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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas - Dean Lawson Reporting

What do you get the avatar that has everything?

Although economics does have an impact on purchase considerations in Second Life, when one considers the dollarbie mansion skyboxes and freebie sports cars on the marketplace, it would seem the sky is the limit when looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. Being new to SL I was sure there were plenty of stores and boutiques that I had yet to discover that would offer great Valentine’s Day gifts but after conducting a survey of my fellow SL Residents I was surprised to discover that what people wanted most for Valentine’s Day, was not something that could be found in a box.
When asked what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, Traci Butt (yvettehuntington) replied; “A handsome guy to take me dancing would be the perfect Valentine gift for SL:)”
Barbie Alchemi answered; “I like to have a shared fun experience. Like going to a beautiful sim that I have never seen before and talking in voice with my friends while we explore.”
While Catalina™  (katinnah)  said; “My gift could be spend some special time together, on a nice place, a place he doesnt knows…"

There were some people who offered more conventional ideas. Such as LadyAddor who replied; "When i send a gift i get them TrigiGifts … they have a lot of cute stuff for B Day Christmas"
Kris  Voráček (kr1sfgf) answered; "yikes um.. i dont even know i would look on MP for jewelry to be honest...  JCNY and maxi gossimer"
Charmed Melody answered; “If I had a Valentine to give a gift card to his fav SL store … to receive one I wouldn’t mind some roses or a teddy bear."
Jett (aylajet.topaz) replied; “Personally I like a mesh body … Everything and anything all mesh … yay"
Lillie (lillie.reggiane) answered; “… the best gift I received from someone on SL was ice skates and a way cute skating outfit. Then we went skating together."

But overall I found most people where more interested in a unique experience as opposed to a gift that could be bought.
Héloïse V. Boréalis (anaryane) responded; "I think in SL, you can surprise. By example, a notecard with a nice poem, a sort of treasure hunt at home (and why not, build an ambient ?) and à meeting on a beautiful sim ... Treasure hunt at home, it will be funny!"
Lace (whiteprincess1) wrote; "Well I rented some land and built a beautiful date site with many wonderful  things.. and apier with a dinner table and chairs and petals... I have already bought the balloons for valentines day ;)"
Sadie (sadiestark) replied; "A great Valentines gift would be one that took some time and thought to put together.  Like setting up a romantic night starting with a show where a live singer might sing a dedication. After that maybe some quiet dancing at a venue created at home just for spending special time with the one you love.  The most important part is total focus on the person you are with and making them smile ... giving someone something to smile about is the best gift for any occasion :)"

Images produced by Sizzelle and 0THELLA courtesy of MAGE Magazine


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