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Friday, March 18, 2016

Avie Poll: What are your thoughts on the Sansar Project? How will it affect you?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The Sansar Project aka SL 2.0 is a new virtual world platform (not launched to the public just yet) with many similarities to the existing Second Life platform. However, the Sansar project claims it will democratize Virtual Reality as a creative medium with a multitude of options, from entertainment and gaming to architecture, education, art, healthcare, business meetings, training, conferences and more.

  It is speculated by many this new world will hammer the last nail into the coffin for Second Life as we know it.  Some SL residents are prepared to make the move to the new world while abandoning the old. Many others wonder what will happen to the world we all have come to love and worked hard to preserve. Who will stay and who will go?

We have seen the downfall of one virtual world for another back in 2004, when virtual world gamers from The SIMS Online made their way to Second Life and other virtual worlds. The decline in users for a more advance virtual civilization became apparent when TSO shut down its grid. It is now 2016 and once again advancement in Virtual World Technology has come.

SLE set out to ask avatars across the grid how they feel about SL 2.0 and how it might affect them. It seems many don't think Second Life will come to an end and are hopeful for the future.  It is hard to predict what will become of this current virtual world if a mass exodus occurs, so we can only wait and see.


What are your thoughts on the Sansar Project? How will it affect you? Do you see yourself abandoning SL for this new VR civilization?


Coηtєssα Mαrquєz Mirαbєℓℓα  (contessa.marquez), Second Life Resident, RP Community (10 years 4 months; 3789 days)

“Never will abandon this original platform. I will visit the new platform but won't leave from here.”

 Do you think Sansar Project will drain SL like it did to TSO?

“Nope, doubt it. Many of us have lots of RL money invested in here”.


Dragon (dragonheart.spiritweaver), CEO of Imagine Magazine (6 years 2 months; 2252 days)
“Expensive and competition from so many other types of entertainment make me wonder how it will be supported, but the future is there at some point.  This SL has lost a certain vitality with a stagnant population that is less creative people and with the opening of the teen grid the 'adult' population seems to have left for other interests of which this new tech may draw some”.


Filipa Thespian, CEO, Editor-In-Chief, Nu Vibez Magazine (7 years 5 months; 2724 days)

“Well I think Sansar is exciting from the prospect of the improved functions, the quality of graphics, and all the good things we've heard that it is or will be.  If it is all they've been saying, I think it's a lovely opportunity.  I do not see it "replacing" Second Life ... at least not while SL is still making as much money as it does.  I did an article in my last issue of NuVibez about this where I shared the income statements that I do NOT believe LL will abandon.  As long as the finances here are viable, I believe SL will stay.
 I do see it though becoming a functional asset for things like business meetings, education and other things that currently SL is not able to do because of the huge "adult" situation and because of the limited functional technology.
 I do NOT see abandoning SL until such time as there is no longer a member base here that means anything meaningful for our businesses and I do not see abandoning it completely until such time as (after the masses are gone) my friends I spend time with are gone”.

 see page #38 and 40
 Filipa shares important information about SL and The Sansar Project.


pup Witherspoon,  leisure Second Lifer (9 years 11 months; 3650 days)

“My best guess is that there will be a new VR civilization out there that attracts me, I'm not sure it will be Sansar.  I have real doubts that the Lindens can pull off the best VR environment.  My bet is on Mark Zuckerberg, I'm pretty sure he's up to something with VR.. he didn't hire Cory Linden (Ondrejka) and buy up Oculus Rift just for fun and giggles”.


Andy (anirban73.simons) Model for AV Top Models (9 years 3 months; 3385 days)

“I wont abandon SL, unless, they allow all my inventory and lindens to be transferred to Sansar, should I like it. SL should continue. Another important thing is, the hardware requirement, graphics shouldn't be such that people have to change or upgrade their PC or laptop”.


Baeric Constantine, Second Life Resident (7 years 10 months; 2861 days)
“There are a number of VR realms similar to SL, and though they were and are frequented, they did not reflect the success of Second Life.  For a period, Linden Research ran High Fidelity, and though I looked into this it was not intuitive and learning to move was a chore. How this will reflect on Sansar, I cannot determine, but I am not sure it will supersede the success of Second Life.  As for me leaving Second Life and joining Sansar, I will have to wait... It may require the purchase of better equipment, in which case this will present a problem. If I am able, I will likely venture into it and see if it can be something to move into in the future, but for now, I do not see myself leaving Second Life”.


Rysan Fall, Fall Films Machinima Producer (8 years 3 months; 3027 days)
“I probably won’t abandon SL but if it is what it claims to be it is, it will make what I do better”.


JenzZa Misfit, Misfit Dance & Performance Art (9 years 9 months; 3571 days)

 “I have no interest in the Sansar Project -- I believe old SL will live on :)  period”.

What are your thoughts? Use the comment box below!


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