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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tips on Summer Flings/Dating in Second Life and how to keep the spark going

It’s still summer in Second life! The bars, clubs and beaches are full of people from different parts of the world looking for fun and romance. When we enroll in a relationship, even if it’s just virtual, we want everything to go well. But to make that possible it’s necessary to follow some tips that can guarantee the summer romances’ success.
How to flirt:
  1. Check the Radar. Pay attention to the possibilities. Look around and see who attracts you. Don’t be a perfectionist and don’t go with all as well.

  1. If you are interested in someone around you, show it! Lt the person know you are looking and try to establish eye contact with him or her. However, do it slowly. Avoid to stare at a person.

  1. Create an atmosphere of mystery and fun. Flirt is a dance of interests. Observe from distance while getting ready to be looked at. Have good humor.

  1. Play with the space. Get closer to foreign spots. Flirt is a movement, it is a surprise. Be creative.

  1. If you manage to establish a good eye contact, use other way to contact with him or her. Break the ice. Get closer and start talking!

  1. What should you talk about? You don’t need to be a poet or a writer, you just have to talk about interesting subjects. You can talk about something that’s happening, make an honest compliment, you can also ask something. It doesn’t matter.

  1. Don’t complain. Its very unpleasant to meet someone who is always complaining about life. Say nice things about life and about yourself.
  2. Learn to listen. Show interest in the person.
  3. Don’t be too serious. Use some little jokes and be daring at times. However don’t exaggerate at it.
  4. Nowadays, the easier path is to go right to virtual sex. But if you manage to create other communication bridges, looking for same interests you’ll have more chance of a long term relationship.
  5. If you liked a person, try not to lose him or her from your sight. Try to schedule another date and offer your friendship. If you don’t like the person, be thankful for the conversation and leave politely.

How to keep the flame burning:
  1. Don’t let romance go into monotony.

  1. If there’s something that can ruin the life of a couple e monotony. Days start to be repetitive which gets boring. Be creative so each day will be different. Ask your partner out to visit some galleries, go out to a bar or club, explore or go for a walk to break the routine.

  1. Ward off Jealousy
Jealousy is a big problem to most couples, even more when its out of control. Feel a little jealous is normal. However that can not affect the individual life outside the relationship of each person.

  1. Do not betray your partner
You might want to risk with a parallel romance but if your partner finds out it can run your relationship forever. It’s important to establish some rules right from the start. Negociate the possibility of an open relationship is important to avoid future lies.
  1. Be romantic, but not too much.
We all enjoy nice words and romantic dinners but don’t exaggerate. No one likes people who are always glued. Be sensitive and show determination when the moment requires.
  1. Learn to enjoy other activities.

The usual is that a couple has similar tastes but is also common that the opposites feel attracted. So, if your partner has a very different taste from yours, try to learn to also enjoy the same things he does. If he likes to dance and you don’t, try to go with him and have fun.

The power to conquer is an ability that we acquire with experience, good and bad. Always remember to take care of your avatar. The package is not everything but it helps a lot. If you take care of your avatar it is a good sign you take care of yourself too.


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. In my opinion, Confidence is one of the most sought after qualities in a mate, but most of us walk into dates lacking it. Fear is often the culprit for your lack of confidence.


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