activity. Three years into it, the Lindens seemed to retreat and spend less time supporting the community and our efforts.  People took notice and morale started to decline. Squabbling, griefing, break ups and make ups became a regular occurrence that only added to the grid troubles.
There have been many changes through the years as I reflect back on my experience as an SL journalist. I’ve spent years documenting and observing the activities and people of Second Life. It saddens me to see such a great virtual world of potential be treated with such carelessness and disregard by the “Gods” who created it and their devout followers.
A decade is a long time to invest with the continued hope that all of the wonderful things Second Life has to offer only gets better with time, but I must admit I felt very disappointed by the display of community involvement handed to SL members at yesterday’s Premium Member 1SL12B Tiki Party.

I would think with the investment of every premium member’s time and money, the Lindens would have provided the community with something to marvel at while showcasing what Second Life is really capable of. It was nothing short of throwing us a shriveled up cold hotdog on a flimsy paper plate with no bun! That is how cold this party was served to us. The atmosphere was similar to a Noob landing point with no real agenda or organized plan.

 Upon landing on a bridge, it took forever to rezz and if I was lucky enough to move, I went straight for the bushes.  I could see scores of avatars standing around not really knowing what direction to go in. Some could be heard complaining about lag, others wondering why they were unable to get their free premium gift of a dinosaur avatar from the kiosk. After gaining my wits I was able to observe some of the crowd congregating around a sprinkle of Lindens who did nothing more than banter in local chat about irrelevant topics and small talk. 

After absorbing this unorganized event I expressed my opinion in open chat about my disappointment and how I expecting more out of the Lindens.  Only one other person was bold enough to agree while everyone else just stared like deer in a headlight.

I shrugged and I teleported back to the SL Enquirer Media Center to reflect on what I had witnessed and felt compelled to go back and give it another shot. Maybe it really wasn’t what it seemed and fireworks or something was about to happen while a parade of lindens would present themselves and give everyone in attendance a great show well deserved.
I went back to the party and found myself surrounded by the same sea of confused avatars just standing around and planting kisses on the asses of the few Lindens who were there. I thought to myself, is this really all they could do for us? 

Across the bridge I could see dinosaurs basking in the sand, one of which was Michael Linden. The next question that came to mind was, what do dinosaurs have to do with any of this and how does it fit the theme? I guess I should just be grateful for the bone they did throw at us and maybe it will all make sense later.

My final thought is this…

I love Second Life and still see its potential but my patience for improvement is fading. I hope to witness something spectacular at the SL12B Birthday Party; an event that shows the community they are truly appreciated and not just avatars that LL counts on who continue to work hard to breathe life into this virtual world.

I feel like the Lindens have let us down and abandoned us in many ways.  I don’t want to see them show their pixel faces because they feel they have to rather than want to. What are your thoughts on how the Lindens Gods show us their appreciation? Use the comment box below and express what you want to see. Maybe LL will step it up.


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