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Showing posts with label St. Valentine's Day. Show all posts

Thursday, February 9, 2017

SL Enquirer Valentine’s Day 2017 Poem Contest

Whether it’s the memory of Love, Love that has stood the test of time, or the rush of young Love, that’s what we celebrate each February 14 on Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic than to express through your own poetry about that special Love for your loved one to read (and for our readers). So it’s time to send us your poem about those tender feelings and romantic thoughts to our poetry contest.

Express your love – in 250 words or less and tell the metaverse what makes your Valentine special!

Write a poem about, or to your Valentine and submit it via email to or
Be sure to include your avatar name and for whom (fiancée, spouse, parent, child, lost love, etc.) your poem is written.
2017 Prizes:
First prize is Linden$ 5000
Second Prize is Linden$ 2000
Third Prize Linden$ 500
Lanai Jarrico and Lacy Muircastle will select the winners.  Entries must be received by 12.30 pm SLT February 12, 2017. The winners will be notified on Monday, February 13, 2017. The winning poems will be published in the SL Enquirer on February 14, 2017.

Be my Valentine - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

February 14 as a date became a day for love, and it was all thanks to Chaucer.

“Be my Valentine” - the word’s that make the heart beat faster and the world seem dreamier.  I remember at school (back in the day…) how we bought pink cardboard cut-out hearts and wrote a little messages on the back.  Then we’d wait in excruciating anticipation to see if we’d get a heart ourselves on the day.  It was always a successful fund raiser even if it left a few bruised souls in its wake.

 Chaucer the author of Canterbury Tales wrote a poem in 1382 entitled “Parliament of Fowles,” , the birds:
“Birds, take heed of what I say; and for your welfare and to further your needs I will hasten as fast as I can speak.  You well know how on Saint Valentine’s Day, by my statute and through my ordinance, you come to choose your mates, as I prick you with sweet pain, and then fly on your way.”

The popularity of Chaucer’s poem, which likely stems from a pre-existing general belief, at least in medieval England, that February 14 is the day when birds choose their mates, is what truly cemented the idea that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love.  This belief may have been recorded in medieval bestiaries, popular early books that compiled stories about animals, mythical and otherwise.  Never mind that not all birds mate for life.  Penguins do, as do geese and falcons.  But ducks, for instance, do not—yet the Mandarin Duck is a Chinese symbol for fidelity.

The first known Valentine Card, and reference to someone as a “valentine,” date to only a century after Chaucer’s popular poem.  On 14 February 1477, an English woman named Margery Brews wrote to her love, John Paston of Norfolk:
Right reverent and worshipful and my right well-beloved valentine, I recommend me unto you full heartedly, desiring to hear of your welfare, which I beseech Almighty God long for to preserve unto his pleasure and your heart’s desire.”

Renaissance images of amorini (little love gods) or cherubic putti were also shaped by Classical images of Eros figures and contributed to the gorwing tradition. Of course, much of the Classical tradition of a winged Cupid or Eros – as seen above in the Romantic Era Cupid sculpture in the Louvre by Antoine-Denis Chaudet –  a prankster often shooting love arrows into unsuspecting humans has also been absorbed into modern Valentine’s Day imagery.

At the British Postal Museum, the first known heart-shaped card is preserved, a sheet of paper from 1790 that folds, origami-like, to literally break apart the painted heart-shaped exterior.  Outside, the card reads: “My dear the Heart which you behold/Will break when you the same unfold/Even so my heart with lovesick pain/Sore wounded is and breaks in twain.”  When the heart is “broken” open, one more line of text lies inside: “My dearest dear and blest divine/I’ve pictured here thy heart and mine.”  These antique valentines, from 1477 and 1790, do not sound so far removed from modern-day Hallmark cards.
The general heart-shape that we now associate with love and Valentine’s Day, which does not look much like a real human heart, may be found in Renaissance art, including Donatello’s relief sculpture, Miracle of the Miser’s Heart (1447-50), as Oxford professor Martin Kemp notes in his recent book Christ to Coke: How Image Becomes Icon.  A Catholic cult developed around the Sacred Heart around the Counter-Reformation.  A burning heart came to be associated with Catholic mysticism and the supernatural phenomenon of “incendium amoris,” the fire of love, in which a worshiper has an out-of-body experience (ex stasis, from which comes the term “ecstasy”) and literally becomes burning hot with spiritual love for God.

While variations on the heart image have been around for centuries, it was not until 1977 that the cartoon heart image was codified by designer Milton Glaser, as part of the “I (Heart) NY” campaign, wherein the heart-shape acts as a rebus, an image standing in for a word or idea.

This Valentine’s Day we hope your hearts desires come true.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Interview with Cupid 2016- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Every Valentine’s Day it seems the previous Cupid quits his position, goes into hiding and it is taken over by someone new. This year I decided to appoint one very sexy avatar myself as Cupid 2016. He didn’t need to be in a competition nor did he sign up for the job. Based on his charm, outrageously chiseled abs, assortment of tattoos and piercings- I just knew he would be the perfect candidate. When I approached him, he didn’t even put up a fight. In fact, he gladly accepted the bow and arrow. So without further adieu, please meet Cupid 2016.

Lanai: FFS! I love my job. Hi there Cupid...thank you for allowing me to give you the title of Cupid 2016. Out of all the men I’ve stared down across SL, I have to say you caught my attention for this prestigious and very important position.

Cupid 2016: Thank you Lanai, it is my pleasure! Any man in their right mind wouldn’t turn down such a position. In case you are wondering how many positions I’m good at I can enlighten you after this interview.

Lanai: o.O Ohhh a bold one…. I certainly found the right guy for this position but I have to decline that offer. I am a professional. *slips her number under the table*
Soooooo Cupid… How do you intend on breaking in your new title?

Cupid 2016: First, I want to start by saying every woman in Second Life deserves to be treated like a queen with the exception of the drama queens who make other’s Second Life a "living nightmare."

Lanai: That is the sweetest thing to say, and I can certainly agree with you on the drama queens point. They never seem to learn their lesson. Well, we will let Santa deal with them.

Cupid 2016: Good Idea. But I doubt he will have enough coal for them all. So back to your question. My first order of business will have to be offering some advice to the “men” of Second Life. We all know the ratio of men vs. women is severely in need of a balance. There are so many women and not enough men. When you separate the boys from the men, the ratio is just so off balance, many women will be without Valentine’s this year.

Lanai: Very interesting observation Cupid. So what type of advice are you giving men?

Cupid 2016: I’m not here to blow smoke up anyone’s prims but I have to say men need to step up their game, especially when it comes to appearance. Mesh bodies are in, so all you cookie cutter avies out there with your twins running around, need to find their own identity already. It’s 2016. Once men realize women want to see a man who pays attention to detail, then finding and keeping a woman is more likely. It is common sense really.

Lanai: I agree. Besides appearance though, there’s has to be some substance to their personality too?

Cupid 2016: That should go without saying. Having respect for woman and being a gentleman is a lost art sad to say. What I have learned through my experience with countless women is they like to feel like they matter. It is the little things that count the most. Like surprises and thoughtful dates. But what I know for sure is women can thrive off three very important things.
1. Compliments
2. Sexy arm candy and
3. Shoes.
…...Not necessarily in that order though.

Lanai: Aww you are a romantic under all that body art and bad boy style. You also makes a lot of sense. But doesn’t it also apply to women to look their best for their man?

Cupid 2016: I try.
And to be completely honest for most SL men a nice pair of (BLEEPS) and a big round (BLEEP) are enough to keep them focused. For others, yes the ladies need to step up their game also and pay attention to how they dress and most importantly how they act. It shouldn't be one-sided.

Lanai: That’s true. Nurturing each other's needs is very important. What advice do you have for the ladies?

Cupid 2016: Well Lanai, not every lady shows the type of class you do. It takes a real woman to wear a suit like you do and be sexier than a woman with all her prims spilling out. It’s about how a woman carries herself. Confidence, class, creativity with the perfect amount of naughty.

Lanai: Thank you for the compliment. I see where you are coming from.

Cupid 2016: So Lanai, where’s your arm candy? Do you have a Valentine this year?

Lanai: Uhhhhh. I’m...well….Wait. How did this interview turnaround? Let’s just say I have a lot of shoes…

Cupid 2016: Are you telling me you have a fetish?

Lanai: No! I’m just saying… Let’s just move on. *blushes*

Cupid 2016: For such a social butterfly you seem to be struggling Ms. Jarrico. If you don’t have a Valentine, I’ll use my first arrow on anyone you choose. Just say the name and he’s yours.

Lanai: *facepalms*  Fine! shoot yourself in the a** for me and I’ll see you on Valentine’s Day...and if you are stuck on a gift idea, I wear a size 6 ½.

Cupid 2016: clever little devil aren't you…and be warned I wear a size 12 *smiles*

Lanai: O.o

Happy Valentine’s Day SLE Fans!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas - Dean Lawson Reporting

What do you get the avatar that has everything?

Although economics does have an impact on purchase considerations in Second Life, when one considers the dollarbie mansion skyboxes and freebie sports cars on the marketplace, it would seem the sky is the limit when looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. Being new to SL I was sure there were plenty of stores and boutiques that I had yet to discover that would offer great Valentine’s Day gifts but after conducting a survey of my fellow SL Residents I was surprised to discover that what people wanted most for Valentine’s Day, was not something that could be found in a box.
When asked what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, Traci Butt (yvettehuntington) replied; “A handsome guy to take me dancing would be the perfect Valentine gift for SL:)”
Barbie Alchemi answered; “I like to have a shared fun experience. Like going to a beautiful sim that I have never seen before and talking in voice with my friends while we explore.”
While Catalina™  (katinnah)  said; “My gift could be spend some special time together, on a nice place, a place he doesnt knows…"

There were some people who offered more conventional ideas. Such as LadyAddor who replied; "When i send a gift i get them TrigiGifts … they have a lot of cute stuff for B Day Christmas"
Kris  Voráček (kr1sfgf) answered; "yikes um.. i dont even know i would look on MP for jewelry to be honest...  JCNY and maxi gossimer"
Charmed Melody answered; “If I had a Valentine to give a gift card to his fav SL store … to receive one I wouldn’t mind some roses or a teddy bear."
Jett (aylajet.topaz) replied; “Personally I like a mesh body … Everything and anything all mesh … yay"
Lillie (lillie.reggiane) answered; “… the best gift I received from someone on SL was ice skates and a way cute skating outfit. Then we went skating together."

But overall I found most people where more interested in a unique experience as opposed to a gift that could be bought.
Héloïse V. Boréalis (anaryane) responded; "I think in SL, you can surprise. By example, a notecard with a nice poem, a sort of treasure hunt at home (and why not, build an ambient ?) and à meeting on a beautiful sim ... Treasure hunt at home, it will be funny!"
Lace (whiteprincess1) wrote; "Well I rented some land and built a beautiful date site with many wonderful  things.. and apier with a dinner table and chairs and petals... I have already bought the balloons for valentines day ;)"
Sadie (sadiestark) replied; "A great Valentines gift would be one that took some time and thought to put together.  Like setting up a romantic night starting with a show where a live singer might sing a dedication. After that maybe some quiet dancing at a venue created at home just for spending special time with the one you love.  The most important part is total focus on the person you are with and making them smile ... giving someone something to smile about is the best gift for any occasion :)"

Images produced by Sizzelle and 0THELLA courtesy of MAGE Magazine