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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel.  Finale Couture has what it takes to make you just so.   

The design talent behind the brand name Finale Couture is Cerise Emor, and she has recently been voted one of the top three Best New Fashion Designers in SL

This Jersey girl was born in the land of the Sopranos.  She has a work background in the medical field.  She said “SL lured me in because of the opportunity it offered me to show my design ideas to a worldwide audience. Even though fashion design is my hobby in SL, it is, however, my passion.
Her design style is timeless yet fashionable. She said “My designs are unique in the way that when you see them, you say, I would wear that in RL!  Realistic texturing of the fur and fabric pattern is extremely important to me.”

She draws inspiration from many things, including  inanimate objects for example a chain link fence, a flower, colors in a piece of art, etc. for texturing and as for the clothing itself, her personal style is her greatest inspiration.

I asked Cerise how mesh has impacted on what she designs. She said   “Lol HUGE! Texturing, whether it be mesh or system clothing is difficult at times to make it look REAL! It's easy to simply slap a solid color on an item but that is not designing! Designing is a vision, unique to each of us....and it takes time and patience. Mesh may look more realistic, however, I wish it had the motion and movement that flexi's do. In a perfect SL world that is!”

Her advice to anyone interested in getting into the SL fashion design business is first and foremost, to be kind to others!  She said “being a designer does not make you a "God" or better than anyone else, you simply have a different talent! Also, make it I've said, slapping a solid color on an item is not designing!! Take your time, practice and do it well. Yu don't need to spend mega lindens to make an amazing product!”

Cerise plans for Finale Couture on being around for many more years, God willing.  She will continue to growing the business and keeping it as affordable as possible.
Step out in style with class and elegance with Finale Couture. 

You can find the store at Sweethearts Plaza:



The Marketplace store is up and running but under construction:


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