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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ALPHA DELTA RHO: Are you Looking for Leadership? Are you Searching for True Sisterhood?

Does self development/personal growth interest you? Perhaps looking to make a positive difference in others? Maybe you've joined countless organizations only to your disappointment, been let down, because of false promises and egotistical behaviors?

Then look no further, the true sisterhood of

Imagine having the encouraging positive support in your endeavors to do great things within SL as well as RL, without having to worry if someone or thing is maliciously looking to hinder you.
Secure in having a team of devoted women making sure every little detail of your shared time, experiences, dreams, personal growth, etc... is honored with true sisterhood.

Here's how you can be apart of that right now: Take advantage of setting up an interview with our team of trained staff members of ALPHA DELTA RHO, to come see for yourself what possibilities of true professional sisterhood awaits.

Pretty exciting, right? Even if you don't think so, the people who came aboard did! Take a look...

 亗Onyx Wallace亗 (onyxstclaire) writes:

Since joining the Sorority I find that my confidence has grown in less than a week.... I have a better job than I thought that I would find here.... Alpha Delta Rho is a great place to be...all of the Big Sisters are very generous with their time, they help, and answer questions and set you at ease....the house is beautiful and very elegant with many amenities, you would never be bored being I feel like I have a family I can talk to...and depend on and, I haven't crossed over yet lol... 

joυrnae nιcole noғυgazι (shay.corpur) writes:

Ok so my testimonial is this... from the moment I walked in the door there has been nothing but open arms, and love. That itself made me feel loved, and comfortable. These group of ladies is truly amazing women as I get to know them more everyday during pledging, I haven't been disappointed. I am honored to be pledging Alpha Delta Rho and I thank these ladies for giving me a chance to be in their sorority. As I get the know my pledge line sisters they are really nice, and caring, and loving people and I cant wait to bond even more with all the ladies.

J     U     I     C     E (selena.lavradorio) writes:

Being in Second life for 6 years, I pretty much have been to myself learning, exploring, modeling, building, etc. All the things one would most-likely come to do at some point in their time here. In that time I have met some really interesting people from all walks of life, that in some shape form or fashion, I have learned something from, rather it was deemed good or bad, all of it serves a purpose. I have never been apart of anything here in second life as so far as anything family oriented for various reasons. 

That changed for me when I was greeted warmly by one of the founders of ALPHA DELTA RHO this year. I'm very private, and to myself. I have been safe that way here in second life. Since meeting the officers of the sorority, I have to admit...after being involved with these ladies, I have come to feel valued as a friend, sister, and now an officer within the sorority that allows me to give that which is needed back to all women for the purpose of sisterhood that I was shown in my time of fostering relationships with the sisters.

Gracias to you ladies of ALPHA DELTA RHO, for being TRUE to what you have not only SAID, but DONE. Your fruits you bare, are nurturing.

We want to meet with you, and show you how serious we are about you, and our purpose as refined women of sisterhood.

So what are you waiting for? Apply Now! Take and complete an application, return it to (Fill in name or links here) and get ready to put the excitement back into your Second life experiences.

"ALPHA DELTA RHO"...."Where the letters we wear doesn't make me any better then the next, but represents the better me than I used to be!

Read our Original Story in the SL Enquirer:


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