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Showing posts with label SL music venues. Show all posts

Monday, April 17, 2017

Whispering Sands Live Promotions, promoting live music in Second Life

We have the perfect entertainment match for your function. Are you planning a wedding, group launch, corporate team event, year-end party, charity drive, fashion show, birthday bash, an anniversary celebration? Or do you need to put your music venue on the grid? Let us manage all your event's musical needs from sourcing the artist right through to timing the performance.  We have many years of experience, a proven track record and many happy clients.

Want to book a singer or make that event special and memorable?  Talk to Us

Currently we represent 15 performers covering all Genres and time zones.  We’re in our third year of business and know how to make things go smoothly for the club owner or manager or even for individuals booking a special event.  You work hard to have a venue that people want to come too, or you want to make your event something that everyone will remember, we can help with all that and this is how........ 

If you’re looking for a specific performer or you need to fill a particular time slot, we’ll take your information and check the performer’s availability or who else may be available at the time you require.  We will contact you the relevant options for you to make your choice from.

Once you have narrowed your choices down to one or two people, we’ll contact the performers either in world or in real life and reconfirm that they do not have real life plans for the scheduled time and can physically be there to perform the show. This provides huge time benefits to our clients. Venues spend less time having to look for and contact individual performers to determine who can do the show, and performers spend less time having to get to know the requirements of new venues.  After both parties have agreed upon a date and time for the performance, Whispering Sands Live Promotions will ask the venue for a landmark for where the show will be performed and if there is any dress code required to attend the show.

And that’s not all folks… generally speaking you’d think that was it until show time, but it’s not when dealing with WSLP.  To ensure your booking goes smoothly, we reconfirm the show or event.  What that means is, to prevent confusion and possible double bookings, all of our confirmations are done by a single person.  Prior to sending out the confirmation, we double check the performer’s calendar and if available the venues calendar to make sure there are no conflicts or double bookings.
The confirmation includes all the details for the show; date, start and end time, location with land mark, performers name, venue name, the venue contact name, performer’s fee, dress code, the performer’s bio for event listing, a promo pic of the performer, and the performer’s stream details for the show. The confirmation with all of this information will then be sent to both the performer and the venue providing both parties with everything they need to know for the show.  This helps prevent any miscommunication or misunderstandings about the booked show.

Everyone understands that promoting a show or event is necessary. If no one knows about it, there won’t be anyone there. Of course the performers want as many people as possible to attend their shows to hear them perform, but this is not the primary reason we do as much promotion of the show we possibly can. The primary reason we do what we do, is because the performers are providing a paid service to the venues. Part of the service they provide includes attracting as many people as they can to the venue, and so that the venue can show both the performer and the audience what they have to offer.   

So how do we promote the show?

After a show is confirmed, we add it to both the performers’ individual calendar and to our master calendar. This adds the show to our daily schedule that is listed down the right hand side of our website which averages about 100 views a day.  On the day of the show we ensure the show is included on our daily schedule Facebook post which lists both the performers name and the venue name.  These posts average 350 to 400 views a day.  We arrange to have an individual Facebook post for the show on the day of the show and it is shared across multiple Facebook groups, twitter and Google plus. We add the show to our hosting schedule to make sure a host is present to promote the show in-world on the day.  Most importantly we ensure that the show is listed in the Second Life events search under live music. Because this requires land permissions only the venue themselves are able to do this.

The day before the booking we reconfirm calendars, check events listings to see if listed and if not gently remind venue that it needs to be done as this is where the huge majority of the people who attend shows on a regular basis look to determine which show they will attend for that particular hour.

On the day of the show we ensure all promotions are going out, that the host who has agreed to do show is taking care of her stuff... all of this to help get people to attend YOUR event.  If something happens in real life, for example health wise, and the performer we have booked for you cannot make the show, we will ensure you get a replacement performer to make sure your event still goes ahead and that you don’t have to panic about it.

Showtime is always hectic for all involved... making it look seamless and easy is our job.  We schedule everything from sending notices, letting the performer know who is following them, what they should be promoting, getting tags to rezz, greeting people as they arrive, and just making things go as smoothly as possible for you.

You will have noticed that 90% of what we do is done on behalf of the performers in order that a better quality show is provided and that they provide the best service they can offer a venue. This is why Whispering Sands Live Promotions is the only place to come when looking for performers.  The worry of chasing down artists, booking and confirming and then reconfirming and checking for issues is not your problem.  As they say...  try us, you may like us!

Please have a look around and get in touch if you would like to use our services.

Management Team:

Jorrdan Jarman

Keileigh Galaxy


Troy Nelson 

Winter Fleur

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Talk about Pop music - Camury reporting...

Ever heard the song “Pop Muzik” by Robin Scott from way back in 1979?   You’re forgiven if you haven’t, it was a bit cheesy even back then.

Get up, get down

Radio, video, boogie with a suitcase
Your livin' in a disco, forget about the rat race
Let's do the milkshake, sellin' like a hotcake
Try some, buy some fee-fi-fo-fum

Talk about pop musik
Talk about pop musik

Get up, get down

That got me thinking about pop music and how it came to be a genre.  It originated in its modern form in the United States and United Kingdom during the mid 1950's. The terms "popular music" and "pop music" are often used interchangeably, although the former describes all music that is popular and includes many styles. "Pop" and "rock" were synonymous terms until the late 1960's, when they were increasingly used in opposition from each other.

Pop music is eclectic, and often borrows elements from other styles such as urban, dance, rock, Latin and country.

Characteristics of pop music include an aim of appealing to a general audience, rather than to a particular sub-culture or ideology, and an emphasis on craftsmanship rather than formal "artistic" qualities.  Music scholar Timothy Warner said it typically has an emphasis on recording, production, and technology, rather than live performance; a tendency to reflect existing trends rather 
than progressive developments and aims to encourage dancing or uses dance-oriented rhythms.

Music and dancing are the back bone of Second Life’s social scene and there a many dance clubs in SL that welcome you with friendly staff and a great mix of music.  You can be sure that you will find a club that plays your kind of music.

Here are my picks of five great venues in Second Life for you to appreciate pop music, get your boogie on and generally have fun:

Big Daddy's '80s Club

Great music. Good times. Experience the sounds of the '80s at Big Daddy's. In this cozy club, the music of the 80's sways all the time! Join the chat with DJs, employees and other 80's music fans at this fun club filled with dancing, and have fun enjoying the best of pop music.


Blackhearts is a popular club in Second Life founded in 2007. The club has some of the greatest live DJs playing pop music from the 1970s to current hits, and has some of the most energetic hosts around. Come and listen to pop music from the past and experience the energy of today's pop music at this fun club with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

Muddy's Music Cafe

Muddy's Music Cafe is one of Second Life best known places for those who want to dance and listen to music. Find friends, meet new people and have fun. This club offers music from Djs in several genres of pop. You can also explore the club's surroundings and shop in the local shops.

Old Lar’s House*

Old Lar's House is the place for friendly adult fun! A long-standing adult club in Second Life, Old Lar's is famous for its fun conversations, bar dancers and awesome live DJ's. Let loose in this fun, relaxed adult club.

Old Lar's is a club that will bring to you the best music ever. Visit them and spend a delightful time listening to the best of pop music. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. The sexy dancers create good energy and take their clothes off in exchange for tips.

*Please be aware that this club has an ADULT rating.

Club Havoc

Club Havoc plays all genres of music (except country). The Havoc Staff is among the friendliest around and the atmosphere will draw you in while the music fills your senses with delight!  If you are a pop music lover looking for a meeting spot in Second Life, Club Havoc  is the place for you!  You can hear live mixes and hangout at this hot, friendly spot for singles and couples. If you’ve not visited it before it will immediately become one of your favorite places.

So what are you waiting for? “Get up, get down…” Go have some fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Interview with a DJ - Camury Reporting…

Have you ever thought you wanted to be a master of music, conjurer of sound magic, that is a DJ?  I decided to investigate what it takes to be a DJ in Second Life.

Music makes our virtual world go round.  Listening to music and dancing are two of the most popular pastimes in SL. Most sims stream in music but it’s at the dedicated clubs  and music venues that it all really happens.

A good DJ is therefore essential to keep the crowds entertained and traffic up on the SIM. There are infinite options, rhythms and music styles for all tastes and enjoyment.

Becoming a DJ in Second Life is not easy at all. It’s fairly arduous keeping the vibe of a party going and encouraging people onto the dance floor.  It requires discipline and flexibility with regard to keeping up with schedules.  A DJ needs to own the tools of the trade that would enable them to be professional in what they do. 

During my research I came across the Moonlighter's Club which is a relatively new music club in SL.

The Moonlighters hosts several events per week.  Live DJ's play all kinds of great
genres. It’s a warm and friendly place where you could take someone special with you
or make new friends. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender or species. So, just come as
you are and bring some Linden $ with you to have fun with the beautiful dancers at the bar.

I interviewed DJ Aston, one of the owners of Moonligther´s Club, to learn more about the difficult task of being a DJ in Second Life.

 Camury: What does it takes to be a good DJ in Second Life?

DJ Aston: Being able to entertain a crowd and keep them interested making all guests happy

Camury: What is the main skill that a DJ should have?

DJ Aston: A good ear for music and knowing what to play for the crowd you have.

Camury: What do you like more about being a DJ in SL?

DJ Aston: I love to entertain and make people happy and i also love music.

Camury: What is the hardest part of being a DJ?

DJ Aston: For me nothing as i love it and comes natural to me

Camury: What are the music genres that you like?

DJ Aston: I like all genres I can’t pick any specific ones.

Camury: Name clubs where you’ve worked for before.

DJ Aston: Old Lar´s naughty twins, Heartlands Club, Escape Club, Moonlighter´s.

Camury: What advice would you give to those who want to be a DJ?

DJ Aston: Learn to enjoy music and listen to as many genres as you can.

Camury: What are your plans for the future?

DJ Aston: I have just opened my own strip club and doing very well love my staff and love music I am living my dream in SL…

Would you like to attend a few concerts? Live DJ’s? Good music? Or maybe you just want a friendly atmosphere with no drama around. So what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and come dancing at Moonlighter´s Club to DJ Aston’s tunes.

Taxi to Moonlighter´s Club:

Monday, July 13, 2015

The MONTROSE Club - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

SL Clubs and music venues come and go, like the ebb and flow of the ocean, without so much as causing the smallest ripple in the hub bub of Second Life.  Then there are those clubs that blossom with a sense of purpose, and whose arrival you just know will make the SL music scene more visible, or should that be more audible?

Just such a music venue threw open its doors this past weekend.  And to put it plainly, it’s simply sensational.

Carla and Capt. Bill
Presenting The MONTROSE Club, owned and run by ᴄᴀʀʟᴀ (CarlanaMegane Resident) and Cαρт. W. Pαтєrѕση (SchoonerBill Resident).  The reason I say that this venue is going to make a significant impression on the music world of SL is down to its owners, Carla and Capt. Bill, two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.  They are welcoming, and friendly and inclusive, which makes for a place you want to be and want to spend time at.