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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An In Depth Interview with the Founder of Playmates Magazine, Tazzy Jenkins- Dean Lawson Reporting…

Playmates Magazine, was established in November 2007 by Tazzy Jenkins, Founder and Editor-In-Chief. Although very busy managing the magazine, the Playmates group and several events, Tazzy was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions.

Dean : Hi Tazzy, could you provide some background as to why you decided to create this magazine?

Tazzy : The idea for Playmates Magazine was actually inspired by my SL friends who were models.  One of them mentioned that she always wanted to pose for Playboy in real life and the other ladies concurred. That's when I got the idea to start a SL version of Playboy, so my friends could fulfill their dreams.  I researched publishing systems and got every magazine in SL to see how they were put together.  Some were well done and others were horrible. It taught me what I didn't want to do with my magazine.  I wanted a quality magazine that the models would be proud of and I didn't want a ton of ad's.  I found it annoying to see an ad every 3-4 pages of content.  I also wanted the photo spreads to be fun and interesting.  So I started each issue with a themed pictorial.  The models have been everything from cowgirls, steampunk, circus performers, rock stars, prisoners to fairytale characters.  Because most people buy Playboy for the articles LOL.  I wanted to add informative and interesting articles, entertaining stories and a bit of humor.  I wanted a classy magazine that would appeal to everyone.  The most important reason I have kept Playmates on top for 8 years is for the models.  This is their dream. They work hard to perfect their look and style and they deserve to be featured in the best magazine I can produce. Second Life is a creative outlet for me.  I prefer being behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera's.  Playmates Magazine was never about me.  I created it for all the beautiful women in SL to have a chance to shine.  Since I started Playmates in 2007, I have never failed getting the magazine out on the 1st of each month and have never taken a break.

Dean : Could you tell SLE about playmates magazine?

Tazzy : Playmates Magazine is inspired by Playboy.  We feature sexy, yet classy photo's, themed pictorials, a fashion section, destination spotlights, interviews with innovative creators and sim owners, short stories, in addition to our Playmate of the Month spread and centerfold photo and monthly features such as Dr. Love-Advice Column and True Confessions- Resident confessions of their most "face palm" moments. Each issue features the cover/centerfold model-The Playmate of the Month.  In addition to the cover and centerfold they have a 12-14 page photo spread and interview.  Once the models win the Playmate of the Month contest, they are then a life-time Playmates models, as long as they are active in group.  They have photo shoots every month for the themed pictorials, story photo's and articles.  All models in Playmates Magazine were once a Playmate of the Month.  The contest is held at Playmates Headquarters and runs all month.  The winner is announced at 4pm the second Saturday of every month.  Details and information about our Playmate of the Month contest can be found at the Playmates Magazine Headquarters.

Our staff works on each issue a month ahead.  So we may be taking holiday photo's in October but this way no one is rushed and we always have leg room for those SL glitches or delays.  We have staff meetings and brainstorm ideas each month then I write an itinerary for all the staff detailing assignments and deadlines.
We do sell advertisement but we also use a bartering system. The Playmates do appearances at different clubs for free. They have matching costumes and dance together on a HUD. They encourage tips for the clubs DJ, host and staff and keeps the club hopping. It's a win win situation.  Playmates gets exposure and the club gets traffic and more tips.  Plus we will advertise the club for free in the next issue of Playmates.  We only allow 10-12 ad's per 200 pages, so space is limited.

We have a staff that has been working for Playmates for years.
Katelin Skytower has been a writer for Playmates since 2009. She writes articles, short stories and True Confessions.
Jane Roux has been writing the Dr. Love advice column since 2010.
Fawn Moonwing has been writing for Playmates since 2010
Jeanine Rayna has been a writer and photographer since 2011.
Trevor Rookstown has been a writer/reporter since 2011.
Tommi Waydelich has been our centerfold photographer since 2011.
Aaliyah Hana has been Plymates event manager since 2012
ImaHotOne is our themed pictorial photographer and has been with Playmates since 2014
Courtezan Resident is our general manager and has been with Playmates since 2012.
In honor of my dearest friend, I have to mention that one of the best photographers Playmates ever had was Sherlynn Donner who passed away last April.  Sherlynn was with Playmates since 2008 and she was loved and is greatly missed.

Dean : Are you a model, writer or a photographer for the magazine? If so could you describe your involvement?

Tazzy : I am the founder, editor-in-chief and the "mom" to the Playmates.  I put the magazine together and publish it.  I do not model but I do photography.  I make all ad's, graphics, event promo posters and also pictorial photo's and the cover photo's.
I guess you could say I'm the glue that holds it all together.  I take the responsibility seriously.  It's my job to make sure all the models are happy and heard. Without the models, we wouldn't have a magazine.  We have meetings where everyone can voice their ideas or concerns.  It's important to me that they feel special. They get gifts and party's and have a big mansion thats just for them.

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