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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fashion-Crazy for Hair-Becca Drascol Reporting

When we think fashion, we think outfits, shoes, boots and the like. Some people tend to change and buy outfits often, as a passion, perhaps even an addiction. I know I for one am a shoes and boots fanatic. And it becomes easy to be crazy for hair when in Second life we can change hair style, color and even the cut by simply a click of a button in our inventory, or simply buying something new. In real life we can't dye our hair from blonde to deep red and back to blonde in just minutes...but in SL we can do whatever we wish with our hair as long as someone in our world creates it. As SL grows and creators do too, new HUDS make it possible to have even the wildest of looks. From black hair with purple streaks, to blue hair with a pink tipped ponytail all done with just one HUD sometimes.
With easy ways to constantly change up your "do," Second Life not only makes hair fashion fun but also simple  for even a beginner. One can so easily become a hair fanatic for many reasons. And with all the possibilities, I decided to ask residents some fun hair questions.

How often do you change hair?(not buy a new one but how often do you change one style to another from inventory)

VividDreamz Resident: Once per two weeks. I love changing it up with each outfit or every other outfit! Every hairstyle tells my mood and style that day or week.

Havenly1 Resident: Maybe twice a week, depending the outfit.

How often do you buy new hair?

VividDreamz Resident: Not very often maybe once a month because when I do buy hair I tend to buy more than one style or color.

Havenly1 Resident: Every 2 months maybe if I see something I like.

Do you prefer wild hair such as wild colors and looks? Or more glam or reserved looks?

VividDreamz Resident: Slightly all the above because some outfits are wild, some are classy., some are revealing which I like to wear something more glamorous. As I stated above each style defines my mood and style that day or week, depending on outfit.

Havenly1 Resident: Hmm I prefer more Glam looks or Reserved, but also like to go wild depending on what I’m doing :)
Havenly1 Resident: Hard question lol.

About how much do you usually spend on a new hair? Do you buy one color or fatpacks?

VividDreamz Resident: L$200 to L$400 is about the range I spend.I buy one color but in separate packs because the fatpacks tend to run higher in price than buying them individually  when I dont want fatpacks, but if I end up buying a fatpack it could range more higher priced like L$800 or more then L$1.2K.

Havenly1 Resident: One color and around 100 - 250

Do you change your hair to fit the occasion? For an event?

VividDreamz Resident: I tend to change my hair depending on color of my outfit or style of my outfit. Unless event is wild hair or something to do with hair is the only time I change it for an event. But also for a wedding I would change it for that occasion to something more classy or an updo!

Havenly1 Resident: Because I stay blonde,except one nice long red hair one I stay the most in one color.

Hair Fanatic or just hair fun…

Rather you’re a fanatic or just have fun changing styles or only change as Second Life grows and changes with the times, I think hair can be fun, crazy, bright, wild, glam or reserved. I firmly believe hair is a part of fashion especially in SL because we can freely change it on a whim to fit our needs and or wants. Unlike real life where a bad haircut has to grow back, with SL one is free to simply delete bad hair and pick a new one. Are you hair crazy? A fanatic? Or is hair just a fun part of your sense of fashion and style? I think rather you change hair every outfit or linger with one color and style for months on end, we all love hair.


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