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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Interview with a DJ - Camury Reporting…

Have you ever thought you wanted to be a master of music, conjurer of sound magic, that is a DJ?  I decided to investigate what it takes to be a DJ in Second Life.

Music makes our virtual world go round.  Listening to music and dancing are two of the most popular pastimes in SL. Most sims stream in music but it’s at the dedicated clubs  and music venues that it all really happens.

A good DJ is therefore essential to keep the crowds entertained and traffic up on the SIM. There are infinite options, rhythms and music styles for all tastes and enjoyment.

Becoming a DJ in Second Life is not easy at all. It’s fairly arduous keeping the vibe of a party going and encouraging people onto the dance floor.  It requires discipline and flexibility with regard to keeping up with schedules.  A DJ needs to own the tools of the trade that would enable them to be professional in what they do. 

During my research I came across the Moonlighter's Club which is a relatively new music club in SL.

The Moonlighters hosts several events per week.  Live DJ's play all kinds of great
genres. It’s a warm and friendly place where you could take someone special with you
or make new friends. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender or species. So, just come as
you are and bring some Linden $ with you to have fun with the beautiful dancers at the bar.

I interviewed DJ Aston, one of the owners of Moonligther´s Club, to learn more about the difficult task of being a DJ in Second Life.

 Camury: What does it takes to be a good DJ in Second Life?

DJ Aston: Being able to entertain a crowd and keep them interested making all guests happy

Camury: What is the main skill that a DJ should have?

DJ Aston: A good ear for music and knowing what to play for the crowd you have.

Camury: What do you like more about being a DJ in SL?

DJ Aston: I love to entertain and make people happy and i also love music.

Camury: What is the hardest part of being a DJ?

DJ Aston: For me nothing as i love it and comes natural to me

Camury: What are the music genres that you like?

DJ Aston: I like all genres I can’t pick any specific ones.

Camury: Name clubs where you’ve worked for before.

DJ Aston: Old Lar´s naughty twins, Heartlands Club, Escape Club, Moonlighter´s.

Camury: What advice would you give to those who want to be a DJ?

DJ Aston: Learn to enjoy music and listen to as many genres as you can.

Camury: What are your plans for the future?

DJ Aston: I have just opened my own strip club and doing very well love my staff and love music I am living my dream in SL…

Would you like to attend a few concerts? Live DJ’s? Good music? Or maybe you just want a friendly atmosphere with no drama around. So what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and come dancing at Moonlighter´s Club to DJ Aston’s tunes.

Taxi to Moonlighter´s Club:


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